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LtCmdr Blake, "I Found."

2020-05-12 12:09:56


((Counselor's office))

Blake: Sex has always been a practical thing for me, it has always been on
the table with partners from the word go. It's not this time, though =E2=80=
=94 and
I think I'm glad about that. At the same time... I've never done this
before. I don't want to push him into anything, but I don't know when or if
it'll ever be appropriate to make the next move, or move to the next
'stage', or... whatever the language for this conversation is. I barely got
to hold his hand =E2=80=94 at what point is it okay for me to ask if we can=
hug, or
do anything else for that matter?

Silence broke through the room for a few seconds while Orrey glanced at his
desktop, his eyes unreadable.

Then he stood, looking to his replicator.

Orrey: Need a drink or or something to eat? Before we get started?

Blake:::shaking head.:: I'm good.

The Counselor sat down from the replicator with what he called up, lifted
his mug and took a drink.

Orrey: Honestly, what you are describing is not very uncommon. The same
thing happens to people who were married for a long time and find
themselves divorced or widowed. ::motioning with his hand:: Things have
changed so much since I was available last, what are the rules now, how
have things changed.

Blake: That begs the question then whether there *are* or *should be *set
rules... ::her eyebrows creased:: 'The norm' is distinctly old-fashioned
these days =E2=80=94 non-existent, really.

Orrey: There is nothing wrong with taking it slow. Nothing at all. I wonder
though. You said you both joked about it for a long time before you finally
settled on having dinner together? What changed that you finally took the
time to do it?

((Flashback =E2=80=94 239701.09))

The Brekkazoid cracked a grin and glanced away for a moment, emerald eyes
only occasionally flickering up to the freshly stubbled, dimpled face of

Blake: When- uh... ::She laughed awkwardly, her free left hand gesturing to
the two of them.:: Are we- hmph- ever... gonna address this?

Caide: Address what?

Blake: We just... complimented each other's wearing of a Starfleet uniform.
We've seen each other in uniform for the last three years now, and
this-...this has only just... come up. Now.

The Trill thought for a moment, humming at her words. But he gave her a
tilt of his head and made his way past her, brushing his shoulder with hers
as he did so.

Caide: When you ask me out for drinks.

And like that, he passed her and continued his walk down the corridor. She
was frozen, her heart having stopped while she blinked through what had
just happened.

oO Snap. Oo

She swung around to see Caide's back about to round a corner and called
quickly to him.

Blake: Come out for drinks with me?

Caide:::with a chuckle:: Try again later.

((End flashback))

Then the surgery happened. Rehabilitation (learning to move again) had
taken priority over any free time she might have intended to spend with

But it was also something else.

Blake: I got the confidence to do it.

Caide was one of her major supporters as a ranger =E2=80=94 he was her supe=
when she was away from Veritas, just as she was his superior when he was on
it. It was a mis-match of ranks uniquely suited to their identities, but it
had also resulted in a fear of professional meddling =E2=80=94 which, looki=
ng back
on now, was highly uncharacteristic of her, and she chalked such fears down
to nothing more than excuses. She had been *nervous*.

Sky Blake had been *nervous* about asking someone out for drinks. Had it
been because of her attraction to him? Answering that would mean having to
compare Caide with other people (and how she'd navigated relationships with
them), and she wasn't willing to do that.

Orrey: Response?

Blake: He's... abundantly aware I'm attracted to him. I avoid making that
uncomfortable, for both of us. And I don't want to end up in a situation
where he might feel he has an obligation to something.

Orrey: Response?

Blake: I'm not sure how to open that dialogue.

Or avoid it becoming an awkward mess. Noree, there was that uncertainty
again. Usually Blake could speak practically about these kinds of things,
but Caide was more... subtle, more subdued. It was hard to gauge his
thoughts, because he was too busy analysing the crowd or what was being
spoken to him. The Trill had been offered a commissioned rank after
completing his degree in sociology; life, culture, *people*, fascinated him=

That said, whenever he spoke, it was usually short and to the point, as if
to avoid ever confusing himself or others. He was far more adept at the
practise than Blake was. Which begged the question: why hadn't he broached
this topic himself?

Or was it purely Blake's responsibility as the initiating party?

Orrey: Response?

Tbc . . .

LtCmdr Sky Blake
Executive Officer
USS Veritas


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