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JP Vanlith, Ukinix: You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave Pt1

2020-05-12 11:15:51


((The Scarlet Heirloom Hotel, Suraya's Edge, Risa))

In a swirl of sparkles, Wil beamed to the front of a magnificent building. =
With red detailing across the brick work and intricate golden elements to t=
he surrounding statues to the doors.It was almost like the perfect contrast=
to the blue bay behind him. He turned around, to see Suraya Bay and it's =
many accommodation options not too far in the distance. To the left was th=
e beautiful looking water. The view was spectacular. He couldn't wait to =
get his board shorts on and head in for a swim.

He turned back to look at the building standing behind him. The hotel was =
new, and Wil had picked it because all of the other hotels didn't have enou=
gh rooms left to cater for the large group from the Veritas for Jansen's ba=
chelor party.

As he walked into the lobby (slightly buzzing from the drinks on the ship),=
the only regret he had was that they only had one night in the beautiful l=
ooking paradise.

A Risian male with the traditional forehead decoration smiled as Wil approa=
ched the reception desk.

Attendant: Welcome to the Scarlet Heirloom. How can I help you today?

Ukinix: G'day, I have a group booking under the name "Silverfox".

The attendant tapped the console screen in front of him a few times, before=
looking back up at will.

Attendant: Ah yes! This is a celebration for the groom-to-be?

Ukinix: Yep, that's the one. The group's on their way down from our ship, =
they're just - well, they're having fun up there.

Attendant: ::Smiling:: Sure. As this is a large group, my manager has to c=
heck you in. If you'd like to send down your group's luggage from the ship=
while I retrieve my manager?

Ukinix: ::Smiling:: No worries.

Wil turned around and looked at the large, ornate lobby. He tapped his com=

Ukinix: =3D/\=3D Ukinix to Vanlith. =3D/\=3D

Vanlith: =3D/\=3D ::chuckling and signalling to people around her to quiete=
n a little:: Hi there Ukinix. Vanlith here. =3D/\=3D

In the background he could hear the rowdy-ness from the others, which made =
him giggle slightly with pride.

Ukinix: =3D/\=3D We're all clear for the luggage, want to beam it and yours=
elf down to my location? =3D/\=3D

Vanlith: =3D/\=3D Yeah can do. I take it you want a native for a bit then :=
:chuckling:: Be there in a minute. =3D/\=3D

Wil took a few steps towards a large fountain that was in the centre of the=
lobby. He crossed his arms and admired it.

Ukinix: ::Quietly singing under his breath:: Wel-come to the ho-tel Caa-li-= bo-dom... bo-bo-bo-dom... such a looove-ly place...



LT. JG Charlena Vanlith
Engineering Officer
USS Veritas


Charlie Vanlith
Owner Operator The Scarlet Heirloom Hotel

Lieutenant Wil Ukinix
Acting Chief Engineer
USS Veritas


Lieutenant Wil Ukinix
Acting Chief Engineer
USS Veritas

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