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Lt Wil Ukinix - Southend Beach

2020-05-12 21:55:24


(OOC: My apologies for the double post all, I originally posted this sim to=
the OOC group. I am doing a considerable amount of push-ups as a penalty.=
Love, Crewman Ukinix.)

(("Southend Beach", Suraya Bay, Risa))

With his PADD quietly playing a tune O7y-7pk&t=3D73>, Wil turned around and looked at the dramatic cliffs that w=
ere behind him. They were steep and high. The accommodation buildings nes=
tled within the vegetation that was growing out of the cliff was breathtaki=

The sight helped him calm down after the very awkward moment at the hotel w=
ith Charlena and her father. He still felt bad, but it was an honest mista=
ke to book that hotel. He hoped Charlena was feeling better too.

He turned to look down the coastline. The beach was also breathtaking, bet=
ter than some of the beautiful tropical beaches at home on Earth. The smal=
l bridge over the creek in the distance was swarming with tourists.

But none of it was as breathtaking as the barbeque that was in front of him=
. It was a perfectly shiny silver, 6 hotplate/12 burner barbeque, that was=
curved like a large console around him. In fact, it had its own large con=
sole screen on the right hand end of it.

On the barbeque were sausages, various meats (including Romulan Hlai marina=
ted with Louisiana style hot sauce), haloumi, and a mix of veggies, all siz=
zling away nicely. He looked down at the novelty Starfleet apron with a go=
ld uniform imprinted on it that read "Captain Cook" in big writing (a littl=
e ironic in-joke 8%E2%80%931771)> for someone from his part of Earth), and smiled. The food=
smelt delicious. He grabbed his beer and took a swig, before turning some=
of the sausages, and leaning forward to check some of the meats. There we=
re another 10 minutes or so before everything would be ready, so he turned =
down the heat on all 12 burners, then stepped out from behind the large bar=

The feel of the warm sand on his bare feet made him smile. The sun felt ju=
st right on his legs, and he felt comfortable in his board shorts and plain=
t-shirt. He looked at the others, before turning to Abyrinthe.

Ukinix: ::quietly:: Can you get the Risian Mai Tai's ready for everyone ple=
ase? Make sure there's extra umbrellas.

Abyrinthe: Response

Wil then addressed everyone on the beach.

Ukinix: Everyone? ::rubbing hands together:: Can I have your attention plea=

Any: Response

Ukinix: OK, food's about 10 minutes away, ::gesturing to cooler box:: plent=
y of drinks and mixers over there so just ask ::gesturing to Abyrinthe:: "C=
aptain Rahman" here for a drink if you want one oO Starfleet HR here I come=
Oo. ::Looking at Jansen:: Commander Orrey, can you come over here please?

Wil took a sideways step so that Jansen could stand next to him.

Orrey: Response

Ukinix: There's something wrong with this picture, there's nothing in your =
hand. I think you need to ask the Captain for a drink.

Orrey/Abyrinthe: Responses

Any: Response

Ukinix: This is a team building exercise, and there's nothing like having a=
bachelor party for team building. ::Turning to Jansen:: Lieutenant Comman=
der Jansen Orrey, we all hope you're having a fun time, even if it did star=
t off being kidnapped by a mighty and loveable Klingon warrior.

Orrey: Response

Any: Response

Ukinix: ::smirking:: We're here to celebrate this man's impending end to hi=
s freedom, but also the beginning of something wonderful and beautiful with=
Raissa and Natalia Moonsong. But before that, ::looking at Jansen:: Comma=
nder, you've been a counsellor for many people on the Veritas, past and pre=
sent, and you've taken care of all of us in your own relaxed way, and I thi=
nk I speak on behalf of everyone when I say we all appreciate what you do f=
or us. But now it's time for *us* to prescribe what's best for you, and I =
think, our shared professional opinion, is that you need to let loose this =
afternoon and tonight and have fun.

Any: Responses

Orrey: Response

Ukinix: Now Jansen, we know that you're normally ice cold, so I'm going to =
set a challenge. I'd like anyone who'd like to share a funny or caring stor=
y about Jansen to come up, and let's see if we can make him blush, laugh or=

(OOC: If you have any fun/good memories of sims you've written with Jansen,=
please optionally have your character come up and tell everyone about it)

Any: Responses

After the stories had been told, Wil reached into a nearby bag, and pulled =
out a soft toy. It was 10 centimetres in height, with red hair, and a gold=
uniform. He handed it to Jansen.

Ukinix: Give it a press on its chest?


Orrey/Teller: Responses

Ukinix: I will never forget that moment as long as I live.

Nor would he forget when they subsequently had to report to Captain Rahman =
after she had seen footage of the incident - and Wil had to sit on the floo=
r of the ready room Os/UuU_PP2GAQAJ>.

Any: Responses

Ukinix: Everyone, charge your Mai Tais. ::Raising glass:: Congratulations,=
Commander. We wish you a loving future with Raissa and Natalia. To Janse=

Any: Responses

Orrey: Responses

Wil offered Jansen a hand, before giving him a hug and patting him on his b=
ack. He then moved out of the way to let the others to personally congratu=
late him.

Any: Responses

Orrey: Responses

Ukinix: ::To everyone:: Alright, food's ready, grab a plate and come over t=
o the barbie, let's eat!

Any: Responses



Lieutenant Wil Ukinix
Acting Chief Engineer
USS Veritas

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