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Tobian Dalton: Reminisces about Wine

2020-05-12 22:59:41


Tobian had a sip of his drink and nodded slightly. He hadn't really=
about it with anyone, as he had to figure out a way to keep the winery in
the family after his mother's death. With all the politics going on=
home, it was a wonder he was able to stay as long as they did in order for
Ayden to be born on the property.

Dalton: Small little place out by Lake Cataria called Chateau Dyfed, named
for my father. Had to do a bit of phenagling in order to keep it in the
family and from reverting to the corporate overlords. Contractors, if you
will, for one of the houses. Our son, Ayden, was born there.

Ukinix: Oh really? Which House?

Dalton: Our dealings with the corporate overlords? House of agriculture. Or
were you more interested in which house I belong to?

Ukinix: The corporate heavies. ::Raising eyebrows:: You belong to a House?

He nodded slowly and had another sip of his drink, contemplating his words.
He sprinkled his reply with more Terran words that he'd picked up o=
ver the
course of time as an adaptation specialist, as it all sounded right in his
head before he spoke.

Dalton: In that, your guess is better than mine. I am not one hundred
percent sure. I never knew my father, as he was always away travelling for
business. My mother was so invested in keeping the business running she
didn't exactly have time to educate me on which house I actually be=
long to.
I'd assumed, for the longest time, that I was part of the ninth its=
rather than just one cog of many in a line of contractors.

Wil smiled ironically, took another sip of his drink, then smacked his lips
together, before speaking.

Ukinix: Well. I'm not part of any house, but... my grandfather was the
eldest in the Ninth house, until he got kicked out. Or left, I never
really got a clear answer on that one. A bit of both maybe. Anyway, he
got stripped of his title. I didn't know this until about a year ago.
Turns out that the Ukinix name, outside of the houses, is not well known.
They had a - reputation, and let's just say the other houses hated the
Ninth. After the Cardassian war, the other houses effectively took control
and have been quietly shutting it down. My second cousin, who I also only
found out about a year ago, is fighting via the Betazed legal system to get
it back.

Wil picked up his glass to finish off the contents, before he quickly spoke

Ukinix: My grandmother's got involved now. It's a mess.

He drank the rest of the wine, then put the glass back on the counter.

Dalton: What sort of mess, approximately?

Ukinix: A ::thinking:: ... "reconciliation forum"? I think? ::Sigh:: The
legal mumbo jumbo is mind numbing. Anyway, you could technically be an
employee of the Ninth House? Your Aunt as well. ::smiling:: Six degrees
of separation, huh.

The attendant had returned, and poured their next wine to taste while the
conversation continued.

Dalton: Sounds about right.

Bernadette: Sorry to interrupt, gents. Our next is a Chardonnay, from the
"Petit" vineyard in the New France colony. It's new to the market, and has
a lot more tannin and is creamier that your typical Earth Chardonnay,
thanks to the system's binary star and thick clay soils.

Ukinix: ::Picking up glass, smelling:: Interesting nose on it.

Tobian set down the previous glass and picked up the chardonnay, helping
himself to a brief swirling of its contents before sniffing it in a similar
fashion as he did his previous one. It wasn't a horrible fragrance,=
and in
fact almost reminded him of one of his experimental batches.

Dalton: Indeed it has. I wonder if it tastes as good.

Wil took a sip, then spoke again.

Ukinix: So how's your vineyard going? Do you miss it?

Tobian had a sip of the wine and nodded slightly.

Dalton: I do, to an extent. The running of it, not so much, but the actual
making of the wine? I miss that. I'd have liked to stay for a bit l=
after Ayden was born, but I was being advised at the time to get out of
dodge while my aunt dealt with the...I think the Earth term is =E2=80=9Csui=
ts=E2=80=9D to
refer to corporate monkies?

Ukinix / Any: Responses

Dalton: How about you? Ever miss your grandparents' vineyard on Ear=

Ukinix / Any: Response
Tobian Dalton
USS Veritas NCC-95035

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