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Lt. Cmdr. MacKenzie, T\'Sapey & Wedrinaar - Rehab - Part 2

2020-05-14 00:04:02


((Southend Beach, Suraya Bay, Risa))

Wedrinaar picked up a nearby horgl, put it to her mouth and inhaled, before=
blowing smoke out of her lips, coughing wildly in the process.

Addison turned and looked at Weddy before scrunching her brow.

MacKenzie: What is in that?!

Wedrinaar: It's snakeleaf. It's very in, everyone's doing it.

MacKenzie: Yet still paranoid someone's going to catch you with it.

Wedrinaar: I haven't been paranoid.

T'Sapey: Except for a few weeks ago when you thought the Tal Shiar were out=
to get you.

Wedrinaar: Well, that Romulan florist kept looking at me strangely. How do=
you know she wasn't?

MacKenzie: In my experience, any time a Romulan looks at you strangely, you=
rarely live to tell about it.

Wedrinaar inhaled from her horgl, and coughed wildly again, waving her hand=
in front of her face to get rid of the smoke. T'Sapey rolled her eyes, bef=
ore having another drink of her champagne.

Wedrinaar: ::To Addison:: Anyway, darling. What are you doing on Risa.

MacKenzie: I'm on vacation. Sort of. A friend is getting married, and we're=
here for the bachelor party.

Weddy: Oh, your poor friend. The best part of my two marriages was the di=

T'Sapey: Ooh, that must be nice though, Addy. Getting amongst a bunch of s=
weaty blokes, all full of hormones and cheap beer, looking to get off while=
their partner is at home crying into their replicated noodle soup.

MacKenzie: Oh, it's not like that any more. There are people of all sexes p=
artying with the bride, too. It's hip! It's fun! It's all the rage, sweetie=

T'Sapey: Oh. Oh well, that can be fun too, I guess. Just keep drinking, I =

Wedrinaar: So where are they all, darling, hmm? Shouldn't you be playing p=
in the tail on the naked grease up Risian by now?

MacKenzie: ::waving her hand:: They're old friends and it's great to see th=
em all, but sometimes a girl just wants to stay by the pool, you know?

Wedrinaar: Well, at least it's an excuse to get to Risa. We're here to rel=
ax before Taps starts her medical procedure.

MacKenzie: ...procedure? Everything alright, Taps?

T'Sapey: ::Taking large swig of drink, before speaking:: Yes, darling. Exp=
erimental program I signed up for. They're going to join me with a Trill s=

MacKenzie: How does that work? Trill symbionts aren't compatible with human=
s... unless I missed something in medical school...

T'Sapey: No, not normally compatible with humans. Some scientist in a lab =
coat somewhere has come up with a way to do it. It's a four week trial. T=
hey have to give me a ::smiling:: course of drugs to cope with the procedur=

Addison laughed at the concept.

MacKenzie: Four weeks?! Where'd you find the kook to pull this off?! And wh=
at kind of drugs?!

T'Sapey: Synthetic Felicium, Psilocybin, Morphenolog, Axonol... you know, a=
ll the good stuff. ::Smiling:: I'll be on cloud nine for a month.

MacKenzie: If you need the drugs to make sure the procedure works, maybe th=
at's a sign you shouldn't have the procedure in the first place...

T'Sapey: I'm not having the drugs so that I can host a Trill symbiont, darl=
ing. I'm hosting a Trill symbiont so I can have the drugs.

Addison laughed and shook her head.

MacKenzie: ::gesturing:: Drink more, dear. You too, Weddy.

Wedrinaar: ::Raising champagne bottle by the neck:: Cheers, darling.



Lieutenant Commander Addison MacKenzie, M.D., Ph.D., FASFS
Chief Medical Officer
USS Thor


Wedrinaar and T'Sapey
Chanel, Dior, Lagerfeld, Givenchy, Gaultier, darling. Names, names, names!
Holland Park, London, Earth

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