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Lt. Cmdr. MacKenzie, T\'Sapey & Wedrinaar - Rehab - Part 1

2020-05-14 00:02:29


((Southend Beach, Suraya Bay, Risa))

The tall blonde woman in a black bikini with a beehive hairstyle sat on a
resort chair with a curved mirror in her hand, trying to get as much of a
tan as she could from the two suns in the sky.

Her friend, a shorter, stockier woman with curly red hair, wore designer
sunglasses, a red sarong and an expensive looking thick, gold choker that
she kept pulling at.

T'Sapey: What's wrong, Weddy? You keep pulling at that thi=
ng, don't you
like it?

Wedrinaar: No I love it, Taps. Betazoid designed, partly made from parts
from that Borg artefact thing. But with those two suns it's just a=
burning my ::pulling at choker:: bloody neck off.

T'Sapey: Here, darling.

T'Sapey picked up an almost empty nearby bottle of champagne, and p=
oured it
over her neck. Wedrinaar writhed at first at the feeling of the liquid on
her skin, before calming down and patting the choker with the tips of his

Wedrinaar: Oh. Oh yes, that's better. Cheers Taps.

T'Sapey simply grunted her pleasure in response, before lying back =
on the
chair. As she picked up the tanning mirror, she saw someone familiar
walking past.

T'Sapey: ::To Addison:: Oh, hey! Darling. ::Snapping fingers:: Da=
Over here!

Recognizing the voice, MacKenzie stopped dead in her tracks. Beach towel in
one hand, fruity drink with an umbrella in the other, she pulled her
sunglasses down to the tip of her nose and peered over the frames to see
the two familiar faces from the last shore leave from her service on the
Veritas. Recalling the time fondly, the karaoke in particular, she smirked
and made her way over to the dynamic duo.

MacKenzie: Well, I'll be damned. Taps! Weddy! Looking fantastic as =
Haven't aged a day.

Wedrinaar lifted her glasses to her head, and sat up.

Wedrinaar: Oh, hello, sweetie! You look fabulous, darling.

MacKenzie: Where are you staying?

T'Sapey picked up a nearby nearly empty champagne glass.

T'Sapey: I'm staying at the rehab clinic.

She drank the remaining contents of the glass.

MacKenzie: ::laughing:: It's clearly working.

Wedrinaar: The rooms are much nicer than the general ::gesturing behind her
to building:: Risa riff raff.

Wedrinaar tapped her nose twice, and gave Addison an obvious wink.

Wedrinaar: Little known secret.

Addison laid out her towel on one of the beach chairs next to the pair.

MacKenzie: What have you two been up to since the last time I saw you?

Wedrinaar: Oh, you know, PR=E2=80=A6 ::waving hand:: things. Lots of trave=
Vulcan spiritual retreats to Mount Seleya. The usual.

T'Sapey: Anything to get away from that bitch daughter of yours, We=

Wedrinaar nodded in agreement.

Wedrinaar: Yes=E2=80=A6 ::To Addison:: and what about you, darl-

The trio stopped to notice a cute Bajoran pool boy walk in front of them.

MacKenzie: Vacation is=E2=80=A6 so good.

T'Sapey: ::Lowering sunglasses:: Hel-loo=E2=80=A6

Wedrinaar: I think we've just found the eleventh orb.

The pool boy looked casually over his shoulder at the three women, before
giving them a quick smile.

T'Sapey: No wonder Barjorans are popular with wormholes.

MacKenzie: ::smirking:: Right, sweetie, right, sweetie.



Lieutenant Commander Addison MacKenzie, M.D., Ph.D., FASFS
Chief Medical Officer
USS Thor


Wedrinaar and T'Sapey
Chanel, Dior, Lagerfeld, Givenchy, Gaultier, darling. Names, names, names!
Holland Park, London, Earth

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