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Lt. Ceciri Ariadust - Velocity Pratice

2020-05-14 00:54:17


((Holodeck 2, USS Veritas))

Ceciri was doing her routine practice. Velocity wasn't the most cardio of
sports, but considering her medical restrictions, it was probably the best
option she had. Besides, it kept her aiming practice up. Which, probably,
wasn't as important, but you never knew, really, when you had to go into
combat. She was wearing generic Starfleet fatigues, which often were used
for this kind of thing, as she had set apart the next few days to go
through her wardrobe, and replace it with outfits that actually fit.

She bit her lip as she was hit by the disc while her mind had started
woolgathering - which was probably a good sign she was distracted.

Computer: Opponent 1, Ariadust 2.

Ceciri sighed, and resumed her stance - only to be surprised when the door
opened and she blinked. She hadn't expected Vanlith - and smiled, waving a

Vanlith: Response

Ariadust: Pause game. ::The holographic opponent disappeared:: Hello! Sorry
if I'm cutting into your time or something.

Ceciri didn't think she was, but she might have lost time while playing,
and this woolgathering aside, she was rather focused on the game.

Vanlith: Response


Lt. Ceciri Ariadust
Helm Officer
USS Veritas

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