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Lt Wil Ukinix - All Along The Watchtower

2020-05-14 11:57:37


((A Fancy Shmancy Wine Bar, Saturnalia, on the way to "Freecloud, Baby!"))

Ukinix: A ::thinking:: ... "reconciliation forum"? I think? ::Sigh:: The=
legal mumbo jumbo is mind numbing. Anyway, you could technically be an em=
ployee of the Ninth House? Your Aunt as well. ::smiling:: Six degrees of =
separation, huh.

The attendant had returned, and poured their next wine to taste while the c=
onversation continued.

Dalton: : Sounds about right.

Bernadette: Sorry to interrupt, gents. Our next is a Chardonnay, from the =
"Petit" vineyard in the New France colony. It's new to the market, and has=
a lot more tannin and is creamier that your typical Earth Chardonnay, than=
ks to the system's binary star and thick clay soils.

Ukinix: ::Picking up glass, smelling:: Interesting nose on it.

Dalton: Indeed it has. I wonder if it tastes as good.

Wil took a sip, then spoke again.

Ukinix: So how's your vineyard going? Do you miss it?

Tobian had a sip of the wine and nodded slightly.

Dalton: I do, to an extent. The running of it, not so much, but the actual =
making of the wine? I miss that. I'd have liked to stay for a bit longer af=
ter Ayden was born, but I was being advised at the time to get out of dodge=
while my aunt dealt with the...I think the Earth term is "suits" to refer =
to corporate monkies?

Wil took a sip of his wine, before smiling.

Ukinix: I must admit, I've never heard that phrase before.

Dalton: How about you? Ever miss your grandparents' vineyard on Earth?

Ukinix: Ahhh... ::pondering:: yyyyeah, I do, I spent a lot of my time growi=
ng up there, and I mis my folks and both sets of grandparents, but I wouldn=
't' give up what I'm doing now. Starfleet was something I was always going=
to do, my Mum's in Starfleet and I wanted to follow in her footsteps. But=
I do miss walking amongst the vineyards sometimes. Flower, ::smiling:: th=
eir Border Collie dog, I miss her a lot. ::Looking down, smiling:: Especial=
ly when she barks at the kangaroos when they bounce through a paddock.

Even though his mother's circumstances were different to his. She had almo=
st left Starfleet when she became pregnant with Wil, not wanting to raise h=
im on a Starship. Ultimately she decided to stay in Starfleet, on her term=
s - 3 to 4 days per week, beaming back and forth between their Fremantle ap=
artment and San Francisco. Early on that was primarily to raise Wil, and h=
e had spent many hours in the Starfleet creche in San Fransisco as a toddle=
r. But once he was in the later years of Middle School, she'd chosen to ke=
ep the status quo - the lifestyle suited her. He was convinced her yacht w=
as the primary reason.

Dalton: Response

Ukinix: Hey, here's an idea. Raissa got her brothers to send her a holodec=
k program of her family's ranch, so she can visit it anytime, which I thoug=
ht was a great idea. I'm going to get my grandparents to do the same. Onc=
e I get the program, we should have a wine tasting there. I've got a few d=
ozen bottles in storage on the ship, we could crack a couple open.

Dalton: Response

Just at that moment, Bernadette made her way back to the pair.

Bernadette: ::Smiling:: Ready to move to reds, gents?

Ukinix: ::Rapidly rubbing palms together with glee:: You betchya.

Dalton: Response

Bernadette: ::Chuckling:: I aim to please. So - we can start with a light b=
odied Pinot Noir, or you can skip to a medium bodied Grenache, before we mo=
ve to our full-body selection. Which ::raising finger:: today includes a 3=
0 year-old Klingon blood wine.

Ukinix: ::Shrugging:: Might as well do the whole list. ::Smiling:: Holiday=
s, after all.

Dalton: Response



Lieutenant Wil Ukinix
Acting Chief Engineer
USS Veritas

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