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Ensign Dar Elandra: They shouldn\'t break like that...

2020-05-10 11:32:14


*(( Main Shuttle Bay- USS Thor ))*

Dar was close behind Parker with Quen and Wilkins coming close behind. As
they entered the Main Shuttle Bay they saw the doctor, waiting for them.
She still didn't have much information as to what they would expect down on
the planet and she supposed that was part of the fun or was it? Coming to a
standstill the stood in a crescent formation around the Commander and
listened as she spoke.

*MacKenzie*: Afternoon, everyone. We've been tasked with exploring =
original colony abandoned on the surface and to discover what happened to
the colony and the colonists. *This*:: gesturing to the craft behind her::
is the USS Molhinahr. While the transporter use has been deemed safe, I,
for one, don't intend to take my chances. Plus ::smirking:: I thoug=
ht the
buggy might help us explore the surface. The surface is no longer habitable
=E2=80=93 Commander Pandorn believes that the planet's temporal shi=
ft has weakened
the planet's magnetosphere, meaning that the surface is more signif=
exposed to solar winds and radiation. EV suits will be required. From what
I can tell, the suits will protect from the levels of radiation we'=
ve seen
so far, but I've brought extra Hyronalyn on board just in case. Alr=
any questions?

*Dar*: That would explain the garbled message that came through, myself and
the other team surmised that the atmosphere might not be stable glad our
assumptions were correct. I'm assuming you want myself and Major Parker
along for that extra bit of protection in case things go wrong?

She cringed a little at the mention EV suits if there was something she
truly hated it was that. They were not comfortable and movement was slow by
the bulk of the protective layers.

*Parker*: Since Dar and I are the hired guns, we need a more advanced,
tactical EV suit. I'll be back with them in a few minutes=E2=80=A6.

Addison nodded.

*MacKenzie*: Be quick, Major. Captain says we only have a short window.

They all glanced in the direction of Parker as he ran off, for a big man he
could move like a hare in the wind.

*Wilkins*: Response

*Quen:* Do we know what we're expecting in terms of surface conditi=

*MacKenzie*: Excessive solar winds and an atmosphere composed of argon,
nitrogen, oxygen and neon.

* Dar: *You mean conditions similar to Ceti Alpha five?


Major Parker returned with what MacKenzie viewed as excessive amounts of
equipment =E2=80=93 given their mission, several rifles and a plasma cannon=
to be overkill.

*MacKenzie*: A little excessive, Major?

*Parker*: Frankly, I'm thinking we're a little underdressed=
, but we'll make
do with what we have.

Dar raised a brow slightly, the Major seemed to be one who erred far
greater on caution. She had fought battles with Cardassians with less and
won. She did not want to be lumbered down with too much, the EV suits in
her opinion even though needed were excess enough.

*Dar*: I have fought with less and won Major. I will take only what I need.

*Wilkins*: Response

*Parker*: I have found that having adequate medicine and firepower is quite
important in situations like these. Lacking one may mean the accelerated
use of the other.

*Quen: *Can't say I disagree with you there...

*Dar*: Its a fair point, but we're going to be in EV suits they are
cumbersome enough, think in this situation our speed and ability to move
quickly or at least as quickly as possible might also come in handy.

*Wilkins*: Response

*MacKenzie*: Alright, everyone loads up. I'll drive!

MacKenzie caught the Major's apprehension.

*MacKenzie*: ::smirking:: Don't worry, Major, the last time I dropp=
ed a
shuttle on someone, it didn't kill them. Let's go.

Hannibal growled as they took their places onboard the shuttle, hoping he
would not have to take the controls on the way down. He knew how rough it
would be, and he steeled himself for the ride=E2=80=A6Dar chuckled noting t=
Majors expression as well as the Commanders. This might prove to be an
interesting mission after all.

*(( Surface - Vel Maijan ))*

The ride proved to be somewhat turbulent but the Commander handled it with
well and she could see that Parker was somewhat impressed. As they settled
down everyone got up and started getting their EV suits on. They could hear
the Solar winds outside, this was not going to be a walk in the park.
Herself and Parker checked each other's suits making sure everything was
clipped, strapped, tapped and packed. All lights were on and functioning.
She holstered her tricorder and a phaser on her hip placing her phaser
rifle down nearby as she first helped Parker secure his helmet before doing
her own. She already felt the confinement of the suit and took a few
breathes to settle the claustrophobic feeling that wanted to breakthrough.
Reaching down she picked up her rifle and checked it.

The hatch of the shuttlecraft lowered slowly, revealing a bright, mostly
sandy surface. MacKenzie held her hand up over her eyes, trying to block
out some of the reflection from the sun on the planet's sandy exter=
ior, and
they watched as the strong winds made the sand dance along the surface. It
was clear that the planet's atmosphere would provide little protect=
ion from
the sun, but the heat was likely going to cause more an issue than the

*MacKenzie*: Alright, everyone in the rover. Major, you drive. Get us over
to the colony.

*Parker*: Will do, Commander=E2=80=A6

As the team approached the colony, a series of what would have been fairly
advanced structures at the time now stood in a dilapidated state. Suffering
from decades of environmental abuse, it was a wonder how the buildings were
even still standing. As the Major parked the terrestrial craft, MacKenzie
gestured everyone out.

*MacKenzie*: Alright, everyone. Keep your eyes and ears open =E2=80=93 look=
anything that might give us some clues as to what happened here. Don=E2=80=
stray too far, and remember where we parked.

*Parker*: Dar, take the right flank. I'll take the left. Mac, Quen,=
stay between us. All right, let's move out=E2=80=A6

Nodding at Parker, Dar moved off to the right. Phaser rifle pointed
slightly just below hip level but not all the way up. She wanted to be
ready for something but also not give anything or anyone they might
encounter the wrong initial impression. Thought seeing or barely seeing any
evidence of anything remote alive she was confident that the chance of any
sort of an encounter would probably below.

*Quen: *I'm not picking up any signs of life - not so much as a lic=
hen. Not
even signs of decay=E2=80=A6

Addison removed her tricorder and studied its readings.

*MacKenzie*: Well, that in itself is a clue =E2=80=93 whatever happened her=
e must
have happened instantly.

*Dar: If it happened instantly how did the Colonists avoid getting caught
in whatever it was then? Or did they?*

*Wilkins/Parker:* Response

MacKenzie watched as something caught Quen's attention.

*Quen: *Whatever this was, *was* organic. :: she reattached the probe with
a click:: Petrified wood.

*MacKenzie*: Interesting, but not surprising. I'm sure the colonist=
s would
have chosen someplace that resembled Earth =E2=80=93 or, at the very least,=
have been more habitable than this=E2=80=A6

*Quen/Wilkins/Parker: *Response

*MacKenzie*: Ensign Wilkins, any information during your studies that might
prove helpful?

*Wilkins*: Response

*MacKenzie*: Indeed. Let's get samples of everything we can =E2=80=
=93 sand/soil,
anything that sticks out. You never know what would provide a clue. If you
need more resources, we can always make a trip back to the Argo.

*Wilkins*: Response

As the group made their way to what appeared to be the =E2=80=9Ccentre of t=
MacKenzie checked in with their scouts.

*MacKenzie*: Major, Ensign =E2=80=93 anything on your sights?

Dar looked around her visibility was not optimal and it added to the
tension that was already being felt all around. There was not so much as a
sign of anything alive, the only movement was what the wind moved,
sand....and lots of it. The Commander's voice broke her train of thoughts.

*Dar*: Everything is clear this side so far Doctor.

She glanced off to the left and could take the form of Parker as he
surveyed his side.

*Parker: Response*

*MacKenzie*: Major, what are your impressions so far?

*Parker*: Response

As Dar continued to walk forward listening to the conversation between
Parker and MacKenzie, she felt something crunch beneath her foot. There was
a little resistance but not much before her boot broke into whatever it was
that had come underfoot. Lifting her foot she looked down for a moment she
regarded the object before taking a step back. It looked like, a skull or
at least partial part of one.

*Dar:* Doc, Commander I think I found a colonist.

*Parker/Quen/MacKenzi/Wilkins:* Response

She crouched down to get a better look. It had definitely been a skull but
the texture didn't seem right. She knew that thought would of sounded
strange to others but she knew what a skull felt like underfoot and they
didn't crush like that it took a lot of more to break them. She heard
footsteps behind her and turned around nodding down to the ground.

*Dar:* Seems we found someone.

*Parker/Quen/MacKenzi/Wilkins: *


*Ensign Dar Elandra*

*Security Officer*

*Duronis II Embassy/ USS Thunder-A*



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