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MSNPC Cth\'am "Forces Of Nature"

2020-05-10 18:18:08


*"Forces Of Nature"*
((Underground Caverns, Vel Maijan)


The rock was resilient in this area =E2=80=93 harder, more compacted and th=
at made
the process slower. Cth'am swung another huge clawed fist at the ro=
ck and
more fragments splintered into fragments that were building up at his feet.

He stopped briefly and scraped back the growing pile of attle and scree as
he rested his muscles. He could still taste the richness in the air but he
couldn't understand how it could exist in such a barren region.

Still, they needed to find the source of it. He wasn't concerned fo=
himself=E2=80=A6he was in th wilight of his life now but=E2=80=A6the others=
. He glanced
back where Orh'am was sifting through the scraps to see what he cou=
ld find
in the remains. The Scourge had changed things when it came=E2=80=A6their r=
were becoming less. They had time=E2=80=A6but it had never been a considera=
before; there was still an urgency.

He ran his hand across the cavern wall=E2=80=A6the stalactites that had dev=
overtime failing to form full columns with the stalagmites on the ground.
Everything was slowing down=E2=80=A6and he knew it would stop unless someth=

The minerals they were finding were not only in lower abundance but were
also less pure. This new purity on the air hopefully heralded a chance for
the colony to recover.

Removing a fragment from the pouch between his scales he bit through the
material and felt the mixture of aluminium and oxygen flood his system=E2=
claws taking on the deep blue hue of the blue gemstone.

He turned his attention back to the cavern wall and returned to his
excavation efforts=E2=80=A6not long to go now.


Lt. Cmdr. Alexander Brodie
Chief Counselor
USS Thor NCC-82607
Writer ID.:* A239005BM0*

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