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Lt. Cmdr. Alex Brodie "Red Vs. Blue"

2020-05-10 18:18:01


*=E2=80=9CRed Vs. Blue=E2=80=9D*

((Corridor, Deck Ten, USS Thor))

*Brodie:* Well, with Doctor MacKenzie and Doctor Quen on the surface you
will be primary physician aboard the Thor. We should have a better idea of
what's expected of us when we can see the whole situation from the =

*Alieth:* A logical approach.

The doctor shifted herself slightly, moving closer to the wall as she
returned the conversation to the matter at hand.

*Alieth:* Is it common that counsellors monitor an away team from the
bridge? That is not a procedure that I have studied in Starfleet manuals::
The turbolift doors opened before them while the Vulcan explained the
contents of those directives.:: Usually it is suggested the presence of
senior officers from Command Division as supervisors.

*Brodie:* Not often =E2=80=93 although given there might be a lot of moving=
on this mission involving both our own crew and colonists it might be
better to have a more diplomatic, rather than tactical oversight.

*Alieth:* ::Nodding sharply.:: It makes sense. ::Staring at the counselor::
Your advice will be of significant importance then. Afterall, a diplomatic
and pacific solution is always preferable.

*Alieth:* Regardless the status of the settlers, either they are the
original ones or their descendants, their rescue will be required with a
99.8% likelihood. It shall be necessary to accommodate them in the Thor
until we reach Federation space again.

*Brodie:* Agreed. ::To the small room:: =3D/\=3D Bridge. =3D/\=3D I=E2=80=
=99d rather not
set up temporary facilities in a cargo bay =E2=80=93 do we have any unoccup=
quarters we could use? I don't think we've got a full crew =
compliment from
the embassy.

*Alieth:* ::uncrossing her hands to rummage through her white robe pockets
and pull out a PADD:: Indeed, given the rapidity of our departure, we lack
a full complement. VIP quarters can be used, which also have a number of
amenities that they will cherish.

*Brodie:* Perhaps =E2=80=93 although I'd like them closer to sickba=
y if possible.
Also, there are some diplomatic staff aboard and we don't want to r=
their work being disrupted.

She kept checking the PADD details, tapping into the small device regularly=

*Alieth:* Then we could use the enlisted quarters, many of them are
unoccupied. Alternatively, the junior officers' quarters could be employed.
::Rasing her gaze at Brodie, a mischievous gleam in the eye:: or we can
always dedicate the marine section to their accommodation, as I have
noticed when I visit Greaves, Marines regard a certain degree of cramping
and discomfort as proper to keep them ready for action.

*Brodie:* I'm not entirely sure we could class that under the terms=

The two exchanged impassive looks=E2=80=A6sometimes the best option was to =
nothing, although there was a little relaxation in her muscles =E2=80=93 ma=
ybe AU
twenty-five with some twenty-six =E2=80=93 it was very slight though. Aliet=
h would
be a welcome addition to the poker games.

*Brodie:* I think the junior enlisted quarters on deck eleven would work.
We can isolate a turbolift so it only runs between there and the medical
deck and there's a mess hall on that level which will give them som=
communal space until we can fully assess them.

*Alieth:* Besides their physical condition, I would like to consider the
psychological state of the settlers. Whatever has displaced the colony from
its original location may have been a deeply traumatic experience, as well
as the culture shock that can arise from their encounter with our
colleagues. How do you think we should proceed?

*Brodie:* It's hard to say until we know exactly what we're=
dealing with.
If they are the original colonists then it depends how long they have been
away. Lorian mentioned a team of six Vulcan scientists, assuming no
temporal displacement then there is an outside chance some of them may
still be alive. Should we find largely decedents then we'll need to=
them case by case to see if there are any exhibitors of post-traumatic
stress disorder. We'll also have to put together a program of socia=
reintegration =E2=80=93 again, that will be a slow process.

The turbolift doors hissed open, Alex gestured to the bridge.

*Brodie:* After you=E2=80=A6

*Alieth:* This is the first time I am on the Thor's Bridge :: she excused
herself without apologizing for the sudden interruption :: An interesting
sight, certainly.

Alieth moved to the middle of the room as Brodie eased himself into the
command chair. It still didn't feel right, not only because of Toni=
departure. His eyes scanned the bridge, the only familiar face was Alieth;
Garcia must be in engineering with Sirok and the Captain. He looked at the
view screen as he settled in =E2=80=93 over two centuries and there it was.

He glanced at the readouts. There had been a definite disruption of the
planet's magnetosphere=E2=80=A6at least, that's what the no=
tes said. There didn't
appear to be any evidence the system had been destabilised through. He
couldn't see the words =E2=80=98decayed orbit' or =E2=80=98=
about to explode' listed
anywhere=E2=80=A6so that was a plus.

He took a look around the bridge again and scratched at his chin. There
were better people on this ship for command. Garcia was second
officer=E2=80=A6Hannibal had command experience, so did Brell. Some people =
the big chair=E2=80=A6he did his best work from the shadows. That said he w=
as, for
his sins, a Lieutenant Commander in Starfleet and a department head aboard
the Thor; it came with the job. He looked up as Alieth spoke.

*Alieth:* We can monitor the teams' status from here?

*Brodie:* ::entering the last of his codes into the screen to his right::
We can indeed=E2=80=A6one second I'll bring up a holographic overla=

The surface of the colony appears on the display=E2=80=A6two small clusters=
blinking dots appeared. One being =E2=80=98Team MacKenzie', now to =
be known as the
=E2=80=98Blue' and the other being =E2=80=98Team Teller' ak=
a =E2=80=98Red'=E2=80=A6at this point it was
even money on the scavenger hunt. Some of the bright specks, team red,
blinked slightly and dulled.

*Alieth:* What is happening with the First Officer's Team?

*Brodie:* It could be signal interference from the surface but they might
have moved into a geographical feature, a canyon or perhaps a tunnel? Let=
check in and see what they're up to. ::He tapped the communicator::=
Thor to MacKenzie. =3D/\=3D

*MacKenzie:* =3D/\=3D ??? =3D/\=3D

*Brodie:* =3D/\=3D What's the initial situation on the ground, Doct=
or? How's
the radiation? =3D/\=3D

*MacKenzie:* =3D/\=3D ??? =3D/\=3D

Brodie looked at Alieth =E2=80=93 it didn't sound like a great star=
t. It certainly
seemed to put pay to his hope that a short time had passed on the colony.

*Brodie: *=3D/\=3D Not a good sign=E2=80=A6hopefully not one of things to c=
ome. =3D/\=3D

*MacKenzie/Alieth: *=3D/\=3D ??? =3D/\=3D

*Brodie:* =3D/\=3D We're just about to check in with them =E2=80=93=
I'll let them know
what you've found. Proceed with caution and keep us updated. Thor o=
ut. =3D/\=3D

*Alieth:* ???

He tapped the comm. again.

*Brodie:* =3D/\=3D Thor to Teller. =3D/\=3D

Silence was the reply=E2=80=A6

*Alieth:* ???

*Brodie:* =3D/\=3D Thor to Teller, come in. Geoff=E2=80=A6are you receiving=
, please
respond. =3D/\=3D ::He made a face and turned to Alieth:: Doctor, I think w=
still detecting their suit transponders=E2=80=A6can you see if were getting=
medical data in the signal and get it up on the screen at least that=E2=80=
tell us something.

*Alieth:* ???

*Brodie:* =3D/\=3D Brodie to Garcia. =3D/\=3D

*Garcia:* =3D/\=3D ??? =3D/\=3D

*Brodie:* =3D/\=3D Ben, it seems were having some trouble with comms to
Commander Teller's team. I wonder if it's something in the =
tunnel system =E2=80=93
any thoughts? =3D/\=3D

*Garcia/Kells:* =3D/\=3D ??? =3D/\=3D

*Alieth:* ???


Lt. Cmdr. Alexander Brodie
Chief Counselor
USS Thor NCC-82607
Writer ID.:* A239005BM0*

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