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MSNPCs Orh\'am - a bad rock at the wrong day

2020-05-11 21:51:25


Orh'am rummaged through the rubble and stone debris that his comrade was
digging up to clear a path. Occasionally, he carried a handful of
auspicious-looking chunks between his long jaws and scraped slightly across
some shimmering surfaces in search of a rewarding metallic flavour... but
each and every piece were just gangue, with hardly no nutritional value.
Despite this, the Azcou has licked any aluminium-rich particles that he
could find, more hungry than he was willing to admit.

Yet he did not relent in his efforts and kept searching through the rubble
pile. Orh'am had little recollection of the time before the Scourge, but he
knew that things had not been that way. The caves had been plentiful, and
their people had harvested them at their leisure. Their stomachs were full
and the colony thrived and expanded.

But in the aftermath of the catastrophe... what the youngling recalled
mostly was hunger. It was persistent, and urgent, as the song at the root
of the caverns, like the water draining from beyond the darkness, from the
Forbidden Land, which created the stalactites and columns that embellished
their world.

Orh'am snapped his jaws quietly, the rattle of his throat fading amidst the
clamour of Cth'am's work. But it mattered little, because every Azcou knew
that song.


A change in the excavation racket broke his humming, as it revealed that
Cth'am had found the very first side passageway.

The youngling clicked his mandibles, inquiring about his companion's sudden

Orh'am: Cht'am? What's wro...?

Orh'am: Response?

Then he detected them, on the other side of the wall, bizarre, ludicrous
figures emerged from bad dreams.

Blurred and distorted even though their echoes were so very close.Orh'am
howled in surprise and recoiled at the lower corridor, ready to circumvent
such a grotesque apparition.

However, he failed to appreciate how the large claws of his companion had
weakened the structure of the cavern, and just as he made his way beneath
the creatures... the ceiling collapsed upon him.

It was a bad rock at the wrong day.

The creatures fell over him. Orh'am twisted and pawed the air in an attempt
to draw them away from him. When he could finally do so, he stepped back,
until his body hit the back wall. He opened his mouth and chanted, but
there was something that distorted his reverberations and made him unable
to determine if he was trapped or had an escape route.

Confused and frightened, he let himself fall into his hands, raised his hip
and bristled the metallic plates that covered his body. His long tail
slipped against one of the walls and a deep gurgle escaped between his
sharp fangs.

He only needed a few clicks... just a moment before he could blend in with
his environment or have his colleague come to his aid.

Any Azcou would understand the message: 'Go away and leave me alone'. Any
creature from the depths would grasp it...but these were no creatures he
had ever seen.

Brell/Lovar/Teller/Greaves/Pandorn/Cth'am: Response

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Ensign Alieth

Medical Officer

USS Thor NCC-82607
Fleet Captain A. Kells, Commanding

Author ID number: E239702A10


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