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Lieutenant Commander Addison MacKenzie - Divide and Conquer

2020-05-12 11:12:21


*(( Surface - Vel Maijan ))*

MacKenzie watched the members of her team survey the area. She was
certainly thinking about their mission from a medical perspective, but she
had to divorce herself from that idea and focus on the mission as a whole.
Their group already had a medical officer, and a damn fine one in
Lieutenant Quen. Addison's job was to lead the group and facilitate=

Before getting too lost in thought, she was interrupted by Quen's d=

*Quen: *Whatever this was, *was* organic. :: she reattached the probe with
a click:: Petrified wood.

*MacKenzie*: Interesting, but not surprising. I'm sure the colonist=
s would
have chosen someplace that resembled Earth =E2=80=93 or, at the very least,=
have been more habitable than this=E2=80=A6

*Quen: *response

*Wilkins: *I'm not reading any organic life signs near us.

*Parker: *Response

*MacKenzie*: Ensign Wilkins, any information during your studies that might
prove helpful?

*Wilkins*: Not too much information about the colony itself. Yet, we do
know the bulk of the colony were scientists. We'll need to figure o=
ut where
they went off to. That is, if they survived after sending out the distress

*MacKenzie*: Indeed. Let's get samples of everything we can =E2=80=
=93 sand/soil,
anything that sticks out. You never know what would provide a clue. If you
need more resources, we can always make a trip back to the Argo.

*Wilkins*: The petrified wood could give us some information how this
happened. The soil could be analyzed to determine the level of radiation in
the ground.

As the group made their way to what appeared to be the =E2=80=9Ccentre of t=
MacKenzie checked in with their scouts.

*MacKenzie*: Major, Ensign =E2=80=93 anything on your sights?

*Dar*: Everything is clear this side so far Doctor.

She glanced off to the left and could take the form of Parker as he
surveyed his side.

*Parker: *Response

*MacKenzie*: Major, what are your impressions so far?

*Parker*: Response

*Dar:* Doc, Commander I think I found a colonist.

MacKenzie made her way over and stood above as Wilkins scanned the remains
with her tricorder.

*Parker: *response

*Quen: *response

*MacKenzie: *What've we got, Ensign?

*Wilkins:* Appears to be a human female. She died instantly. Probably to
very high levels of radiation. Or perhaps to whatever phenomenon that
caused the temporal displacement. Hard to place a date of death without
some soil samples, but I would say that it is recently judging by how the
skull is sitting on the surface.

*Dar:* Seems we found someone.

*Parker: *response

*Quen: *response

*MacKenzie:* ::putting her hands on her hips:: Yikes. Raises a hell of a
lot more questions than answers=E2=80=A6

*Wilkins: *I'm just hoping that we don't find the entire co=
lony to have
been wiped out. Yet, someone had to been alive to send out a distress

*Dar: *response

*MacKenzie: *We could theorize all day about what happened=E2=80=A6 whether=
were killed instantly or some made it to safety, whether several hundred
years have passed or if it all happened recently, but let's keep ou=
r eye on
our assignment =E2=80=93 figure out what happened to the planet and what se=
t this
all in motion.

*Quen: *response

*Parker: *response

*Wilkins:* We might be able to find some equipment inside the colony that
recorded what happened here. If we are lucky enough that it survived this
temporal displacement.

Addison was interrupted by the comm.

*Brodie:* =3D/\=3D Thor to MacKenzie. =3D/\=3D

*MacKenzie:* =3D/\=3D MacKenzie here. Go ahead, Commander. =3D/\=3D

*Brodie:* =3D/\=3D What's the initial situation on the ground, Doct=
or? How's
the radiation? =3D/\=3D

*MacKenzie:* =3D/\=3D Not good. Anything goes wrong with our suits, and we=
toast. We found a human skull =E2=80=93 likely a colonist. Whatever did thi=
probably happened quickly. =3D/\=3D

*Brodie: *=3D/\=3D Not a good sign=E2=80=A6hopefully not one of things to c=
ome. =3D/\=3D

*MacKenzie: *=3D/\=3D Any word from Commander Teller's team? =3D/\=

*Brodie:* =3D/\=3D We're just about to check in with them =E2=80=93=
I'll let them know
what you've found. Proceed with caution and keep us updated. Thor o=
ut. =3D/\=3D

MacKenzie sighed inaudibly to herself. Something didn't add up.

*MacKenzie*: Quen, I want you to stay here and see what else you can
uncover=E2=80=A6 See what you can find out about these remains=E2=80=A6 whe=
ther or not this
guy was out here by himself. And some environmental samples would be great,
if you've got time. Major, give her a hand and keep an eye on her.

*Quen/Parker*: Responses

*MacKenzie*: ::nodding:: Dar, Wilkins, you're with me. Let'=
s go see if we
can find one of the labs. Any idea which direction?

*Dar/Wilkins*: Responses

*MacKenzie*: Great, let's go. Something about this doesn't =
sit quite right,
and I want to get to the bottom of it.

*Dar/Wilkins*: Responses

MacKenzie and her team made their way toward one of the buildings they
believed contained some of the colony's scientific equipment. And, =
hoped, some answers=E2=80=A6

*Tag, and TBC!*


*Lieutenant Commander Addison MacKenzie, M.D., Ph.D., FASFS Chief Medical
Officer USS Thor*


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