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MSNPC Cth\'am "New Scent"

2020-05-13 20:40:35


*=E2=80=9CNew Scent=E2=80=9D*

((Underground Caverns, Vel Maijan))

Cth'am could feel the wall thinning as he clawed at the surface, hi=
strikes scything through. He could sense the strange energy on the other
side=E2=80=A6a certain energy in the air he hadn't sensed before. T=
he strange
feeling tingled on his tongue as he tested the air.

One final strike and the cavern wall gave way and opened up into the main
passageway. Cth'am stopped=E2=80=A6there was something else on the =
breeze now
too=E2=80=A6unfiltered by the stone=E2=80=A6the taste was over powering.

*Orh'am:* Cht'am? What's wro...?

The reply was simple=E2=80=A6accompanied with a raised claw towards the pas=

*Cth'am:* There=E2=80=A6go below.

Orh'am moved through one of the ancillary tunnels as Cth'am=
progressed down
the main passage. Should this new scent not be friendly then they would
have them cornered. He moved forwards with purpose =E2=80=93 testing the ai=
r with
each step. His senses were becoming more clouded by the static in the air.

*Teller:* =3D/\=3D It's a damn dragon. =3D/\=3D

There was a shout, an indecipherable yell that punctured the air and,
almost as a reaction, the passageway where Orh'am had been travelin=
along...caved in.

*Lovar:* =3D/\=3D Woa- =3D/\=3D

Another shriek from the unidentified intruders=E2=80=A6five=E2=80=A6they al=
l smelled the
same but their locations gave them away. The rock fall continued and he
sensed he companion in danger, the sound was excruciating as the
uncontrolled shattering came to an end. Cth'am lowered a claw to th=
e ground
and knew it wouldn't be able to hold his weight. He would have to b=
track along the tunnel.

As approached from the lower path and could hear several voices =E2=80=93 t=
he first
being Orh'am

*Orh'am:* Go away and leave me alone!

*Brell:* =3D/\=3D We mean you no harm. =3D/\=3D

The larger Azcou emanated a series of chittering screeches as he approached
the cluster of figures.

*Cth'am:* Steady, Orh'am! They smell strange but fearful=E2=

*Teller:* =3D/\=3D Krindo, Wes, I need you both back on your feet and on
guard. We've...made contact..::Geoff glanced over to the blue man in a
space suit talking slowly to a dragon, and shrugged::...I think. Lt.
Lovar, can you very discreetly take some readings on Smaug over there? =3D/=

*Pandorn/Lovar/Greaves:* =3D/\=3D responses =3D/\=3D

*Teller:* =3D/\=3D Captain Brell sir, I appreciate your efforts but you're
exposing yourself to enormous risk. You mind backing off a bit and letting
us get in front of you? =3D/\=3D

*Brell:* ::Starfleet channel.:: =3D/\=3D Risk, is part of the job. I=E2=80=
=99d rather
get attacked then let us attack something that is only acting out fear.
=3D/\=3D ::Open air comm:: =3D/\=3D We, come without hostile intent. =3D/\=

*Teller:* =3D/\=3D Very well. Lt. Lovar, any chance you can help with our
translators? If Captain Brell can't communicate with these creatures we
could still be in a lot of trouble. Krindo - stick to the Captain like
glue - you're to drag him out of here if I say so. ::Teller noticed a
biomed alert in his suit:: Mr. Greaves, you doing alright? Your heart rate
is spiking. Trying upping your O2 mixture, it'll help. =3D/\=3D

*Pandorn/Lovar/Greaves:* =3D/\=3D responses =3D/\=3D

The brutish Azcou arrived as the creatures were vocalising towards them=E2=
energy the creatures were giving off was not hostile but it was intense.
The reverberations in the magnetosphere were being disturbed by some kind
of persistent distortion.

He moved closer and could feel a spike in the energy close by.

*Cth'am:* Are they injured=E2=80=A6wait=E2=80=A6can you feel that?

*Orh'am:* ???

*Cth'am:* On the ground =E2=80=93 one of their artifacts=E2=80=A6it=
gives off a strange
energy. Can you reach it?

*Orh'am:* ???

*Cth'am:* I will watch=E2=80=A6

As Orh'am moved toward the item Cth'am chittered towards th=
e strange
interlopers =E2=80=98Why have you come here?' =E2=80=98Why have you=
entered our ho=E2=80=A6.he
stopped. Something else had appeared, something familiar and with in scent
not of fear but of aggression.

Seconds later he felt it=E2=80=A6the sounds and sparks of energy firing for=
m the
ground upwards into his softer un hardened scales. He moved ahead of Orh=E2=
to protect the youngling.

*Cth'am:* Run!

Once the younger Azcou had passed Cth'am released his pain into she=
power. He lashed out with his claws and tail in equal measure =E2=80=93 cra=
out and buying them both time to flee the attack as he further collapsed
the already ruined cavern behind him.

What were they?

Lt. Cmdr. Alexander Brodie
Chief Counselor
USS Thor NCC-82607
Writer ID.:* A239005BM0*

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