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MSNPC Rick Armiger, CD - rushed dust doesn\'t settle

2020-05-13 20:31:19


(( Responding to detection of life signs in the old service tunnel, Vel Mai=
jan Subterra. ))
Atmosphere gargled through the airlock's pipework. A final burp, and the ha=
zard light dimmed to the grunting reverberations of the locks rolling back =
into their housing. Rick angled his weight against the door. His foot pushe=
d against the steel moulding on the floor as his torso bore its weight down=
through his shoulder. Pushing, Rick edged further forward. Now, with momen=
tum throwing her weight behind Rick, the door yawned open.

Rick stepped through and tapped the comm above his right ear.

Armiger: Ellen, are they still wandering along the old service tunnel?

Ellen's voice crackled through Rick's speaker.

Flynn: response?

That was alarming. Rick shook his head, and slapped the side of the helmet =

Rick: We've got the phaser. That will have to do. Run!

Flynn: Response?

It was several turns and ascending inclines to the service tunnel. Sweet lu=
ck, Rick thought to himself, that the seal-off of the access to the old ser=
vice tunnel had been de-prioritised and postponed - they would have had no =
direct access route in that case!

Behind Rick, the air clouded and spluttered with dust chewed up between the=
teeth of his boot treads.

Suddenly, the tri-corder beeped. Rick turned to Ellen expectantly.

Flynn: response?

Rick stopped and nodded. The pace now cut to a stunted walk, Rick drew a me=
asured breath and edged around the corner, phaser protruding cautiously.

One charge. One chance.

Rick fought back his medical curiosity at the biology of the ... ... thing =
clicking and clacking in the tunnel and fired. Commotion churned dust up in=
to a spray of confusion. Silence hung in the air as the particles settled. =
From the shadows of the haze a figure, not unlike their own, stepped forwar=

Teller: =3D/\=3D I'm Lt. Cmdr. Geoffrey Teller from the Federation Starship=
Thor. We're here in response to a distress call. Identify yourselves. =3D/=

Rick kept the empty-charged phaser pointed and gave a sharp side nod to Ell=

Flynn: Response?

Teller: =3D/\=3D That's correct, the United Federation Of Planets. Very c=
lassy blue & white flag. Heard of it? =3D/\=3D

Flynn: Response?

Brell/Flynn/ Greaves/Lovar/Pandorn/Teller: =3D/\=3D responses =3D/\=3D

Rick interrupted with a click of the switch positioned above his right ear.=
With the environmental suit's external speaker turned on, Rick addressed t=
he group.

Armiger: Our suits have limited capacity. We're returning now. This way if =
you would.

Brell/Flynn/ Greaves/Lovar/Pandorn/Teller: =3D/\=3D responses =3D/\=3D

The group tailed Rick as they snaked their way back along the turns of the =
old service tunnel, descending deeper into the recess of the newer colony t=

Brell/Flynn/ Greaves/Lovar/Pandorn/Teller: =3D/\=3D responses =3D/\=3D

Armiger: We were in a rush; it takes time for the dust to settle. Keep up. =
The airlock is ahead.

Brell/Flynn/ Greaves/Lovar/Pandorn/Teller: =3D/\=3D responses =3D/\=3D

Rick Armiger
Chief Doctor.

Lieutenant Ben Garcia
Second Officer/HCO
Embassy Duronis II - USS Thor NCC-82607
Author ID number: G239102MR0

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