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2020-05-12 09:21:51


(( Clanhouse, Deck 10, USS Juneau, Awards Ceremony ))

R'rraww was a little nervous being around the Command staff again, mainly
because his position had changed from a junior bridge officer into being a
specialist. As a Marine trained in Search and Rescue and specifically THE
Combat Situation; in as many forms as their Captain wanted hee fire team
trained. After spending a few days with Eiris he was sure it would at least
be a comprehensive training.

This was his goal since he entered Starfleet. Meeting those Starfleet
officers when he was an older kit made an impression on him, and his older
sister. S'rwwao left for the Academy the following year, and she was gone
in the line of duty as a Starfleet engineer on the USS Khitomer. Now she is
just a name in the archives and the Starfleet memorial at Wolf 359. S'rwwao
will also live in his heart and the fire in his guts that won't stand for a

He would be ready to give his life to save anyone on this ship, any
Starfleet personnel, military or private sector, and any innocent civilians
in harm's way. R'rraww was an officer that believed in the freedom that the
Federation stood for. R'rraww was a patriot.

Dressed in his Class A uniform, what the Fleet called their Dress uniform,
he wore the ribbons he had earned along the way. The one he was most proud
of was like all the others, given to him by Captain Oddas. The Good Conduct
ribbon wasn't given out lightly, R'rraww had worked hard to keep the XO and
the crew safe during the bombing incident at Lightside station. He smelled
the drink before he had to react, R'rraww was in the middle of thinking
about the incident on The Spike when he almost spilled someone's drink on
his crisp Class A's.

There was a short blonde humanoid dressed in the Medical Dress Uniform and
he just managed to spin around instead of colliding with her glass. Her
drink spilled just a little but the Caitain wasn't where the drops were as
they fell towards the new deck, he grabbed at the few drops as he slid to
the left away from the Ensign. The drops fell into his paw, stopping them
from staining the carpet. He rubbed his paws together taking care of a
potential mess.

Hontr=C3=BA: Mmerraw, errh Doctorr, forgive me I wawsn't paying attention t=
wwhere my padss werre taking mme. Alloww me to introduce mmyself, R'rraww
Hontr=C3=BA Junior Marine Officer. Are you an Eagle creww mmember or a neww
transsfer to our ssleek new beauty the Juneau?

Strong: Response

It was then he noticed her eyes, oO Do all the medical personnel on this
ship have all black orbs for eyes? Oo He remembered the dizzy feelings and
strange thoughts when he was around the Rodulan Doctor Indobri. She had the
same kind of eyes he found himself staring at right now. This woman was
part of a Telepathic species. Well at least he was becoming familiar with
the interesting traits of his colleagues. :: His whiskers dropped almost
imperceptibly. ::

Hontr=C3=BA: I'mm pleassed to make your acquaintance Dr. Strong. Have you m=
Lieutenant Indobrri, one of your medical sstaff? I believe the two of you
sshare ssomething in commmon.

Strong: Response

R'rraww felt a little strange speaking to this new person. It wasn't like
the discord he felt near the Rodulan, this sensation was not a presence in
his thoughts, it was so light that his brain hardly recognized there was a
woman standing beside him. Not like the idle thoughts that were in his mind
while around Dr. Indobri. Being around Ensign Strong, he felt more of a
mental barrier between them. Her words seemed far away or like they were
coming out of a box. His whiskers quivered.

From the corner of his consciousness he became aware of two officers
standing near the bar. While he still spoke politely to the voice in the

Oddas: Ambassador Nicholotti?

Nicholotti: Indeed. And the mastermind behind that which we stand, Captain

Oddas: That's right, though it might be overstating things.

Nicholotti: Perhaps, though the universe works in such ways that amplify
even the smallest of ripples.

His attention was drawn back to the young Ensign under his whiskers.

Hontr=C3=BA: Wwell Karren why don't wwe go over and ssay hello to Dr. Indob=
that iss her sstanding over there, the female wwith the jet black hair! :: =
indicated with a slight nod. ::

Strong: Response

While over at the bar one Commanding Officer was about to give command of
this NX Vessel this Juneau Class ship over to her first permanent
Commanding Officer and he was here to witness this historic event! R'rraww
looked over at where the two were standing once more.

Oddas: A man I respected once told me to try a little inebriation before
public speaking - but not too much.

Nicholotti: A wise directive to be sure. There is a place where we cease to
overthink, yet remain controlled, which is best for those moments I should

The tall Caitain and the petite Telepathic walked over toward the other
medical officer standing to the side of the bustle about the Clanhouse.
That feeling was washing over him once more as they approached the Rodulan
Doctor. Usually outgoing R'rraww felt a little withdrawn, but he knew what
was happening to him now and he was a little more mentally prepared. It was
strange to feel that twinge of anticipation towards his own approach, it
was almost as if he were glad to see himself.

Hontr=C3=BA: Greetingss Dr. Indobri, I'm glad to ssee you. Wwe losst track =
each other on the Biome, err Rringworld. Too bad alsso, :: Actually he felt
the need to get away from the mental images that he experienced while near
her at the time. :: I'd like to introduce one of your colleaguess Enssign
Karen Sstrong. Enssign thiss iss Dr. Indobri, :: With an almost inaudible
growl and a flick of his tail R'rraww admitted, :: Dr. I don't everr
believe I rreceived your firsst namme.

Indobri: Response

Strong: Response

As the two medical officers started to speak what Hontr=C3=BA assumed was p=
introduction and medical jargon. The Marine's eyes swept the room, in one
corner he saw his new friend Ensign Wyss, and over there were a few of the
members of his fire team speaking with his CO what was she a Warrant
Officer, R'rraww had a lot of respect for an enlisted person who became a
Warrant, the ultimate in climbing the through the ranks, and being your
best self! Warrant Officer Kingsley. He would have to go over and introduce
himself this evening in a social setting before a first encounter in the
MARDET ready room tomorrow! His eyes stopped again on Captain Oddas. His
respect for his now and one time CO was made even greater when he stopped
to realize this ship had her engines!

Oddas: A good trip into our little corner of space?

Nicholotti: Uneventful mostly. I think the most chaos we had was a group of
new officers on the bridge when we left.

During a brief moment of silence between the dark and light haired
telepathic doctors R'rraww made a bold suggestion.

Hontr=C3=BA: Ladiez sshall we take thiss opportunity to greet our =E2=80=A6=

Indobri / Strong: Response

The junior officers walked right up to their seniors, as Captain Oodas said=

Oddas: I'm glad the Engineers got it buttoned up before I was asked to
command it again.

The Captain seemed a little taken aback as the trio came up to greet her
and Ambassador Nicholotti. Her reaction was nothing more than a quicky
raised eyebrow, but for a being from a race of body language specialist
R'rraww could see it was perhaps unexpected.

Hontr=C3=BA: Greetings to you Ambassador, Captain. :: His tail swished and =
ears folded a little back against his skull cap. ::

Indobri / Strong: Response

Oddas: Mister Hontr=C3=BA, nice to see you again. How was the trip?

Hontr=C3=BA: Well Captain if you mean the trip home, it was unfortunate but
inevitable. If you mean our shore leave it was interestingly distracting.

R'rraww noticed by the way the Captain stood, that she was just a little
distracted herself. He thought he remembered that public affairs were not
on her list her favorite thing in the galaxy to do. Yet by Federation
standards she was polite and respectful. He felt that she was like a kit in
a ring, she wanted to get underway. He liked that idea himself.

Strong: Response

Indobri: Response

Nicholotti: Response

Oddas: It is that.

Any: Response


Second Lieutenant R'rraww_Hontr=C3=BA
Marine Officer
USS Juneau NX-99801
SB118-ID#: E239605RH0

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