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Lieutenant Junior Grade Chloe Waters: Painful Lessons

2020-05-12 15:24:59


((Bridge, Deck 1 -- U.S.S Eagle))

Waters and Shayne sat on the bridge in their respective chairs. Chloe stare=
d at the hanging starship before them with a mixture of sadness and uncerta=
inty. Any day now, she would have to leave this post behind. This ship. She=
wasn't sure how.

Shayne: She's a beast.

Chloe managed to tare her eyes away from the screen and slowly swivelled he=
r chair to face Shayne instead. A nod of her head was the only outward reac=
tion Chloe gave for a moment.

Waters: She is not the Eagle. I may sit at this station still, but it will =
not be... this. It is only recently I have begun to realize... this is my h=
ome. Now we are... I am, leaving her. Opportunities of many varieties have =
been squandered. This time... cannot be regained, and I am uncertain how to=
say goodbye to a home I only realized I lived in recently.

The first officer leaned forward, fire in his eyes. Given what he had seen =
Chloe doing, she still wasn't sure if it was from anger or passion. The low=
tones of his voice also made it difficult to tell.

Shayne: Hold that realization close! Don't let it go. Let the pain =
brand you. Understand what you've missed, and realize how you can k=
eep from doing it again.=20

Waters: Assignments that were can not come again.

Shayne got to his feet now, towering above Chloe as she remained seated.

Shayne: The crew makes the ship- and most of the crew is moving with you! N=
ew home or not, new world or not, you've got the chance to make thi=
s right. Claim it! I know you can. You have come so far!

Now he wasn't angry. The XO sounded almost... proud of Chloe? Frustrated, b=
ut proud, nevertheless. The helmswoman lifted her head and slowly rose, try=
ing to get as close to eye level with the taller man as possible.

Waters: ::softly:: Does transferring ever get any easier?

Shayne: Response

OOC: I think this is a good button to end on, but we can keep going if you =
think there's more to be had here, Shayne.



Lieutenant JG Chloe Waters


USS Juneau, NX-99801

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