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LTCmrd. Quentin Collins - Exeunt Pursued by Embarrassment

2020-05-12 16:45:36


*((Interior. U.S.S. Juneau, Deck 7. Main Sickbay.))*

*Collins:* I truly appreciate this, Doctor. And am at your disposal
for...additional examinations...erm...should the need arise...

He knew how it sounded the moment he had said it, but being aware of it
didn't make it any less mortifying to experience. He bashfully looked away
from here, hoping if anything to possibly curb his redding cheeks, but to
no avail. To the Doctor's credit, however, she didn't push on it nor
punished him for the quick lapse in social graces. What was it about pretty
people that made Quentin just blabble all over himself?

*Indobri:* :: clears throat :: Well, um .. Commander. Ok. I will let you
know what I turn up.

She continued to work with a slight smile, so Quentin took it to mean he
was in the clear. At least for the moment. He stood fully and started to
smooth down his uniform, grateful now for the bit of physical business to
distract him.

*Collins: *I really appreciate this, Doctor. Anything I can do to help,
please just ask.

*Indobri:* Yes, well. I will look into this and get back with you. We might
yet find a way to take care of this for you.

He nodded respectfully and started to step out of the Sickbay. He stopped
for a second and then turned slightly, cutting a kind but still slightly
embarrassed eye toward the good Doctor. He said the only thing he could
think to say.

*Collins:* B-be seeing you...

*Indobri:* Very good, sir. Have a good day.

He nearly sprinted out of the Sickbay, hoping to somehow outright outrun
his "stepping in it" with yet another attractive peer. But while his
embarrassment hung on him like a dark cloud, he was also strangely hopeful.
This was one of the only members of the Medical Staff that had actually
proposed a plan of study. But more than that, she seemed to...empathize
with him more so than other medicos had. She seemed to realize that he was
a person being affected by this as much as his brain chemistry was.

He wondered if there were any Bajoran religious texts or philosophical
works that he could study while he waited for this new Sickbay to call on
him again. He strode into the corridor, still embarrassed, but looking
forward to the days and understanding that was surely ahead.

*U.S.S. JUNEAU NX-99801*
*ID: E239512QC0*

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