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Ensign John Hankow - Culinary counseling

2020-05-12 19:39:00


((Counseling suite, Deck 7, USS Juneau))

Collins: We are getting food now? Did this turn into a date without me
knowing somehow?

Hankow: No sir. ::he laughed:: Now that we're on that topic, are you
currently in a relationship?

Collins: Oh, Gods, no. No love life to speak of, really. I wouldn't want to
subject anyone to that particular brand of unique torture.

Hankow felt the same way. The fact that he was a counselor meant that not
many women saw him as a potential relationship partner. The constant
questions and the habit of overanalyzing everything didn't help either.

Hankow: I think we need to talk about that some more, if you would like to
of course.

Collins: Sure, we can talk about exchange for a crab salad
sandwich and a cream soda.

Hankow: That's quite the request. I was going to be a nice date and "have
what you're having" but I think I'll pass.

Collins: Don't knock it until you try it. This is considered a delicacy on
my homeworld.

Hankow had tried many, so called "delicacies" in his spare time. It is true
that you can't truly say you don't like something until you've tried it
yourself, but the Chief Science Officers request didn't sound appetising at

Hankow: Is it now? Maybe I'll try it someday.

Collins: Response

Hankow: I'm not lying. ::he chuckles:: I really will try it.

Hankow walked back over to his seat, food in hand, and sat down, placing
the Chief Science officers food and drink of choice on the table, signaling
him to dig in.

Collins: Response.

Hankow: You're very welcome. ::He brought his legs back up into his usual
zen-like pose:: Let us continue=E2=80=A6 How could dating you be compared t=

Collins: Response


Ensign John Hankow
USS Juneau

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