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Ensign John Hankow - Unceremonious Ceremony

2020-05-12 19:20:22


((Interior. U.S.S. Juneau, Deck 10. Clanhouse.))

John had speculated whether his pitch black - and extremely smart looking -
suit was too much for an awards ceremony. He had thought that everyone else
would be either dressed more casually or simply wearing their uniforms=E2=
=80=A6 he
was wrong. Many other officers (some he knew more than others) were also
dressed for the occasion.

John nervously looked around the Clanhouse, taking in everything and
The first person to catch his eye just so happened to be his first client
aboard the Juneau, Chief Science Officer Quentin Collins was his full
title. The blonde man wasn't by his lonesome however, he was chatting with
someone else Hankow had met (but only briefly).

Her name was=E2=80=A6

oO Indobri! Oo

The Doctor and the Chief Science Officer seemed to be quite busy talking to
each other, preventing Hankow from wanting to interrupt them.

As he looked around the room, he began to notice the decor. The wooden deck
and walls felt very cosy, made even better by the beautiful pieces of art
that cover the room, many of which Hankow wouldn't even dare to approach,
for fear of breaking anything.

The bar had also grabbed his attention. Mainly due to the fact that John
was quite nervous, he almost didn't attend but dragged himself along to be

His eyes - acting as a tricorder - scanned the room, trying to find a
familiar face=E2=80=A6
oO I knew he'd be here Oo
Hankow was referring to a Caitain. One that he hadn't had the best
experience with and one that he didn't want to interact with. The counselor
was already out of his comfort zone, and approaching someone he hadn't got
off on the right foot with, would only make things worse.

Hankow gave up looking for someone he knew and headed, without even
thinking about it, towards a man and a woman, who both sat together at a
table. The boldness of this action was like nothing John had ever done

As he arrived at the table, Hankow wondered whether he should simply turn
back and go fetch a nice fresh water at the bar. But he decided not to.

Hankow: Excuse me. Do you mind if I join you?

Serinus: I'll defer to Ensign Levinson, as she was here first, but if she
doesn't mind you joining us, it's perfectly fine by me.

Levinson: response

Hankow: Thank you very much, I won't be a bother. Just need to rest my legs
::he chuckled nervously to himself::

oO You idiot=E2=80=A6 excluding yourself from the conversation before it's =
started Oo

Serinus/Levinson: Response

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Ensign John Hankow
USS Juneau

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