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Captain Oddas Aria: Distracted Honors

2020-05-12 20:33:27


(( Clanhouse, Deck 10, USS Juneau ))

She raised her eyebrow slightly at the Ambassador - Nicholotti was much
stiffer than expected, causing Aria to rethink her impression that there
were all free-wheeling spirits who did their job while joking.

oO To be fair, Nicholotti represents the third Ambassador you've ever met -
not exactly a large sample. Oo

The little trio of officers approaching was dangerously close to putting
her at the center of attention, also known as the last place she wanted to
be. The Marine and Doctors made an odd trio she thought. As they padded
close she took a deep breath.

Hontr=C3=BA: Greetings to you Ambassador, Captain. :: his tail swished ::

Indobri / Strong: Response

She nodded a greeting, and held out a friendly hand, mostly out of rote
memory of the expectation.

Oddas: Mister Hontr=C3=BA, nice to see you again. How was the trip?

Hontr=C3=BA: Well Captain if you mean the trip home, it was unfortunate but
inevitable. If you mean our shore leave it was interestingly distracting.

She leaned her head back with widened eyes, expecting them to continue the
story, her own Shore Leave had certainly been that, either by design or
coincidence she couldn't be sure. The smell of her drink was strong as she
lifted it to her nose, and she shook her head as she drank. She about to
be alone again - a strange feeling.

Strong: Response

Indobri: Response

The crew filing in was again filling the room with a low murmur of voices,
a couple of hearty laughs invaded the room, making Aria smile.

oO Alone again? Oo

Aria didn't do terribly well alone - something she had learned about
herself late in secondary school and at the Academy. Introversion tended
to form a vicious circle with her, from staying in because she wanted to,
turning to loneliness, loneliness forcing her to stay away from people.

Her heart ached gently as she watched some officers smile and laugh.

Nicholotti: Response

Oddas: It is that.

For a moment she meant it, and even wished she could join in - it was an
old argument with herself that dated back too many years, occasionally
interrupted by the people in her life that forced her to do the things she
didn't want to and she trusted to make that determination for her - so far
less than a dozen all said, even less if you counted those she trusted
completely. A voice imposed itself on her thoughts: *Don't stay cooped up,
find one person to talk to, even if you have to fake it.* Alea's advice
just as they had met was ringing more true than ever. She hoped she could
follow it.

Strong/Hontr=C3=BA: Response

Oddas: Sorry, just getting lost in the minutiae of the moment.

Nicholotti: Response

Harris: Response

She hadn't noticed the others joining them, the new Engineer and Security
officer. She nodded hello.

Oddas: I take it you're finding Engineering and Security where you expected

Kano: Response

Thinking about the Juneau's maiden voyage, the fact half the decks were not
working and she had to fight to assemble even her own chair lifted her mood
slightly and she smiled wryly, hoping the others hadn't noticed her
distraction. The room was filling up fast, and she had to fight to not say
'kosst it all' and find a corner.

oO Irina, Cada, Jazmine, Katya, Brayden, Toni, Rahman, Alea, T'Sara,
Teevin Oo

Any: Response


*Captain Oddas Aria*
Commanding Officer
USS Juneau, NX-99801

*One man's 'magic' is another man's engineering*. -Robert Heinlein


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