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LTCmrd. Quentin Collins - The First Taste

2020-05-12 21:24:29


(The Brew Continuum, Deck 15 Section 4, *U.S.S. Juneau*))

Collins: How about it, gang? Are we impressed?

Because Quentin absolutely was. It was a wholly familiar space, being
basically just a repurposed standard Science Lab, but the flavor and tone
of the walls and the room itself was the most wonderful kind of difference.

It felt and it smelt like a coffee heaven capable of
making a saint weep. He swept his eyes over his companions and saw Noa and
Melody nodding. They would have been in unison had Noa not been charged by
simply the smell of the caffeine in the air.

*Levinson: *Oh, yeah. Definitely. Looks great. ::beat:: It also smells
REALLY good...

*Delri'ise:* Over the moon, that's for sure. I bet this place does =
a killer
hot chocolate

*Collins: *My thoughts exactly. But the real test is tasting the stuff, yes=

The pair flanking him seemed to agree.

*Levinson: *::chuckling:: Of course.

*Delri'ise:* You sure you're not a Betazoid? ::she said with her ow=
n short

He bent slightly and offered a hand forward.

*Collins:* Ladies first.

With a short giggle, she gayly stepped away from the trio a beat.

*Levinson: *Thank you, Quentin.

*Delri'ise:* Separating the ladies from the girls, I see. ::chuckli=
ng:: I
think I'll wait until Noa tries hers first.

Quentin scoffed warmly at Melody's riposte and held his hands up in mock

*Collins:* You know how us Science dorks love a classification, but that's
a pretty shrewd course of action, I believe I'll join you.

Noa stepped ahead of him and Melody quickly and Quentin deposited his hands
in his pockets and started a mournful lurch forward. As was customary with
his slightly awkward and still relatively untrained frame. He was trying to
forge himself into something more physically competent, but so far all it
had given him was bruises and scrapes, having been beat up and on by the
various henchmen and "bosses" of his now routinely spruced up holo-workouts=

Melody's sing-songy voice jarred him from his trudging and woolgathering.

*Delri'ise: *So Commander, I don't think we've been=
formally introduced.

He almost slapped himself. She was RIGHT. They actually hadn't. With all
the piling craziness of the last mission and the timely arrival of all the
newcomers, he hadn't had time to properly introduce himself to anyone he
didn't already know. Harris. The New Engineer, Nyssa, maybe was her name?
Not even to mention the new Medical staff, which he absolutely didn't want
to mention at the moment.

He tried to hide his blossoming red cheeks

*Collins:* NO, yes, quite so, quite so. I am terribly sorry, Leftenant. It
got lost in the snuffle for sure. Quentin Collins. A pleasure.

*Delri'ise:* Melody Delri'ise. ::bowing her head slightly w=
ith Quentin
returning it reverently in return.:: I'll be honest, we haven=E2=80=
=99t exactly had
the *most* time to get acquainted. To be fair, we only ever seem to see one
another when the ship's in danger.

He gave a rueful chuckle. That was also a fairly astute point. It was
basically one thing after the other last mission and while Quentin was
instantly very struck with Melody, the "rapid pace" of the problems on duty
last time was pretty overwhelming overall.

*Collins: *It does seem that way doesn't it. "Consistent Mortal Peril"
can't be a very healthy basis for any kind of relationship.

*Delri'ise: *Either way, I would like to thank you for checkin=E2=
=80=99 up on me
when we were dealin' with the Acen.

He feigned embarrassment as they finally got next to Noa.

*Collins:* Of course, Leftenant. That IS the job, after all, but I wouldn't
expect anything less from you.

*Delri'ise: RESPONSE*

*Collins: *Absolutely. Lets. If anything, we could talk without almost
being destroyed by falling space debris.

*Delri'ise: RESPONSE*

Noa, however, was thoughtfully scouring the menu with what seemed like
pitched concentration. She scrolled through the haptic screen next to one
of the bank of replicators next to the more officious bar and serving
station. After a few more moments, Noa seemed to make her choice.

*Levinson: *Chocolate milk, hot, with whipped cream on top=E2=80=A6 And a t=

After a few moments, a smallish mug appeared. One adorned with the new
ship's emblem which Quentin absolutely appreciated. Instantly steaming
liquid and fluffy whipped cream surged into the glass.

Noa retrieved the Mug and carefully carried it back to them, allowing them
their turn now. She smiled over the lip of the glass.

*Levinson:* That self service machine is=E2=80=A6 good. To say the least. B=
ut I
haven't tasted it yet.

*Collins:* Don't wait on our account!

*Delri'ise: RESPONSE*

*Levinson: *I will wait for you to get your drinks. It would be better if
we taste them all together, right?

Quentin appreciated the unexpected consideration from the half-Vulcan. It
spoke to a keen social awareness backed by kindness. Quentin hoped she knew
how important that was.

He once again locked eyes with Melody and found himself instantly entranced
by her whole...vibe just like he was when they first encountered each
other. Granted she now was not supported by the dewy sheen of sweat and
heightened adrenaline of the moments they first met in, but she still just very striking. It had to make for such an odd existence, being
that good looking.

He motioned forward again, allowing Melody her turn first, the etiquette
lessons of his use still ironclad on his soul.

*Delri'ise: RESPONSE*

Quentin smiled at the specificity of the order.

*Collins*: Good choice. ::he said, stepping up to take his turn::

After one or two scrolls of the LCARS menu, he decided to just take a
chance. He stepped into the input interface and cleanly spoke.

*Collins:* Caramel Macchiato, extra caramel. Hot. No whipped cream, please.

He didn't understand why he said please but old habits seemed to die
screaming for him as this tactile example of his class consciousness
continued to make itself apparent.

After a few short seconds a third piece of glassware appeared in the cubby
and after a few seconds more, more steaming, delicious smelling liquid. He
picked up his own mug and turned again to the women. The smell of all their
drinks danced around them.

He raised his mug slightly.

*Collins:* To new ships and new friends.

*Levinson/Delri'ise: RESPONSE*

He grinned at their response and took his first sip gingerly. The taste and
sweet heat of it danced across all his senses. He had the feeling he was
going to be spreading a LOT of time here.

*Collins:* Oh, my, that's lovely...

*Levinson/Delri'ise: RESPONSE*

*U.S.S. JUNEAU NX-99801*
*ID: E239512QC0*

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