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PNPC Ambassador Kalianna Nicholotti - At the Top

2020-05-12 23:16:53


(OOC =E2=80=93 Looks like there was a bit of a mix up between my last sim, =
Hontru's last, and the Captain's last. I've done th=
e best I could to stitch it up and add in the tags=E2=80=A6but I do apologi=
ze if I missed something. Feel free to throw it in there if I have!)

((Clanhouse, USS Juneau))

Oddas: Mister Hontr=C3=BA, nice to see you again. How was the trip?

Hontr=C3=BA: Well Captain if you mean the trip home, it was unfortunate but=
inevitable. If you mean our shore leave it was interestingly distracting.

Indeed =E2=80=93 as shore leaves were meant to be. Kali remained quiet as t=
hey greeted the Captain and spoke of their leave.

Strong: Response

Indobri: Response

Around them, people entered, slowly bringing the noise level of the room hi=
gher. It was still possible to hear the conversations of others around them=
, but not as easily as if they were a part of those conversations.

Nicholotti: Nicholotti: Indeed. The service team did a pretty bang up job o=
f making things, well, welcoming and exciting all at once.

Oddas: It is that.

The level of excitement and anticipation was palatable and could be felt by=
anyone, not just those who had the gift of telepathy. Kali even felt as if=
she were riding a sort of wave of positive emotions as people entered, enj=
oyed the food, the drink, and the general atmosphere. It was good to see a =
hard working crew get a chance to just simply enjoy each other's co=

Strong/Hontr=C3=BA/indobri: Response

Nicholotti: If this is just a taste of what is to come, then we should all =
be thankful.

The Captain next to her seemed lost for a long moment, as if getting caught=
in the ebbing and flowing of the room's tide. It was definitely ge=
tting filled, and the smells of freshly prepared foods were starting to wra=
p around each person throughout. She leaned her head slightly to the side, =
giving the Captain a moment.

Oddas: Sorry, just getting lost in the minutiae of the moment.

Strong/Hontru/Indobri: Response?

Kali was preparing herself for what was to come, watching the people move i=
nto and around the room. In the corner, a familiar set of eyes looked back =
at her, to which she only smiled. There was something to be said for being =
a flag officer commanding officer with a full memory=E2=80=A6and it was tha=
t at least sometimes you were able to go placed without your own personal g=
uard. While she tried to play that part of things down, she was just thankf=
ul the man who was in the role was a friend.

Still, she shook her head and looked away.

Nicholotti: If you don't mind, I think I will sneak off and grab th=
at drink now.

At this point, she noticed others joining the Captain. It was the perfect t=
ime to sneak away, which as Ambassador, was something she could do. For a m=
oment she felt bad for the Captain, who could do no getting away. On the co=
ntrary, as the Captain, she was stuck. A thought hit her as she made her wa=
y to the bar=E2=80=A6a thought that seemed to have been planted long ago th=
rough experience itself.

It was lonely at the top, even in the midst of so many voices.

Gesturing to the bartender for whatever his special was that night, she fou=
nd herself glancing back and wondering if the woman she'd walked aw=
ay from felt the same.


Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti
Federation Ambassador at Large

As simmed by:
Commander Ash MacKenna
Intelligence Officer
USS Juneau

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