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Lieutenant Karise Indobri: Small talk

2020-05-13 00:36:50


(( Clanhouse, Deck 10, USS Juneau - Awards Ceremony ))

She entered the lounge and about had her breath taken away. She felt like
she had just been teleported from the ship to a Tikani Longhouse from the
Northern Reach. After taking a moment to absorb the scenery, she looked
around. She spotted the Caitian Marine she had meet a few days prior.
Hontr=C3=BA, if she remembered correctly. She briefly wondered what he had =
up to since they had parted ways at the campsite, but she wanted to meet
new people. She also noticed Nyka, but she didn't want to seem cree=
py or
pushy, so again she chose to find someone new to talk to.

As she looked around the room, it seemed as if everyone else was occupied
in conversations. Suddenly feeling like the outsider, she decided maybe she
would just take a seat off to the side by herself. Maybe, if she was lucky,
someone would come over and introduce themselves to her. Intellectually,
she knew this was not the best way to meet people, but right now, they all
knew each other. She was the new person. It might not be perceived well if
she just started walking around and saying hello. Especially since she was
well aware that most species had a hard time talking to her. Because of her
eyes and her custom of looking others in the eye. Because of her telepathic
abilities. Abilities that she really didn't know how to control wel=

oO Don't force yourself on them, Karise. If they want to know you, =
will introduce themselves. In time. Maybe not now. But eventually. And if
nothing else, they will all eventually come into sickbay for one reason or
another. Just sit back and watch the ceremony and applaud for your new
fellow officers. It's their night. Not yours. Oo

She was about to find a seat when Lieutenant Commander Collins approached
her carrying a drink with him

Collins: Dr. Indobri?

Indobri: Mr. Collins. How are you doing? Was there something I could do for

Collins: Well, you looked a bit lost. I figured I could help you get your
bearings in repayment of you helping me get mine in Sickbay the other day.

Indobri: Well, thank you. And yes, I am a bit...disoriented. I don'=
t really
know many people here yet. And while I am eager to meet new people, I don=
really want to force myself on anyone. So, here I stand trying to decide
where I am going to sit.

Collins: Response

Indobri: Oh, I don't want to impose.

Collins: Response

She was about to open her mouth to respond when she noticed Hontr=C3=BA hea=
her way, a woman with blonde hair and the tell-tale eyes of a Betazoid
walking along with him.

Indobri: :: to Collins :: Excuse me, sir. I think I am about to have more
visitors. I will catch up to you in a bit?

Collins: Response

Hontr=C3=BA: Greetingss Dr. Indobri, I'm glad to ssee you. Wwe losst track =
each other on the Biome, err Rringworld. Too bad alsso, I'd like to
introduce one of your colleaguess Enssign Karen Sstrong. Enssign thiss iss
Dr. Indobri, :: With an almost inaudible growl and a flick of his tail
R'rraww admitted, :: Dr. I don't everr believe I rreceived your firsst

Indobri: Oh, Karise. :: turns to Dr. Strong :: A pleasure to finally meet
you, Dr. Strong. When you have time, I still need to get my own transfer
physical taken care of.

Strong: Response

Hontr=C3=BA: Ladiez sshall we take thiss opportunity to greet our =E2=80=A6=

Indobri: Well, if you think that's a good idea. I admit, I'=
m not sure how
to act around them. I may be a Lieutenant, but this is my first time on a
starship. It's all very different.

Strong: Response

The three of them made their way over to the two senior officers. Karise
had briefly spoken to Ambassador Nicholotti when she had first check in,
but this was her first time even seeing Captain Oddas.

oO Bajoran? Interesting. Maybe she would be willing to listen to my theory
about Commander Collins and even offer her own unique insights as a
Bajoran...Not now, Karise. There's a time and a place for everythin=
g and
this is not the time for mysteries. Oo

Hontr=C3=BA: Greetings to you Ambassador, Captain. :: His tail swished and =
ears folded a little back against his skull cap. ::

oO Hmm. I'm going to have to make a study of Caitian body language.=

Strong: Response

Indobri: Greetings, Captains. Lieutenant Karise Indobri, newest medical

Oddas: Mister Hontr=C3=BA, nice to see you again. How was the trip?

Hontr=C3=BA: Well Captain if you mean the trip home, it was unfortunate but
inevitable. If you mean our shore leave it was interestingly distracting.

Strong: Response

Indobri: I do agree that everything is impressive. I almost feel like I am
in a Tikani Longhouse from the Northern Reaches on my own homeworld.

Nicholotti: Indeed. The service team did a pretty bang up job of making
things, well, welcoming and exciting all at once.

Oddas: It is that.

Strong / Hontr=C3=BA: Responses

Nicholotti: If this is just a taste of what is to come, then we should all
be thankful.

Karise noted the distracted look on the Bajoran Captain's face and =
she must desire to be anywhere other than talking to a gaggle of green

Oddas: Sorry, just getting lost in the minutiae of the moment.

oO Oh, glad I didn't voice my concerns out loud. Oo

Strong / Hontr=C3=BA: Responses

Indobri: Quite understandable, Captain.

Nicholotti: If you don't mind, I think I will sneak off and grab th=
at drink

Taking the Ambassador's cue, she politely excused herself and sough=
t out
Collins again. She would have gone looking for Nyka, but she seemed quite
engaged in conversation with someone else. She quickly found the Science
Officer and made her way over.

Indobri: I'm back. Did you miss me?

Collins: Response

Hankow: ~ Indobri! ~

She thought someone had shouted her name until she realized she had
inadvertently heard it in her mind. She tried to figure out who it was, but
the person had apparently changed their line of thinking and she couldn=E2=
pinpoint the source. Giving up, she returned to her conversation.

Indobri: So, what brings you here, Commander?

oO Really, Karise? A line? You don't even feel that way about him. =
Ugh, I
am so pathetic. I should just leave and go do some basotile. Oo

Collins: Response

(( TBC / TAGS: Hontr=C3=BA, Strong, Collins ))

Lieutenant Karise Indobri

Medical Officer

USS Juneau NX-99801


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