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Lieutenant Junior Grade Artinus Serinus - Shoot house shoot up.

2020-05-13 08:12:18


((Ringworld, Exercise Grounds))

After the armsroom personnel flew down in the shuttle, and distributed
practice phasers, the campers were divided into two groups of four.

Between several sets of poles, Artinus had tied energy weapon resistant
cloth, the color of undyed linen, making a maze of sort, all be it a small
one. He had stationed it right by the rock formation so that he could
observe from overhead.

Serinus: When I say "breech," the lead person will throw the door open.
Follow the corridors . Stick close to the walls, and each other, cover each
other. Use overlapping fields of fire, and do not at any point aim your
phaser, practice or real at your team mate. Peak around corners and respond
accordingly before proceeding. Any questions?

Waters: I would assume these phasers are dummy weapons. Correct?

Serinus: You're correct, these are practice phasers, so just make a noise,
aim and pull the fake trigger when you find a target.

Waters: Noted. ::beat:: I suppose, "firing" will be my queue. The crown of
voices may be an upgrade but it is not a full vocal arrangement.

Shayne: We'll struggle through somehow, Lieutenant.

Fiorr: To bad we don't have any stun grenades to go with it. A good=
=E2=80=9Cbreach, bang and clear=E2=80=9D is fun too. Even on my age. I take=
it we have
dummies along the way as hostiles?

He was glad for that question, considering the potential that civilians
were around, was a huge responsibility.

Serinus: Yes, there will be non-combatant targets. So communicate with each
other to not shoot. then order the non-combatant to the ground.

Waters: How are they controlled?

Good question, and an easy enough answer.

Serinus: The armorer, his assistant, and myself will be observing you from
atop the rock formation. When you shoot at, or order a target down, one of
us will pull on a rope connected to it, and a series of pullies, to make it
fall to the ground. Don't get too close.

The other two security personnel, both enlisted, were already in place,
waiting for their section co-chief to join them.

Waters: Very well. Since it appears I am at the front of the line...sound
off when ready. Unless there are further questions?

Serinus was proud, though he didn't let it show past his Stoic facade. His
crewmates, old and new, were asking all of the right questions. They not
only wanted to get the process correct, they were treating it like they
were planning an actual mission.

Fiorr: Nothing here=E2=80=A6

Fiorr fired a test shot in the air and patted Waters on the shoulder.,

Serinus: oO By Jupiter Oo

Artinus frowned a little, and made a note to himself to pull the higher
ranking Officer aside, and politely lecture him on trigger discipline.

Fortunately, afterwards, tomorrow, he was giving the phaser safety course
one more time, before they went to live fire.


Artinus stood beside the members of his section, on the granite, high in
the air.

He counted slowly, in his head.

oO 3, 2, 1 Oo

The act of counting down was both relaxing, and exhilarating. Usually, it
would be him, leading a stack like the one now formed outside of his
makeshift maze.

Serinus: Breach!

Looking down, he saw the team, led by Waters enter the shoot house.
Stepping in further, they encountered their first hostile target.

Waters: Firing

As the words left her lips, the armorer pulled the rope, and the target
tipped forward rapidly, and made a muted thudding sound as it hit the

The team advanced, and came to the barricade.

Artinus couldn't hear what was going on, but there were several seconds of
discussion. Finally, he saw Lieutenant Commander Shayne take a running jump
at the obstacle. The other Commander gave him covering fire. The senior
officer hung on the edge for a moment, before Fiorr gave him a boost up.

Campers: response

One by one, using teamwork, they got over the barricade. But it was taking
a bit of time. In real combat situations, time was a valuable commodity.

So, from his perch, he yelled at them, from Ensign, to First Officer, the
whole team. Without the usual, professionalism he so prided himself in. His
role right now, was teacher, first and foremost. His barking echoed down,
with all urgency befitting the situation they were simulating.

Serinus: Hurry, hurry!

Serinus: Hurry!

With the team all over the barrier, he watched them reassemble. Before
them, were a left room, and a right room. Beyond those, a t-intersection.
He pointed to various ropes and the armorer, and his assistant, strode to
them, ready to see what those in the maze below would do next.

The armorer pulled a specific rope, and one of the walls dropped, Fiorr
dropping the hostile Klingon. The man ran to find cover, and signalled for
compatriots to advance.

Serinus: Those hostages are depending on you!

Clearing out the two rooms, and new third one made by the dropping wall,
the team advanced into the t-intersection. On the left was a huddled group
of hostages, and on the right, was a dummy crouched in cover, pointing a
mock disruptor at them from around the wall. From the general direction of
the armed figure, sunlight streamed in, indicating that the exit was near.


- Lieutenant Junior Grade Artinus Serinus

Security Officer

USS Juneau,



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