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LtCmdr. Shayne: The Better Part Of Valor

2020-05-13 11:27:50


((Ringworld, Training Area))

Serinus: Hurry!

Shayne was heavy, but powerfully build, and his arms had steadily allowed h=
im to rise most of the way up the barrier. The boost from below had assiste=
d him, and Serinus' voice, loud and surprisingly unrestrained, enco=
uraged the group to move even more quickly. Shayne had dropped onto his sto=
mach as best he could, and was now helping his teammates to scale the same =
wall. His arms ached, but one by one, the group was hauled upwards.

They moved forward, and before Shayne could gather that they'd ente=
red an intersection, Fiorr had already brought down what he hoped was an en=
emy combatant.=20

Serinus: Those hostages are depending on you!

Shayne growled as they moved forward, covering one another with almost comi=
cal dedication. No one in the team knew exactly what to expect, and every m=
oment was wrought with tension. Another wall fell, another intersection cam=
e into view. Shayne quickly peaked one sightline, than the other, drawing b=
ack rapidly.=20

Shayne: Enemy to starboard. Hostages to port.

He moved toward the left side, and gestured for the rest of the group to la=
y down covering fire. He had considered for a moment this course of action,=
and wondered if it made him look cowardly. Then he recalled that these wer=
e dummies. Besides, the mission demanded it.

Team: Response

Shayne counted off with his fingers; three. Two. One. He heard motion from =
behind him as he ducked into the opposite room, head drooping low. The host=
ages were before him, and he worked to undo their bonds.

Team: Response


Lieutenant Commander Randal Shayne
First Officer
USS Juneau
NX 99801

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