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Lieutenant Junior Grade Artinus Serinus - The barrage dies down.

2020-05-13 22:44:33


Shayne: True enough. As it stands, lieutenant, you're not far from =
truth. Not far at all. You are all phenomenal officers; your actions have
been commendable, your service impeccable. Note the =E2=80=9Call=E2=80=9D t=
Unfortunately, your excellence has made the decision of who should become
chief rather difficult to make. Each of you could do the position justice,
and the captain and I agree that each of you should be given that chance.

Shayne paused to sigh slowly, and then continued.

Shayne: So. For the next mission, I will be taking on the administrative
aspects of the chief position. ::he held up his hand to prevent any
interruption.:: This is not a punishment; merely a matter of efficiency.
Getting this new department up and running will take some fast-tracking and
will invariably have some kinks. Best to handle them by someone with the
immediate clearance to do so. What this means for the lot of you, however,
is that you will have the opportunity to display your capacity to be a
department chief in your actions, not buried in paperwork. Throughout the
next mission, whatever it may be, you will be evaluated. At the end of that
mission, your performances will be considered, and at that time, the new
chief of the security and tactical department will be announced.

Artinus had always striven to be his very best, though like any mortal, and
if the tales were to be believed, even the gods, he had occasionally fallen
short. Little would change, except some particular priorities. Being free
of the more administrative duties would be a welcome change, and he could
only imagine that his friend and colleague, Risha felt the same way.

Serinus: ::nodding slowly:: I see.

Kano/Delri'ise: Response

For this, Shayne stood, clasped his hands behind his back, and spoke

Shayne: I want to stress this in the most potent possible terms. This is
not a typical competition. At the end, there are no winners or losers;
merely the first and the patient. Whatever happens, this is not the end,
nor is it a stagnation of your careers. I am convinced that each of you, in
your own time, will reach heights I cannot. The only question is whether it
will be a journey you continue now or in the near future. There is no
shame. There is no failure. You are officers of this ship first, anything
else second. Keep that in mind.

Another pause from Shayne.

Shayne: Questions?

Artinus had questions, in fact quite a few. Though he didn't even know if
he was going for it yet, he had to plan, either way. It was both engrained
in his personality, and cultivated in his training. Plus the next mission's
success could hinge on the answers.

Serinus: Yes sir, what will be the combined department strength? Will we be
given charge of a compliment of crewmen befitting our current rank? I
imagine there are a few platoons worth for the Juneau?

Kano/Delri'ise: Response

Shayne: Excellent questions, all. To begin with, I do not know the
department strength. We are expecting a crew of seven hundred. As such, we
can expect a combined department of anything from seventy-five to a hundred
and fifty. Whatever their rank, they will be answerable to the department
chief. And, to be absolutely clear, the Marines onboard will function as a
separate department. Both departments will be tasked with keeping the ship
safe, and it will be up to the department chiefs to work together in the
pursuit of that goal.

Artinus mulled this over. The arrangement was even more unusual than it had
first been explained, not that their previous arrangements hadn't been
unusual. What better way to prove one's abilities than to lead, the winner
of this contest, would never had led a grade appropriate group of
personnel. with that, one last question sprung to mind.

Serinus: And what, if I may be so bold, sir, are the criteria of this

Kano/Delri'ise: Response

Shayne smiled, in smile that was maliciously mischievous.

Shayne: That is an excellent question, Lieutenant.

The XO gave them each a pointed look.

Shayne: Are there any others?

Artinus paused for a moment. It seemed he had all the information he needed
to formulate a plan, as soon as he decided what his goal was to be. It was
a perfect time for another sip of espresso.

Serinus: None from me, sir. I'm sure you're aware that I've already
overseen the transfer of security material assets to the Juneau.

It wasn't a question, technically, and he hoped that it hadn't sounded as
if he had insulted the First Officer's intelligence. But on the off chance
he hadn't known, that would have caused even worse complications.

Delri'ise/Kano: Response

Shayne: response

With that, Artinus stood, artfully, from his chair, grabbing the cup of
espresso that was given to him from the desk.

Serinus:Yes, sir.

With drilled precision, the Magna Roman moved toward the exit.


- Lieutenant Junior Grade Artinus Serinus

Security Officer

USS Juneau,



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