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Lieutenant JG Melody Delri\'ise - For the Crown

2020-05-14 05:57:16


((OOC: All things said in this post are strictly in character))

((Outside XO's Office, Deck 2, USS Eagle))

Shayne: True enough. As it stands, lieutenant, you're not far from =
the truth. Not far at all. You are all phenomenal officers; your actions ha=
ve been commendable, your service impeccable. Note the =E2=80=9Call=E2=80=
=9D there. Unfortunately, your excellence has made the decision of who shou=
ld become chief rather difficult to make. Each of you could do the position=
justice, and the captain and I agree that each of you should be given that=

Melody shifted at the Commanders tone. =E2=80=9CAll=E2=80=9D was a strong w=
ord, especially in this circumstance. In her mind, this was a no brainer, c=
omparing Melody to the other two was like comparing gold to bronze. Not onl=
y was she frustrated that the playing field had been levelled for the other=
two, but how was she supposed to keep up with both Serinus an Kano? Kano d=
idn't strike Melody as the type to go in for the kill, but Serinus =
on the other hand, he was a wildcard. It would be unwise to rule him out as=

Shayne paused to sigh slowly, and then continued.

Shayne: So. For the next mission, I will be taking on the administrative as=
pects of the chief position. ::he held up his hand to prevent any interrupt=
ion.:: This is not a punishment; merely a matter of efficiency. Getting thi=
s new department up and running will take some fast-tracking and will invar=
iably have some kinks. Best to handle them by someone with the immediate cl=
earance to do so. What this means for the lot of you, however, is that you =
will have the opportunity to display your capacity to be a department chief=
in your actions, not buried in paperwork. Throughout the next mission, wha=
tever it may be, you will be evaluated. At the end of that mission, your pe=
rformances will be considered, and at that time, the new chief of the secur=
ity and tactical department will be announced.

Melody clenched her jaw, at first glance, this was a perfectly fair fight. =
Yet, she couldn't help but question just how fair this was. She did=
n't take Shayne as someone who succumbed to personal bias, but some=
thing seemed to irk her about his word being the final verdict. Serinus and=
Kano already had the favour of the crew, they were people Shayne already t=
rusted and worked with. Melody was already behind the eight ball, despite b=
eing in the game far longer than the other two. Competing for the affection=
s of a crew wasn't something Melody was new to, but competing for h=
er career? That was new. But now wasn't the time to doubt just how =
good of an officer she is. Melody knew nothing about the other two, but med=
iocrity wasn't something she was comfortable settling for.

There was one advantage she needed to play on, the other two officers didn=
't know anything about her, and she planned to keep it that way. Me=
lody's goal was to play on their weaknesses, do the things that the=
y can't do. Be the tactician they could never even dream of being. =
As long as the plan stayed put, this competition was in the bag. As some wo=
uld say, this was her night.

Serinus: ::nodding slowly:: I see.

Delri'ise: I understand sir.

Melody stretched her lips into a bittersweet smile. All that mattered now w=
as that from now on? The three would be rivals. Part of her wondered just h=
ow badly the other two wanted this position. Still, Melody wondered why she=
would have to compete with the other two. If anything, it felt like he was=
trying to give the other's a chance. Melody not only outranked the=
pair by god knows how long, but had unmatched experiences in both departme=
nts. Usually? This would be a no-brainer.

Kano: Response:

For this, Shayne stood, clasped his hands behind his back, and spoke softly=

Shayne: I want to stress this in the most potent possible terms. This is no=
t a typical competition. At the end, there are no winners or losers; merely=
the first and the patient. Whatever happens, this is not the end, nor is i=
t a stagnation of your careers. I am convinced that each of you, in your ow=
n time, will reach heights I cannot. The only question is whether it will b=
e a journey you continue now or in the near future. There is no shame. Ther=
e is no failure. You are officers of this ship first, anything else second.=
Keep that in mind.

oO Speak for yourself, you're already first Officer. Oo

Shayne: Questions?

Melody's lips snapped apart, as if she were about to say something.=
Despite the Commander's choice of words being rather=E2=80=A6 rich=
, she held her tongue. The first thing you learn as a tactical officer is t=
o choose your battles. Despite wanting to rebut what Shayne had said, Melod=
y kept her mouth shut. But rather, she wanted to see what both Serinus and =
Kano had to say, observation may just be the key to winning.

Serinus: Yes sir, what will be the combined department strength? Will we be=
given charge of a compliment of crewmen befitting our current rank? I imag=
ine there are a few platoons worth for the Juneau?

Kano: Response?

Shayne: Excellent questions, all. To begin with, I do not know the departme=
nt strength. We are expecting a crew of seven hundred. As such, we can expe=
ct a combined department of anything from seventy-five to a hundred and fif=
ty. Whatever their rank, they will be answerable to the department chief. A=
nd, to be absolutely clear, the Marines onboard will function as a separate=
department. Both departments will be tasked with keeping the ship safe, an=
d it will be up to the department chiefs to work together in the pursuit of=
that goal.

Serinus: And what, if I may be so bold, sir, are the criteria of this compe=

Delri'ise: I'm sure that'd give us something to wor=
k off of.

Kano: Response?

Shayne shot a malicious smile to the trio. What was he up to? Perhaps this =
was his version of a =E2=80=98trick question'. Whatever games he wa=
s playing, he was trying his best to ensure that the three were working wit=
h a blank slate. Melody could feel her nerves ebbing and flowing, as her mi=
nd bounced from thought to thought. Her head combed through his speech, his=
stature and poise, constantly searching for anything, even an inkling of a=
n idea. Something, anything that would give her a leg up on the race.

Shayne: That is an excellent question, Lieutenant.

The XO gave them each a pointed look.

Shayne: Are there any others?

Serinus: None from me, sir. I'm sure you're aware that I've already oversee=
n the transfer of security material assets to the Juneau.

Delri'ise: Nothing from me sir, but, I would like to say to my fell=
ow colleagues, ::turning to Kano and Serinus:: may the best officer win.

Melody's tone was sickly sweet, she hoped that the two would buy he=
r seemingly =E2=80=98all smiles' personality. It was a simple, frie=
ndly competition, after all. Melody wasn't going to pull any punch=
es, she expected nothing less from the other two. There was no tiptoeing ar=
ound it.

Despite feeling anxious, she was determined. Plain and simple, losing wasn=
't an option.

Kano: Response

Shayne: response

Serinus:Yes, sir.

Standing from his chair, Serinus made a B-line for the door. Melody=E2=80=
=99s eyes traced the Magna-Roman's movements, but the moment he was=
no longer in sight, her head snapped back to Commander Shayne.

Delri'ise: Thank you, for this opportunity, Commander, you won=E2=
=80=99t be disappointed

Shayne/Kano: Response?

Nodding her head, Melody stood from her seat. With a gentle wave, she made =
for the exit, puffing out her chest, confidence dominating the blonde=E2=80=
=99s stride. The stage was set, now it was time for the real show to begin.



Lieutenant JG Melody Delri'ise


Tactical Officer + Graphics Coordinator


USS Juneau




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