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Ensign John Hankow - Introduction and departure

2020-05-14 08:21:18


((Interior. U.S.S. Juneau, Deck 10. Clanhouse.))

Hankow: Thank you very much, I won't be a bother. Just need to rest my legs
::he chuckled to himself::.

oO You idiot=E2=80=A6 excluding yourself from the conversation before it's =
started Oo

Levinson: It is alright, Ensign. Rest as you wish, but you are by no way a

Serinus: Response

Levinson: Yes, what is your name, Ensign?

Hankow: I'm John Hankow. I believe a minute ago I heard this gentleman
::points at Serinus:: call you Levinson, wonderful name that is. Would you
mind telling me the rest of it?

It was indeed a peculiar way of asking someone for their name but Hankow
rolled with it anyway.

John felt as though people already knew about the fact that he was a
counselor, so making everyone feel comfortable around him, to prove he
wasn't some sort of evil demon, was necessary.

Serinus: Response

Levinson: I am Noa T'Nessa Levinson.

Hankow: Love it.

The counselor was slightly jealous of her name. Unlike his one hers sounded
unique and well thought out=E2=80=A6 "John Hankow" just sounded evil, which=
help his counseling career.

Serinus: Response

Levinson: ::letting out a small, subtle smirk:: No, it is not.

Hanhow: And what's your name? ::He directed his eyes towards Serinus::

Serinus: Response

Hankow: Good names all around then.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly so far. He had been permitted to sit
down, introductions went well enough and now they would start chatting.

Levinson: Response

Hankow: I am the ship's counselor.

This statement would usually push people far away from Hankow, leaving him
to talk to himself. However he had hope that things wouldn't always turn
out that way.

Serinus/Levinson: Response

Hankow chose to not answer verbally, he simply nodded.

Hankow: Actually, I'm going to get a drink, it was nice meeting everyone.

Serinus/Levinson: Response

He had bottled it=E2=80=A6
The nerves were too much for John to handle, especially on such an
important night. Hankow stood up and headed towards the bar, internally
kicking himself for not staying to socialize with the other officer's.

He caught the barmans eye just as he realised that he didn't even drink

Hankow: Fresh water, please.

John looked around at the eye-catching room and continued to appreciate
it's design. The wooden floors and walls were nice enough to put a smile
back on his face.

His water arrived.

Hankow: Thank you.

Delri'ise: Response


Ensign John Hankow
USS Juneau

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