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PNPC Ambassador Kalianna Nicholotti - Starting a New Era

2020-05-14 13:09:53


((Clanhouse, USS Juneau))

The time had come and somehow her instincts guided her with the grace she h=
ad always managed despite a complete lack of memories to tell where it came=
from. This wasn't the first time she'd transferred command. Perhaps, given=
time, it wouldn't be the last - and maybe next time she'd be on the other =
side. The thought ignited a warmth within that generated a welcoming smile =
to everyone around her, but mostly towards the proper Captain of the Juneau=
. She moved to the front of the room and stepped up upon a small stage area=
where she turned to look out at those who were her fellow officers.

For a moment, she stood, smiling slightly at the crowd. Eyes began to turn =
in her direction and before long, the room grew quiet as ears turned also, =
waiting to hear what the raven-haired Fleet Captain would say. She'd taken =
the time to read up on each of them - a privilege her rank allowed - though=
she passed judgement on none. Even for those she may have served with befo=
re, this was like a new beginning and she would give each time to build a r=
eputation of their own that history did not weigh down.

Once the room had grown completely quiet, Kali spoke.

Nicholotti: Welcome, everyone, to the USS Juneau.

And then she turned towards the captain, gesturing towards her and inviting=
her to the stage as well. It did not take long for her to take her place n=
earby, and just like that, neither captain was alone. Often like an island =
in a wide ocean of people, commanding officers operated in a way that place=
d them in an awfully lonely position, but they didn't always have to be alo=
ne. Kali smiled as she nodded to the woman and produced a PADD from which s=
he began to read.

Nicholotti: To Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti, acting commanding officer=
, you are hereby ordered to deliver and relinquish command of the USS Junea=
u to Captain Oddas Aria, commanding officer USS Eagle, as of stardate 23970=
5.14. Signed, Fleet Admiral Tristan Scott Wolf. ::pausing as she handed the=
new captain the PADD:: Computer, transfer all command codes to Captain Odd=
as Aria. Voice authorization Nicholotti four one alpha three.

Computer: Transfer complete. USS Juneau now under command of Captain Oddas =

Kali stood there and waited for the new Captain to formally relieve her of =
her temporary command.

Oddas: Response?

Nicholotti: I stand relieved. Congratulations, Captain.

Stepping back, she gave the Captain both space and the spotlight while her =
crew looked on. Kali's first job aboard the Juneau was complete, but she kn=
ew there would be many more to come. As the woman began to speak, Kali rejo=
ined the rest of the crew on the other side of the room, doing her best to =
fade into the outer edge of the room where the old Marine was standing wait=
ing for her. She offered him a knowing smile as she settled in for the cere=

Oddas: Response?


Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti

Federation Ambassador at Large

As simmed by:

Commander Ash MacKenna

Intelligence Officer

USS Juneau


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