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LtCmdr T\'Seva, Ready Or Not

2020-05-12 02:49:22


(( USS Constitution - Briefing Room ))

Maddox: It came up in our pre-trial meeting. That's how I got her o=
ut of the brig, but we can continue to push the issue. ::smiling:: I am all=
for throwing the book right back at Skepus.=20

T'Seva nodded slightly to that. Procedural issues could be helpful; but the=
y weren't the answer. She was not sure what was the answer.
Any: response
Lystra: ::She held a hand up defensively:: I'm only saying. We're playing b=
y a set rulebook. That doesn't mean that our opposition is going to use the=
same rulebook. Sometimes rules are bent, broken or crossed. Just because w=
e're playing fair, doesn't mean whomever is after Jalana's career is going =
to either. That's all I'm saying, but it needed to be said.
Any: response
Traenor: What we feel, our emotions, are important. But they won't win a co=
urt case. Cold, hard facts and proof are the best, maybe even only, tools t=
hat can do that. Without those, we're just tilting at windmills.
Lystra: Then use our logs. Every log on the ship is timecoded. And I know I=
made personal logs, as well as duty logs about our mission. Same for our t=
ransmission logs. Those are on the ship's computer core. Not easily tampere=
d with or fabricated, as far as I know.
Traenor: ::with obvious consideration:: It's easily confirmed fact, Command=
er Maddox, that I was absent for the entire event in question and didn't re=
port aboard until after Fleet Captain Rajel was arrested. I certainly must =
be considered impartial in that regard. Allow me to do the honor of examini=
ng the mission logs. ::to Horne:: If you'd lend me the services of a member=
of your department to assist, somebody just as above reproach because of t=
heir new status aboard, ::nodding towards Foley:: then the prosecution coul=
dn't possibly object.
Horne: I'm sure the chief wouldn't mind. Any changes to the logs would hav=
e left some kind of fingerprint if you look hard enough. I think it's a go=
od idea. You just might find something useful.
Maddox: Commander Traenor is new to the ship, I have no issue with them loo=
king into the logs. Disclaimer: all findings will have to be vetted by 104 =
Engineers. But you are more than welcome to dig.=20
Foley: An optimal plan of approach, Commander! I'd be immeasurably honored =
to assist. The mere possibility of persons unknown tampering with official =
records in any regards is abominable by all measurable scales of abominatio=
n. Even theoretical ones! If there is even a minimal irregularity, it will =
be ruthlessly detected, properly logged, and promptly communicated! =20
Maddox: Ensign Foley, I see no reason why you couldn't assist Comma=
nder Traenor. ::looking to the Commander:: If you are alright with an assis=
tant that is...
Any: response
Lystra: I'll be glad to be wrong. I'm just saying, if someone isn't playing=
fair and they've altered things elsewhere it wouldn't affect our ships sys=
tems. They'd have to tamper with those directly.
Any: response
T'Seva: Part of me hopes that this is a huge misunderstanding.
Yito: Agreed.
Horne: Me too, but what if the court doesn't see it that way?
Foster: That's why we rack up the facts in our favor.
Foley: Optimal! Testimonies to the qualities of the captain's character and=
witness reports on her behalf are of inestimable emotional value, but when=
it comes to the implacable logic of the criminal justice system then one w=
ants a large pile of smooth dense irrefutable facts stacked up on our side =
of the scales of Justice. The metaphorical scales. That was probably clear,=
actually. But yes! Irrefutability! ::he peered over at Lieutenant Horne, h=
is silvery eyes' glow brightening:: And on a related note - I know I wasn't=
there, Lieutenant, but I'm certain any decision you made regarding equipme=
nt dispensation was as optimal as possible, given the unique circumstances.
Mason: We have to trust that Cmdr Maddox will be able to convince the court=
Yito: Agreed.
Horne: I don't want to think about it right now. I, uh, I just want to do =
what we can do to help Jalana. Is there anything else, Commander?
Maddox: Nothing pressing comes to mind. ::to Jacob:: I would like a word wi=
th you afterwards though ::smiling honestly::
Ravenna raised an eyebrow at that.=20
Any: ?
Mason: Obviously, we are happy to help. I want to thank you for communicati=
ng with us and for helping Jalana. =20
Foster: And keep your nose clean. Anything we say =E2=80=93 or do =E2=80=
=93 can and will be used against us.
Foley: Fortunately, I installed micromesh filters in my sinuses with some l=
ong tweezers and I'm just now realizing you were being allegorical. Blast! =
Yes! As Commander Traenor indicated, we must be above reproach for any and =
all evidence to be considered of intrinsic value by the court. Figuratively=
set your moralistic altimeters to a level point well above the reproach ho=
rizon! That may have been too involved a metaphor. Or was it? No, it was fa=
irly clear. Although altimeters are slightly arcane a reference while aboar=
d a Galaxy-class vessel. I'll stop now!
Any: Response
Foster: Yep, that does mean win first, party later.

T'Seva had thoughts about a party, but she pushed them to one side. You did=
n't celebrate until you knew what you had, and you didn't anticipate victor=
y, ever.
Spears: Right, well, if there's nothing else... ::He looked over at Alex:: =
Tell me where you need me, sir. I'm at your disposal.
Blair: Response
Yito: I'm happy to help where every needed as well. :: But Seja sus=
pected their were too many cooks, not all them could be useful. ::

T'Seva: As am I, if there is any way in which I can be of use.

What more could she do? This was perhaps partly her fault; but no, this was=
some kind of setup. She could smell it, but she couldn't prove it, she cou=
ldn't even straighten out her hunch. So she added nothing more than that.
Any: Response
Maddox: Commander Blair, might I make a request of you?
Maddox: I was wondering, perhaps, if I could set up here so I am more acces=
sible to you and your crew and can more readily communicate as things come =
up? I'll still take my meetings in my office though.
Blair/Any: ?

Once the meeting was over, T'Seva went to her quarters. She sat down on her=
bed, and Nala jumped onto her lap. The cat wasn't normally very cuddly but=
she, perhaps, sensed how worried her humanoid was.


LtCmdr Atan T'Seva
Chief of Tactical
USS Constitution

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