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LtJG Lazarus Davis - that\'s not so bad...

2020-05-12 15:01:25


(( Davis' Quarters ))

Queen: Do you mean getting bonded to a stranger?

Davis: Yes, and how I've handled the added responsibility of being =
the Assistant Chief Science Officer, and telling Jalana, and=E2=80=A6 Just =
a lot. ::Inhaling sharply:: But I actually don't want to talk about=
that right now. There's something you need to know about me.

He straightened himself up and she simply watched him.

Queen: What do I need to know?

Davis: I don't like talking about it much, but I have a chronic ill=
ness. One that can cause me acute pain or distress with little warning. One=
that will likely someday kill me. I've lived with it for a long ti=
me now, and I've come this far despite it. ::Adding:: Or maybe beca=
use of it? So, there. Your bonded partner has a chronic illness.

She seemed to regard him quietly, and blankly, for a moment.

Queen: When it happens ::Not if:: what do I need to do?

He half-smiled. She seemed to understand, which was a major relief. He felt=
a wash of a mixture of emotions, all too complex to really suss out in the=
moment. His eyes watered a bit.

Lazarus shuffled his feet and thought for a moment about how to respond.

Queen: ::canting her head:: I already know it's painful, I know you'll be d=
istressed. And that you might not be able to say that it is going to happen=
. So all that is left to know is what to do. And what it looks like to reco=
gnize an episode.

Davis: I'll do my best to be communicative with you, tell you direc=
tly. It's hard for others to see and understand because I may just =
seem withdrawn, sullen, or detached. As far as helping, ::his stomach turne=
d over again:: It could be different every time but there are some commonal=
ities, like I might want to go back to our quarters or go to bed.

Queen: ::nodding:: Got it. And then?

Davis: Caitian Oil mints can really help, so I might ask for some of those.=
The mint is calming, and the oil can help me relax.

Queen: ::frowning:: How do I do that?

Davis: Just order them from the replicator. ::He pointed to the device on t=
he other side of the room.::

Queen: ?

Davis: ::nodding: Just like talking to the computer any other time.

Queen: ?

Davis: That's the thing=E2=80=93there is no solution, only palliati=
ve care. If I hit an episode, I just need to take it easy until it calms do=

Queen: ?

Davis: Oh, I don't know what you know about Caitian Oil, but it is =
also mildly inebriating. I find it to be a pleasant experience. But if you =
ever need me back in reality, there's a counteragent you can get fr=
om the replicator to sober me up. Kind of like with synthahol.

Queen: ?

Davis: Oh, right. It's an alcohol alternative that doesn't =
produce hangovers and can be counteracted with a=E2=80=A6

Queen: ?

Davis: Exactly. And to get it just order a "Caitian Oil counteragent=E2=80=
=9D from the replicator, and press the device into my neck. It's th=
at simple.

Queen: ?

Davis: ::nodding:: Thank you. I can obviously manage it on my own but havin=
g help is great.

Thought he was relieved, his stomach was not entirely happy yet.

Queen: ?

Davis: And thank you for asking how ot help. It means a lot to me.

Queen: ?

Lieutenant Junior Grade Lazarus Davis
Assistant Chief Science Officer
USS Constitution-B

=E2=80=9CI wanted to prove the sustaining power of music.=E2=80=9D =E2=80=
=93 David Bowie

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