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MSNPC LtCmdr Skepus - wake up, sheeple!

2020-05-12 21:56:00


(( Skepus' Office ))

Yito: They were in a worse condition but we tried our best to help. We hel=
ped with tools and medical supplies.

He'd let that slide for now. Her responses were straightforward, an=
d plain. (Hardly a word he'd use to describe her otherwise.) But so=
mething seemed off. All the reports indicated a net material benefit to the=
citizens of Xatrac. The resources they left behind included a replicator, =
no less!

If he could get her on the stand saying that much, she might be a star witn=
ess! And this was only the beginning. This gorgeous young woman might be th=
e linchpin of everything. The perspective of an ideal officer retelling it =
all would show the court how Jalana worked. no doubt she was cunning. But w=
hy send your Chief of Security away? Why, only to keep an honorable officer=
away from the shady situation. And replace her, no less, with a former Int=
elligence officer. Someone comfortable with bending rules and keeping secre=
ts. The good Commander here would, no doubt, put a stop to any transgressio=
n. But the intelligence officer with an=E2=80=A6 interesting record=E2=80=
=A6 would be a much more suitable accomplice.=20

Skepus: Tools, supplies?

Yito: I think there was a replicator, tools were left behind but I do not k=
now the details as I am not a engineer. I'm sure you can find a fu=
ll list in the logs.

Skepus: Noted. And what created the need for all of this aid to be rendered=

Yito: Our investigate found out the attack was caused by a neighbouring cit=
y who used technology to lure the Razaar, a creature native to the gas out =
to the upper atmosphere where the city was.

Skepus: Did your investigation uncover any motive?

oO It did. Oo

Yito: Unfortunate, the investigate found the motivation for the attack was =
the thought of another city trading with the Federation. :: It sounded dam=
ning. :: But we received orders to trade.

Skepus: It is most unfortunate. So many lives lost, which is why I am takin=
g this case with the utmost seriousness.

The line sounded good in his head as he formed it so he went for it, full o=
f noblesse authority.

Yito: No, I never actually saw the orders. But the captain told us in a br=
iefing and I believe her.=20

Skepus: Understandable! She is your captain. Why shouldn't you?

He was trying to rattle her a bit, get her a little worked up. Hopefully en=
ough to think less clearly. He shifted in his chair and ran his fingers ove=
r the recording device to make sure it was still running. It was.

Yito: ?

Skepus: So, earlier, you said the people of Xatrac were left with a replica=
tor and the knowledge of how to use it. In what way were they not better of=
f? Replication technology is one of the pillars our very existence. The ano=
ther is its sibling, the transporter. You moved them ahead in an incredible=

Yito: ?

He poured more water into the gaiwan as she spoke. He regarded her carefull=
y while also keeping time.

Skepus: :: picking up the gaiwan to pour it :: I hear you, Commander Yito. =
But the fact still remains that you purposefully left them a functioning re=
plicator. :: Correcting himself :: Not you personally, of course. I mean yo=
ur ship. Under orders from your captain.

Yito: ?

Skepus: :: changing the topic :: Let me ask you something, Commander=E2=80=
=93has the captain ever excluded you from other security assignments, for a=
ny reason? Even a totally benign reason.

Yito: ?

Lieutenant Commander Skepus
Special Prosecutor

As simmed by

Lieutenant Junior Grade Lazarus Davis
Assistant Chief Science Officer
USS Constitution-B
=E2=80=9CTis true, 'tis pity, And pity 'tis, 'tis t=
rue=E2=80=94a foolish figure=E2=80=9D - Polonius (Hamlet, 2.2.100-101)

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