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pNPC Ensign So\'Mior - Personal Question

2020-05-13 05:39:27


((Main Science Labs =E2=80=93 USS Constitution))

What did So'Mior want?

That was a fantastic question and one that So'Mior himself could no=
t fully answer. He was not very far into his journey through life and=
he was still full of so many questions and things that he wasn't q=
uite sure how to navigate. Every day when he paused to meditate so ma=
ny thoughts would invade his mind. Questions, desires, emotions, more=
questions, distracting thoughts, and yet more questions.

The point of meditation was not to get caught up in such thoughts, but to s=
tep back and start to become a passive observer of the tangle of thoughts t=
hat invaded one's mind. But So'Mior all too often fou=
nd himself engrossed in these thoughts, trying to pull himself out of the f=
lood of internal questions like an exhausted swimmer reaching for a life pr=

It was at times like these when he had to push all of those invasive though=
ts back and try to focus on one thing at a time. His very first prior=
ity was to focus on his duties and establish a good positive rapport with h=
is department so he could attend to his duties well and then grapple with t=
hat endless torrent of internal questions in his off hours.

He fixed Commander Traenor with a very serious look in his wide dark eyes.

So'Mior: I am committed to doing my duty to the best of my capacity=
. ::he said with a convincing amount of commitment:: If I am un=
able to do so, I find it logical to speak on that with the proper superiors=
in my department and find resources to correct any issues before they begi=

Traenor: Why don't you take a seat, please?

The Commander gestured towards a stool that was at one of the work stations=
and So'Mior gave a polite nod, moving to the seat and carefully pe=
rching himself on top. He was still young enough to be gangly, with a=
bit too much stringiness to his arms and legs and not yet enough muscle wh=
ich made him look a bit like a crane trying to perch on a chair and still l=
ook dignified.

If he was self-conscious about his appearance, it wasn't apparent.=
In truth he had far more pressing things to spend his mental energy =
on such as keeping control of wayward emotions, listening to Commander Trae=
nor and making sure he did not raise the ire or concern of his superior off=
icer. He fixed his attention on the Commander.::

Traenor: ::said with a smile:: At ease, Ensign. ::a bit more serious:: I'm =
a big fan of having a rapport with your superior officers. And this departm=
ent, indeed the ship, has some good ones. But you should consider a persona=
l network of support as well. Perhaps the same network you had at the Acade=
my, like your family? I have a niece in the Academy who is almost your age,=
and she has used me extensively for a sounding board. She probably will co=
nsider continuing to do so when she graduates to an Ensign. That's an unpar=
alleled benefit of having relatives in the service.

He tipped his head forward fractionally, listening. The scientist in =
him led him to gather data. His hypothesis was that Commander Traenor=
did not have children of his own, or if he did they did not join Starfleet=
. However he had a niece who he was close to. Scientific curios=
ity made him wonder what her name was. This was an illogical detail, =
perhaps, but he saw a value in remembering details of those he worked with =
that they were willing to share with him. Some camps of Vulcans would=
dismiss that, others would see similar value. So'Mior=E2=80=
=99s mother was of the mind that personal information about others was valu=
able in understanding them and building a positive working relationship and=
she saw logic in harmony. So'Mior agreed, partially because =
his mother had been his first and closest teacher and partially because he =
had a strong positive relationship with her and found her methods agreeable=

So'Mior: I agree, Commander. Family is valuable for any individual, y=
our niece is fortunate. I do keep contact with my family, but none ar=
e currently serving in Starfleet.

Traenor: Well, there's also a network of your peers aboard the Constitution=
that you could consider as well. There is always a healthy rotation of new=
officers reporting aboard, and there's even distance learning Academy stud=
ents aboard... or at least there were plenty before. With them sharing a si=
milar experience, they might be a worthwhile connection to make.

He had noticed a healthy roster of cadets working towards graduation on the=
Constitution There was a logical through line to this =E2=80=93 the =
vessel was an exploration vessel not a warship and it was large enough to s=
erve multiple functions and accommodate a variety of crew and civilians.=C2=
=A0 It was a good choice for distance studies.

So'Mior: I find it logical to have a positive working relationship with my =
fellow crew, but I am not sure it would be beneficial to focus on social do=
wntime before getting a stable comfort in my duty roles.

That could be taken as business before pleasure. But it was also a de=
lay tactic. So'Mior was very fastidious in getting comfortabl=
e patterns and routines in place that he could count on. This helped =
him manage his wayward emotions and sift through that messy pile of questio=
ns in his mind.

Traenor: ::holding up his hands:: You don't have to go into any great detai=
ls with me, though I would be honored if you do choose to confide in me in =
earnest someday. You'll need to have your psych profile signed off by the C=
ounselor's office before you're fully integrated to your new posting, and w=
hen you do, make sure your appointment is with the chief Counselor.

So'Mior: The chief counselor? ::he raised a brow. As a newly po=
sted junior officer So'Mior did not think he would warrant the atte=
ntion of the chief counselor. Then again he had not had the time to t=
horoughly research the crew manifest and so he was unaware of the underlyin=
g reason why Commander Traenor might recommend the Chief counselor in parti=
cular.:: I will make note in my request.

Traenor: ::with warmth and earnestness:: You seem like a good kid oO =
oof, should I have said man? Oo, and I'm sure you're a fine scientist. You =
would not have been assigned this far out into the quadrant otherwise. ::af=
ter a moment of inspiration:: Speaking of networks, keep me in mind if you'=
re looking for a research partner on a personal project. I won't be any hel=
p on your botanic and biologic skills, but your geologic and physics specia=
lties are right up my alley.

He blinked and for a moment he wanted to smile, He didn't, bu=
t there was an almost familiar warmth from Commander Traenor that reminded =
him of his paternal Grandfather, David Howards. Grandfather Howards w=
as a retired Starfleet veteran with a ready smile who liked to give hugs an=
d mugs of rootbeer, tell stories and tinker with old machines.

So'Mior might even admit he had spent a few Academy breaks on the b=
ack porch of Grandfather Howards house listening to stories to illogically =
late hours, sleeping in and eating vegan pancakes in the morning. Pri=
vately, maple syrup was the most guilty pleasure the boy knew.

And those pesky thoughts now made him wonder if Commander Traenor enjoyed r=
oot beer. That was not a question he would ask of his superior office=
r, however. That in his mind would be improper. Or at the very =
least illogical.

So'Mior: It would be agreeable to work with you on a research project, Comm=
ander. I would like to learn more from my experienced peers.

Traenor: ?

He offered a small nod of agreement. There was no reason for him to a=
void the ship's counselor. Again, So'Mior was wholly =
unaware that the Constitution's lead counselor was Vulcan. Th=
at was an exception and not a rule in the roles of Starfleet Counselors so =
it was also something he was not expecting. Perhaps that was easier o=
n the boy?

So'Mior: Certainly Commander. I will not delay and put the re=
quest in by the end of this shift.

Traenor: ?

He shook his head once and straightened. Certainly he was less fidget=
y as the conversation progressed, but still stiff and a bit too formal to b=
e truly comfortable. But the nervous energy seemed to recede.

So'Mior: No, my strongest current focus is learning the department =
and solidifying a routine.

Traenor: ?

So'Mior: I expect that with judicial proceedings the Constitution m=
ay be docked at StarBase 104 for an extended period.

He said that without judgement, simply a statement of fact. Court pro=
ceedings took time, no matter what sort of proceedings they were. Tha=
t likely meant that there was also time to establish a routine without expe=
cting emergency projects to come into the picture. More likely it wou=
ld be a time to tend long term projects that needed addressing.

Traenor: ?

Once again those pesky questions invaded his mind. He pushed his lips=
together to prevent a frown and then looked up at Commander Traenor, askin=
g in a very soft, polite tone =E2=80=93 even compared to the rest of the co=
nversation. It was careful, not wanting to offend or intrude, but I b=
etrayed a bit of the deep, honest curiosity that seemed to drive So=E2=80=
=99Mior forward.

So'Mior: Commander, if I may ask a personal question?

Always ask permission first. Always. That he picked up from his=
Mother as well.

Traenor: ?

So'Mior: What is your niece's name?

He hadn't forgotten the rootbeer question. But that he still =
deemed inappropriate. The name question however was something from th=
e conversation that he was still very curious about.

Traenor: ?


pNPC Ensign So'Mior
Science Officer
USS Constitution-B

"Why do we fly? Because we have dreamt of it for so long that we must"

~Julian Beck

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