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LtJG Lazarus Davis - talk cookie to me

2020-05-13 14:07:08


((Brew Continuum, USS Constitution-B))

Nalni: Delicious cookies by the way. What's in them?

Seja picked up one based on the recommendation.=20

Harmon: ?

Davis: Interesting. I like how spiced they are! A sort of ginger-y burn.

Yito: They are good. =20

Nalni: Do you have any more cookies?

Seja shook her head.

Harmon: ?

Davis: :: still enjoying the cookie :: Oh, and the texture is perfect, Max.=
So tender!

Yito: Once you open I'll be back for a Lavish pie. =20

Lazarus had stopped nibbling on the cookie to inspect the bake and the inte=
rior of the cookie. It was light and airy, but tender. A difficult balance =
to strike to work in enough air into the mixture without building up too mu=
ch gluten and making the cookie tough. (He didn't bake often or eve=
n particularly enjoy it, but the science of it fascinated him.)

Harmon: ?

Yito: When do you think you'll open?

Harmon: ?

Davis: Cou;dn't be soon enough.

Nalni: Something has happened back on my home planet that needs my immediat=
e attention.=20

Yito: Oh?

Lazarus snapped to attention.

Davis: Everything ok, Nalni?

Harmon: ?

Nalni: My mother, she's sick. ::to Harmon:: One of her favorite thi=
ngs to do is try treats from other worlds and it would mean a lot for her i=
f I brought her something from abroad.=20

Harmon: ?

Yito: I hope she's ok. :: Concern. ::

Davis: Same. Can we help at all?

Nalni: Thank you. ::to Lazarus and Seja:: What's the procedure for =
an immediate request for leave?=20

Yito: You'll need to contact your superior officer and file a reque=
st with them. I assume as you are senior officer, you are under Commander =
Blair but it'll be on your personnel file.

Lazarus nodded.

Davis: I hope everything goes as well as it can, Nalni.

Harmon: ?

Nalni: Thanks to you two as well. ::stands up:: Well, see you all next time=
and hold a hot beverage for me, Mr. Harmon.

Yito: Good luck, I hope everything goes well.

Harmon: ?

Nalni turned on her heels and walked out through the sliding doors.

Yito: I should probably follow suit. It was a pleasure meeting you :: To H=
armon :: I'll be sure to drop in again when you officially open.

Davis: Actually, I should do the same. Thanks for the cookie, Max!

Harmon: ?

Yito: I'll look forward to it. See you later.

Lazarus nodded and waved to Max.

Davis: Likewise!


Lieutenant Junior Grade Lazarus Davis
Assistant Chief Science Officer
USS Constitution-B
=E2=80=9CI wanted to prove the sustaining power of music.=E2=80=9D =E2=80=
=93 David Bowie

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