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Lt Cmdr Yito Seja: Spicy things

2020-05-13 16:31:52


(( Holodeck 1 - 1400 hrs ))
Yito: Rockers has good burgers but can be a little loud and crazy dependant=
on whether certain bands are playing.
Seja been the place a few times with different people and each time had bee=
n enjoyable and different.
Davis: I'll add my vote to the majority opinion. :: To Seja, the af=
fable expression on his face strained :: I think I've thrown my ide=
as around enough for today.
Saveron: I have not tried Rockers, and novel locations are of interest. ::H=
e allowed.:: Alternately, Fruits Bowls is less noisy and caters for a wide =
variety of diets.
Fruit Bowls was a nice simple place and the bowling was fun.
Spears: Rockers is alright, and the booths offer a variety of sound dampeni=
ng options if a particularly loud band is playing. ::With a glance at Saver=
on:: And they do have a good number of vegan choices, some of which I've he=
ard are quite tasty.
Yito: I'm happy with any of the options.
Saveron: Given the theme for this group, perhaps Rockers is the most approp=
Spears: Have we missed our true calling? Do we need a name? But yeah, I thi=
nk Rockers is a good choice.
Davis: Oh, good. I was hoping you all would pick that.
Yito: At least we don't have to go back via quarters to drop instru=
ments off.
Davis: Computer, arch. ::A door materialized on stage left:: Shall we?
Saveron: Affirmative.
Yito: Sure
Davis: Hey, Seja=E2=80=A6 I'm sorry I made you uncomfortable.
Laz appeared at her side.
Yito: I'm just not ready to play in front of people, it was a huge =
step for me to play in a group. :: A little defensively ::
Saveron: I understand that Lieutenant Carter has transferred to your depart=
Spears: ::Nodding:: She has. I allowed her to put her medical skill set to =
use during the mission... ::He paused, his decision making him feel uncomfo=
rtable with himself:: It was after she'd been injured. Cade patched her up =
and she wasn't handling the idea of taking up a biobed while people were dy=
ing very well...
Davis: I was so excited to hear the music played by the people it was writt=
en for, and I thought it was sounding so good, and I thought that=E2=80=93w=
ell, that's the point. I kept *thinking* and not *hearing.*
Yito: I can understand hearing your own music played is excited and I enjoy=
ing playing it. But I don't want to pushed into anything.
Saveron: There are some advantages to having other crew with medical qualif=
ications. ::He observed dryly.:: Regrettably, psychology degrees do not app=
ear to be as popular.
Spears: ::Ed smiled:: No, perhaps not, but I think Laz comes from a cogniti=
ve sciences background. I wish I'd had a little more psychology in my own b=
ackground. It might have stopped me from stepping on Cade's toes. He wasn't=
pleased with my allowing Lieutenant Carter to get up and about to quickly.=
It was probably a conversation to have at more length later on. Ed let out =
a tense breath.
Davis: ::shaking his head, but warm:: I won't do it again.
Yito: Understood. I accept your apology.
Saveron: Have you tried sailing on the lake in The Space?
Spears: Just the one time. The idea that there's enough of a microclimate i=
n there to create wind and propel a sailboat is still staggering. I think I=
need to invite my dad out here one of these days. He designs orbital habit=
ats, but I don't think he's ever been on a project of this scale.
Davis: I also could have explained the Revue better. Without getting back i=
nto it; the show is never recorded, but look into some of the reenactments =
people have constructed. It'll be, uh, enlightening. ::He chuckled:: Anyway=
, where's the restaurant on the Starbase?
Yito: Just up here.
Saveron: Up past The Matron, I believe.
Seja was getting to know the starbase well. They entered into Rockers=
, Seja loved the style, so many items to look at on the wall. Rock in=
struments and albums from all over the Federation, some she recognised and =
some she didn't.
They were quickly greeted by a Caitian in what might be considered 'Rockers=
Chique' attire, who led them to a booth.
Saveron: Do you have any recommendations, Seja?
Yito: I've always liked the burgers here and they do good vegan ver=
sions. Their are the salads or wraps if you want something more healt=
hy which I've heard are good.
Seja always went for the burgers. It was something from her childhood which=
ever station you stopped at in the Federation there was always a burger ba=
r, some good, some bad but however bad the establishment was it was difficu=
lt for them to mess up a burger.
Davis: ?
Spears: Oh, that does sound pretty good.
Saveron/Davis: Response
Spears: ::Leaning back:: Well, this takes me back a bit. Music and then foo=
d at a place like this. We used to go to a place called Bassline after Orch=
estra practice, in Mariner City. They made an incredible soyshake.
Yito: Cool musicians, yeah. :: A smile :: They have soy and milk shakes on =
the menu if you fancy it.
Saveron/Davis: Response
Spears: Oh yeah, we were so cool ::He rolled his eyes good-naturedly:: A bu=
nch of classical musicians carting around our instrument cases through the =
city's mass transit system. Bunch of rebels we were ::he laughed.::
Yito: So was this before or after you started racing Martian buggies?
This was no secret after his holodeck racing of Argos.
Saveron/Davis/Spears: Response
Yito: You had a very varied youth. :: To Ed ::
Saveron/Davis/Spears: Response
Yito: Did either of you play in bands in your youth? :: Directed at Saveron=
and Davies ::
Saveron/Davis/Spears: Response

The waiter returned padd in hand and stood expectantly.
Yito: One hot chilli burger with all the sides. And as we are on a sh=
oreleave, a house beer.
Saveron/Davis/Spears: Response
Yito: After many years of eating Hasparat I've developed a taste fo=
r spicy things.
Saveron/Davis/Spears: Response
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