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LtJG Lazarus Davis - oh we have nothing to hide at all!

2020-05-13 18:02:35


((After Meeting))

Maddox: Lieutenant Horne, I wanted to apologise to you. I didn't mean to im=
ply you had done anything wrong. We aren't in a courtroom, and I sh=
ouldn't have treated you like a witness. I apologise.

Lazarus regarded her carefully. She seemed earnest, honest, and hardworking=
. But the stakes are high, so he wanted to learn more about her. See her in=

Horne: ?

Maddox: Your actions have not damned Jalana. In fact, I highly doubt they w=
ill even come up in court.

Horne: ?

Maddox: I make no promises, but if there is a cover up, that is grounds for=

Lazarus raised an eyebrow. Cover up?? He wasn't ready to think abou=
t the implications of that. Maybe it was a misunderstanding. Some kind of m=
iscommunication, or the wrong draft of the orders got submitted after being=
verbally given to Jalana. That happens sometimes...

Horne: ?

Maddox: Find me the evidence ::she gave him a nod as she moved on to T=E2=
=80=99Seva:: T'Seva, tell me about your civilian.

T'Seva: Her name is Qeene...I think I am pronouncing that correctly=
. She was working on Zeltin IV as a miner, but is Linaran. She's also Lieut=
enant Davis' wife.

The moment T'Seva said her name, a shock ran through Lazarus=E2=80=
=99 body. Why does she need to be a part of this? It's all so delic=
ate as is.

Maddox: Lieutenant Davis?

T'Seva stepped back, letting Aria talk to Davis on the matter.

Davis: ::making eye contact with T'Seva, nodding, before redirectin=
g his attention to Maddox:: T'Seva is correct, Commander. But she g=
oes by Queen.

Any: ?

Maddox: Well, Lt. Davis, do you mind if I speak with her then?

Davis: Er, not at all. Since she's new to the very idea of Starflee=
t=E2=80=93let alone our legal system=E2=80=93could I be present too? It mig=
ht make her feel better.

Maddox: ?

Davis: It's appreciated. I just don't to overwhelm her, you=

oO Or implicate us in a crime. Oo

Maddox/Any: ?

Lieutenant Junior Grade Lazarus Davis
Assistant Chief Science Officer
USS Constitution-B

=E2=80=9CI wanted to prove the sustaining power of music.=E2=80=9D =E2=80=
=93 David Bowie

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