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Lt Cmdr Yito Seja: Distraction

2020-05-13 17:50:41


(( Security Offices ))
Seja entered back into her security offices her mind elsewhere. She h=
ad just finished her meeting with Skepus, the prosecutor, she felt worried =
the evidence was so damning for the captain and this Vulcan was a skilled l=
awyer, set on winning. It just didn't make sense either the c=
aptain lied to them which she couldn't believe or there was a cover=
up high up in Starfleet which she didn't want to believe either.
As the door slide open, she nearly bumped into Orion Klingon officer.
Sherana: Ma'am. I was looking for you.
Seja nearly apologised but decided better of it, showing weakness in front =
of a Klingon wasn't sensible.
Yito: Yes?
Sherana: I need to talk about these energy weapons.
Yito: What about them?
Sherana: This ship has been my home for too many years to endanger the crew=
due to my ignorance of handling these weapons. As much as I wish to rid me=
of them I am aware of your rules, Commander. That is why I need recommenda=
tions for training.
Yito: We have a phaser range on board and several training programs. =
I used them myself.
Sherana: If you have time, it would be my honour to practice by your side.
Seja though for a second. She didn't feel like going back to =
crew evaluations, the phaser range would be a good distraction and chance t=
o get to know Sherana.
Yito: Just let me get my phaser :: She had taken it off to go to the Starba=
se as she was not authorised to wear it there. ::
Sherana: Response
Seja entered into the office and pressed her finger onto the desk drawn bef=
ore it look a scan of her DNA and opened revealing the phaser and holster.=
She slipped it back onto her uniform and followed Sherana out of the=
office making the short walk to the turbolift.
Yito: How are you finding being back in security?
Sherana: Response
Yito: Different from being in the arboretum.
Sherana: Response
Yito: I won't make a good gardener. I struggle to keep plants=
live. My mother on the other hand, our quarters were full of them.=
:: Seja smiled at the memory. :: I didn't inherit that gene.
Sherana: Response
Lieutenant CommanderYitoSeja

Chief of Security

USS Constitution-B
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