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Lt Cmdr Yito Seja: A moment dought

2020-05-13 18:23:53


(( Skepus' Office ))
Yito: No, I never actually saw the orders. But the captain told us in=
a briefing and I believe her.
Skepus: Understandable! She is your captain. Why shouldn't you?
It just didn't make sense, none of this made sense. The capta=
in won't lie to them but there was a moment's dought in her=
mind, she'd been betrayed before by a commanding officer Tam.=C2=
=A0 But she knew Jalana better there was something else at play here.=
There had to be.
Skepus: So, earlier, you said the people of Xatrac were left with a replica=
tor and the knowledge of how to use it. In what way were they not better of=
f? Replication technology is one of the pillars our very existence. The ano=
ther is its sibling, the transporter. You moved them ahead in an incredible=
Yito: Their city had been attacked and the replicator had been programmed w=
ith only a limited library. :: She felt defence and re-iterated what Horne =
had said. ::
Skepus: :: picking up the gaiwan to pour it :: I hear you, Commander Yito. =
But the fact still remains that you purposefully left them a functioning re=
plicator. :: Correcting himself :: Not you personally, of course. I mean yo=
ur ship. Under orders from your captain.
Seja took a sip of her tea trying to calm herself down.
Yito: As a security officer, I don't know the details of the decisi=
on. :: At least that was an easy truth. ::
Skepus: :: changing the topic :: Let me ask you something, Commander=E2=80=
=93has the captain ever excluded you from other security assignments, for a=
ny reason? Even a totally benign reason.
Yito: No, not since I've been chief. :: She didn't kn=
ow why he asked but she thought. :: Well once but that was the entire=
senior staff after a long away mission.
Skepus: Response
Yito: No... maybe. I'm not certain where this is going?
Skepus: Response
Yito: Unless you have any more questions about the mission, I think we shou=
ld leave it there?
Skepus: Response
Yito: What is the procedure from here?
Skepus: Response

Lieutenant CommanderYitoSeja

Chief of Security

USS Constitution-B
ID number: E239306LB0

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