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LtJG Lazarus Davis - food for thought

2020-05-13 21:45:02


(( making their way to Rockers on SB104 from Holodeck 1 on the USS Constit=
ution-B ))

Davis: ::shaking his head, but warm:: I won't do it again.

Yito: Understood. I accept your apology.

Saveron: Have you tried sailing on the lake in The Space?

Spears: Just the one time. The idea that there's enough of a microclimate i=
n there to create wind and propel a sailboat is still staggering. I think I=
need to invite my dad out here one of these days. He designs orbital habit=
ats, but I don't think he's ever been on a project of this scale.

Davis: I also could have explained the Revue better. Without getting back i=
nto it; the show is never recorded, but look into some of the reenactments =
people have constructed. It'll be, uh, enlightening. ::He chuckled:: Anyway=
, where's the restaurant on the Starbase?

Yito: Just up here.

Saveron: Up past The Matron, I believe.

(( Rockers ))

Lazarus had never been to Rockers, but as they approached he saw the decor:=
musical instruments and memorabilia from rock-related musical traditions f=
rom across the Federation. It was both interesting and disheartening. To La=
zarus, the place should be a museum, not an eatery. But at the same time, g=
iving people cultural exposure is always good, even if it's from a =
diner. So not bad, just an odd circumstance.

They were quickly greeted by a Caitian in what might be considered 'Rockers=
Chique' attire, who led them to a booth.

Saveron: Do you have any recommendations, Seja?

Yito: I've always liked the burgers here and they do good vegan ver=
sions. There are the salads or wraps if you want something more healthy wh=
ich I've heard are good.

As Lazarus began to scan the menu, he saw an interesting option: burgers co=
nstructed from plant materials, but combined in such a way that closely mim=
ics the taste and texture of Bajoran cattle meat, the preferred breed at Ro=
ckers. The wonders of cooking using ingredients from across the Federation!

Davis: I see they make in-house plant-based burgers, if you're inte=
rested Saveron. Though I realize you have no interest in eating meat, this =
plant-based alternative looks tasty none-the-less.

As someone who nearly exclusively eats plant material out of health concern=
s, he was happy to find an alternative. Since the advent of replicators, th=
e concept of veganism got complicated since people drew the line in differe=
nt places. Originally, on Earth at least, veganism was primarily politicall=
y motivated over concern for the wellbeing of animals, but over time people=
began to appreciate the environmental impact of farming animals for food, =
and some people enjoyed health benefits from going vegan even if they didn=
't connect with the concern for animals or the planet. (Humanity ha=
d not socially evolved as much back then, and a lack of concern for the wel=
lbeing of the planet was considered socially acceptable.)

But with the invention of replication, and clean power sources like renewab=
les, fusion, and eventually matter=E2=80=93antimatter reactors, suddenly on=
e could eat meat with no negative environmental impact, greatly reduced con=
cern for dangerous negative health side-effects, and the knowledge that whi=
le an animal did die to provide the meat for the pattern, that one animal c=
ould quite literally feed millions. (Historians noted an amusing parallel b=
etween this fact and some myths from Earth's Bronze Age where one loaf of b=
read and a one fish fed a whole town.) The point being that many of the pro=
blems around eating meat almost all went away, especially considering the f=
act that plants most certainly experience pain and distress. Harvesting *an=
y* organism for food causes it pain and distress. That fact doesn't=
nullify the seriousness of asking an animal to give up its life, but it pr=
ovides context.

There is no purely moral way to eat to survive=E2=80=A6 unless one survived=
off of slurries comprised of synthetically derived chemicals. Which some p=
eople did. They called themselves =E2=80=9CShakers,=E2=80=9D after their fo=
od of choice. In a way Lazarus admired their commitment to reducing death o=
f all kinds, but he felt they were denying themselves of their own existenc=
e. Part of being alive is consuming other organisms, to some degree or anot=
her, and grappling with accepting that way of things. To be human, in Lazar=
us' case, is to accept imperfection.

Still, the symbolism of eating meat was distasteful, a health concern, or a=
moral objection (Lazarus wondered why these people felt plants were suitab=
le to die. It smacked of specism. Phylumism? Kingdomism? Lazarus wasn=E2=80=
=99t a biologist.) Other just flat out don't like it. He wondered w=
hich category Saveron fell into?

Spears: Oh, that does sound pretty good.

Saveron: ?

Davis: ::listening, but still scanning the menu:: Oh, and they only use pla=
nt-based frying mediums. Perfect. Plant burger and fries for me.

Spears: ::Leaning back:: Well, this takes me back a bit. Music and then foo=
d at a place like this. We used to go to a place called Bassline after Orch=
estra practice, in Mariner City. They made an incredible soyshake.

Yito: Cool musicians, yeah. :: A smile :: They have soy and milk shakes on =
the menu if you fancy it.

As tempting as a sugarbomb sounded, Lazarus decided quietly that the burger=
and fries would be sufficient.

Saveron: Response

Spears: Oh yeah, we were so cool ::He rolled his eyes good-naturedly:: A bu=
nch of classical musicians carting around our instrument cases through the =
city's mass transit system. Bunch of rebels we were ::he laughed.::

Davis: ::joining in on the laugh:: It's the orchestral musicians yo=
u gotta watch out for.

Yito: So was this before or after you started racing Martian buggies?

This was no secret after his holodeck racing of Argos. Lazarus was curious,=

Saveron/Spears: Response

Yito: You had a very varied youth. :: To Ed ::

Davis: And here I thought you were going to say you were just a simple coun=
try doctor that got swept into Starfleet.

Saveron/Spears: Response

Yito: Did either of you play in bands in your youth? :: Directed at Saveron=
and Davies ::

Davis: Oh, yes. Quite a few. It was a lot of fun! I miss it sometimes...

Saveron/Spears: Response

The waiter returned padd in hand and stood expectantly.

Yito: One hot chilli burger with all the sides. And as we are on a shorele=
ave, a house beer.

Saveron/Spears: Response

Davis: I'll take the Plant Farm Burger with an egg, an order of fri=
es, and a cola.

The Plant Farm Burger was entirely plant-based, with simulacra of beef, bac=
on, and cheese. An explosion of umami, especially with the egg. (The egg wa=
s authentic. A plant-based over-easy egg was simply not a thing.) And the c=
ola! Ever since the American Corporate Food palate was overthrown centuries=
ago, people began to stop putting so much damned sugar into everything. Th=
e cola was still sweet, but one could actually taste the other flavors in i=
t. Ah, to live in the 24th century!

Yito: After many years of eating Hasparat I've developed a taste fo=
r spicy things.

Davis: Oh, where do you like to get yours? I love a hot hasperat!

Yito/Saveron/Spears: Response

Davis: Saveron, have you had that before? It seems so removed from typical =
Vulcan food sensibilities.

Yito/Spears/Saveron: ?

Davis: Interesting. I didn't know that.

Yito/Spears/Saveron: ?

Davis: It's true. My knowledge of Vulcan food is surprisingly limit=
ed despite knowing it would all sit well for me.

Yito/Spears/Saveron: ?

Davis: :: Laughing :: Maybe I should stick to science.

Yito/Spears/Saveron: ?

Lieutenant Junior Grade Lazarus Davis
Assistant Chief Science Officer
USS Constitution-B

=E2=80=9CI wanted to prove the sustaining power of music.=E2=80=9D =E2=80=
=93 David Bowie

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