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Lt Commander Foster - Chair Mobility

2020-05-14 05:37:37


(( Akeelah's Quarters ))

Physical therapy and yoga was a solid plan to get Akeelah D'Sena sl=
owly back into physical shape to walk again. Cade had a solid idea of=
how to do that. It wouldn't be the first patient he took thr=
ough physical therapy and he had to learn how to walk on a new leg before.=
That empathy helped him communicate strategies for her to overcome.

Strategies and tough love. He knew her limits, almost as well as she =
knew them. He would make sure she pushed her limits without hurting h=

Foster: You bet I'm doing this with you. Besides, at my age, =
any yoga is good yoga. These old joints prefer to stay working comfor=

Yoga would be the easy part. Cade felt Akeelah would not only find it=
valuable but she would also enjoy it. He enjoyed it =E2=80=93 it was=
relaxing and it felt good to get mobility and limberness in his body.=C2=
=A0 He felt she would quickly warm up to the exercises just based on how go=
od she would feel afterwards.

D'Sena: Good. I agree with your plan

Excellent on all accounts.

Foster: Good, then we can start tomorrow?

D'Sena: ::a simple nod:: Yes, tomorrow.

Perfect. He would have a reason to get up early, enjoy a morning cup =
of raktajino and get some movement in before breakfast.

(( Quarters D'Sena - Next morning ))

::Cade arrived perfectly on time. He was too old to be fashionably la=
te. He would argue he was too old to be fashionably anything. B=
ut his hair was combed, he was showered and he was in a perfectly respectab=
le black exercise set of flexible pants and a shirt. If he kept this =
sort of thing up people were going to think he was well and truly respectab=

He rang the chime and waited at the door until the signal was given.

D'Sena: Come in.

Foster: Good morning. ::He gave her one arched wave of a hand.::

D'Sena: A good morning to you too, Cade. I hope you are ready for ::beat:: =
what are we ready for?

He stepped in and got a quick look around, eyeing the equipment he was goin=
g to use immediately. Nice, stable hard backed chairs. Standard=
issue. Perfect.

Foster: This is day one, it's all about getting mobility back into =
your joints and seeing where we're at.

D'Sena: Ah yes. How are we doing to do this?

Foster: Well, we're going to start with a chair. But not the =
one you're in. Arms will not help us here. ::He fetched=
one of the armless hardbacked chairs and carried it close to her, setting =
it within easy reach before offering her an arm for support:: So take hold,=
we're doing a chair switch.

D'Sena: ?

He immediately put his hand on her back for a comforting stability in a ges=
ture that said he had helped move patients with mobility issues many times =
before. The move may have felt strenuous or awkward, but Cade did his=
job. Akeelah never felt like he gave her any room to fall.::

Foster: There we go. Now get your butt settled in that chair. :=
:he went to grab a second one.:: And take your shoes off if you=E2=80=
=99re wearing them. ::In truth he didn't check.:: Bare feet i=
s best for this if you can do it.

D'Sena: ?

Cade set the second chair in front of her and sat so they were facing one a=
nother at a comfortable distance.

Foster: Ok. Both feet on the ground. Butt on the chair. L=
ift your spine, lift your head, put your hands on your legs and breathe.=C2=
=A0 Deep breath in, deep breath out. I want you to feel stable.=

D'Sena: ?

Foster: That's not your back. ::he said with a knowing tone.:=
: That means your hips are weak. Don't worry, we'll w=
ork on that. Deep breath in and sit up straight like you're b=
eing pulled up by your head. Hold and then when you breathe out relax=
. Then in and straighten. Then out and relax.

He made her do it again. And again. Ten times in total.

D'Sena: ?

Foster: Alright, then I want you to lift one leg. As high as you can =
go. Don't strain, just lift. Don't feel bad no =
matter how high you go, just lift.

He wasn't sure how much control or strength she had, but he knew sh=
e had the chair for support.

D'Sena: ?

Foster: Now, can you point your toes? And then lift them?

D'Sena: ?


Lt Commander Cade Foster
Mission Specialist
USS Constitution-B

"Why do we fly? Because we have dreamt of it for so long that we must"

~Julian Beck

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