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2018-01-10 12:48:11

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** *((Flashback Stardate 239301.11))((Leran Manev State University, Trill homeworld))* * :: That was indeed the main concern for Christopher. He was not completely aware of what was happening with him, but he had some clues. His last physical clearly did not mention anything about a cardiac implant, but he had vivid memories of suffering a shuttle accident back on Earth and underwent a surgery to replace some damage organs, even his heart. He made a small research as well, on the public federation reports and the news of that period of time. He did not find one single reference to that accident. Those changes of reality were driving him crazy and he was very concerned about the safety of his crewmates. :: Lambert: You may be right, sir! ::pacing toward a spot of an intense beam of light:: But I am not sure if I can pay the cost of that. R=C2=B4Ven: I do not understand. What do you believe is the cost? Lambert: You see. For a scientist like myself, the most important is to understand the laws of Universe and put it into practice. ::pondering about the shuttle incident:: But on a starship, we constantly put our lives into extreme dangers. ::thinking about the last time he saw Teisha:: Besides, we keep the love ones away and in some cases suffering from our absence. R=C2=B4Ven: You have a desire for a mate or for female companionship? Lambert: oO A mate!! Oo ::his quizzical countenance quickly faded out to a more smooth one:: :: Before he could get too angry about that question he remembered that the sexual practices and drives are very diverse in Universe. That question just confirmed that R'Ven was not able to read his thought= s. He was relieved. :: Lambert: ::laughing:: Yeah! I like very much the female company, but=E2=80= =A6 ::pondering about all the problems he had had the last months:: Female companions along with the Starfleet career are giving me much more trouble than pleasure. :: It took a moment before Merrick could respond, and the answer came on a Vulcan style: a nod. :: R'Ven: Then it would seem that, as you have said, have a choice to = make. You will need to determine if both imperatives can be had simultaneously or sequentially. And if only the latter is possible, then which one is more important to you. Lambert: oO I can handle a woman, but I can not handle people dying due to these crazy changing of realities. Oo ::he turned his head up and absorbed the heat:: R'Ven: I am curious. I have been told that in the past you have had= a more. . intermittent polyamorous inclination when it came to mate selection. Do you have a particular female in mind for a more durable relationship? Lambert: ::smiling:: oO Well, we could be friends after all. Oo I was not aware that you find time to pay attention to gossip. ::laughing:: But this is a relative truth. I rather prefer to have only one wom= an at my heart. ::signing:: R'Ven: Then I wish you much success in your endeavors in this regar= d. ::pause:: This does appear to be a departure from what I have come to understand of you. Does this have anything to do with what happened on the shuttle? :: The Rodulan could not have his extrasensory senses anymore, but the logic of a good scientist was there, and he was coming closer. It was time for some diversion. =C2=A0:: Lambert: You must say that. I was directly hit during my last away missions. First on the Dyson sphere and before that on the Nebula. Those things make people think, isn=C2=B4t? R'Ven: That is true. Near-death-experiences can have that effect on= people. ((Tiruelle I Moon - Northern Hemisphere))((Crystal Fountain underground cavity)) :: As soon as the image faded away from Christopher's mind, it was= immediately replaced by the interior of the giant Crystal. It seemed that for some reason, that primeval atmosphere trapped there had prevented the crystal to grow inward and fill that small cavity. It was enough for standing tall but it was not larger than an intrepid class sickbay. :: :: The light that was emanating from the ground was not enough to illuminate the ceiling, and that created an interesting effect. It looked like Christopher was gazing at a night sky, with several different types of stars hanging there, shining, fluttering. It was magnificent. :: :: From a crystal structure just behind him, the physicist heard some steady steps. He quickly turned around to evaluate who was coming. His first thought was Ensign Knight but the humanoid silhouette was dressing in black and was taller. As he came closer he definitely could say that he was a Starfleet officer, using an Admiral Uniform that he was not very familiar with. :: Admiral: I'm glad that you did not leave Starfleet. :: Lambert: Who is over there? ::the voice sounded familiar:: :: The light was not enough to show the man's face completely but h= e most certainly was using a white beard. He seemed to be strong and almost the same height than Christopher. Interesting enough he seemed to have chosen a place where it would be near impossible to see clearly his features. The figure didn't want to be recognized. :: Admiral: I'm a friend. Lambert: How did you get here? ::trying to come closer:: :: That man or thing came from nowhere. He couldn't have been able to use transporter technology for the same reason that Christopher was not to. He was not there before because the science guy had scanned the area. But he could be a projection of some kind, let for the ones who build that cavity. :: Admiral: Please stop right there. ::steady voice:: I do not want you to see me yet. Just to know of my existence. Lambert: Why? ::stepping back and getting his tricorder:: Admiral: I want to validate your experience with this natural structure. ::pause to look at the tricorder:: I would recommend that you get pieces of this crystal as well. :: Christopher started the readings and quickly identified the humanoid as being almost 97% human. Some readings were inconclusive, however. Definitely, he was not a projection. However was that man, he possessed an advanced technology and he decided to follow his advice for awhile. Before he could finish the readings he lowered himself down and grabbed some of that crystal dust and broken chips. :: Lambert: You're not fully human, right? ::putting the samples in hi= s coat's pockets:: Admiral: I born on Earth. My parents were Humans. But some changes had to be made. Lambert: What changes? Admiral: I=C2=B4m not able to say at this time. ::pause to breathe deeply::= My presence here is just to assure you that you can artificially recreate the same natural configuration that you are experiencing here. ::waving his hands as if he was using a tricorder as well:: Take your readings, bear in mind that the geomagnetic congruence is important, and the chemical compounds of those crystals. Lambert: I'm registering everything right now. ::looking around and waving the tricorder:: :: Christopher got distracted for few seconds when he realized that some large drops of that crystal were lying ahead. When he turned his gaze to the strange silhouette it was not there anymore. Vanished into the air. :: Lambert: What the hell!!! ::looking around at every corner of that crystal cavity structure:: :: But as he gazed down he could see his own footprints mixed with others pointing to the opposite direction, at the exact place where that man was standing before. :: Lambert: Well. Well. I=C2=B4m not hallucinating this time. ::grinning:: TBC Lieutenant JG Christopher Lambert Science Officer | Physicist USS Atlantis --------------------------------------------------- =E2=80=9CWhen you have eliminated all that is impossible, whatever remains must be the truth, no matter how improbable.=E2=80=9D =E2=80=93 Sherlock Holmes --------------------------------------------------- D239306CL0 * -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "= UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Atlantis" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an e= mail to sb118-atlantis+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. 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