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Ensign Serala: I was just starting to warm up!

2018-01-10 18:37:12

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*((Azure Mountain - Base Camp))* :: Under the guidance of Ensign Raga, they set up the Base Camp as quickly as possible. The wind was particularly strong and abruptly changing directions which made difficult to find a suitable place. But once that problem was surpassed they went for a rest inside the tent. :: :: Raga had advised that it would be better to start the climbing in the morning. Serala was already freezing, but the heaters in the tent were helping. She used several meditation techniques to help her relax. She knew she was going to need her sleep for the climb to come. :: *oO* Sure, I'll go climbing in the ice and snow. No problem.* Oo* :: It seemed she had just fallen asleep when there arose such a clatter that she rose immediately just to see what's the matter. She was on her feet, albeit much slower than she might have been if it had been warmer, and saw Lambert making noise and waking people. :: *Lambert:* Get up ladies!!! I=C2=B4m not finding the lighter. *Raga:* Lieutenant. ::He whispered and gestured to the replicator he was using.:: *Dermont:* ::low growl.:: Dermont to Atlantis, please transport Lieutenant Lambert into orbit :: Serala's keen sense of hearing was able to clearly make that out, and she was tempted to agree with the sentiment. Still, she double checked to ensure that he hadn't actually ordered the science officer beamed into space.:: *Raga:* By the branch! Why would you even do that? Humans *Dermont:* Raga, tell me your pack has a magic coffee button... *Raga:* It's called a portable replicator. ::He gestured to the device in front of him as it materialized his breakfast before him.:: *Serala:* That smells good. Is this programmed for Romulan dishes? On second thought, ::turning to the device:: coffee, Columbian blend, extra strong, very hot; scrambled eggs and toast, both very hot. :: She smiled in pleasure as the requested items materialized in front of her. Without the benefit of gloves, she grabbed her items and moved to her bedroll.:: *Serala:* Mmm, this is hot...I mean... good. *Raga:* Everyone should eat up and do whatever you need to before we start climbing. I made a sluice trench fifty meters south of the tent in case anyone needs to take care of the necessities. There's heaters position around it and shelter for privacy. ::He said between bites.:: We head up in thirty. *oO* ::sarcastically:: Can't wait.* Oo* *Lambert:* I had already replicated some pasta. ::sitting near the others:: And I had already expelled the toxins from my body. *Serala:* Far more than I needed to know, Lieutenant. *Raga:* Good. Everyone needs to make sure they have a good meal. But not too much. We're going to be doing some difficult climbing. :: There was a brief pause as Raga seemed to consider something.:: Well, for you all. *oO* Why us? Just because it's freezing doesn't mean I've lost my strength.= * Oo* ::The Ensign coughed and struggled a bit as he set his empty plate down and reached into a side pouch for the small metallic kit that held his medication. He rise to his feet and rushed out of the tent. As Raga came back into the tent, Lambert asked him another question.:: *Lambert:* Do you have an estimate of how long will the climbing? *Raga:* Over all? I have us planned for a thirty six hour climb. That should put us at, or close to the peak with more than enough time to enjoy the festival before our next duty shifts start. *oO* Thirty six hours? The Elements must have it out for me. Or to use a human phrase: Hell has frozen over. Literally.* Oo* *Serala:* Can't wait. ::a little too cheerfully.:: *Dermont:* Oh aye, thirty-six hours of the finest company *Lambert:* ::taking his PADD:: I saw three possible routes. The most difficult would be facing this large wall of ice and rock on the east side. ::showing the location:: The second one will force us to deal with this cliff but after that, it is a simple climbing I guess. *Serala:* Why not just climb the ice wall? *Raga:* ::He shook his head slightly.:: We're avoiding the ice wall. Even veteran climbers have to be careful with those. The slightest impact that's too hard and the whole thing can come down, rendering pitons and ropes useless. We're going to start with the second route and then, shift a half kilometer to the west after that. Not quite as easy an ascent as what you're showing, but safer. I did a geological scan from the ship before we left. Directly above the cliff is lighter, looser rock. It'll be too dangerous with this group. *Lambert:* The easiest of them all if for this way. ::zoom in the area:: We could use this cave to speed the walk and after that, we will be just two kilometers up to the peak. ::paused to look to Raga:: Well, this is my humble evaluation based on the physics. *Serala:* The caves might be warmer and would get us out of the wind for a while. *Raga:* We'd miss out on all the fun of climbing over half of the peak. ::He said with almost an incredulous tone.:: The secondary route should suffice. Sir. :: That last was clearly meant for Lieutenant Lambert as he was the ranking officer present.:: *Serala:* By all means. The Elements forbid that we should miss all that glorious climb! *oO* Yes, I volunteered to go to hell.* Oo* *Dermont:* ::He set his plate back in the replicator and began to clean up his bedding.:: If we're doin' this, let's get to it! *Lambert:* That's the spirit, Valin. ::he stood up and went to do the same:= : *((Timeskip))* ::With their morning break concluded Raga made sure everyone was properly geared up before leading them all out into the frigid windy mountains before them. They were all tethered to him via a more than lengthy span of nano-fiber rope, rated to carry four metric tonnes. More than enough to handle the four of them and Dermont's stomach.:: ::Toryn started slow, at the base of the mountain a hundred meters from base camp. He made sure they watched him choose the best hand holds before ascending. Ice axes hung from his wrists as he climbed, it was quite effortless for him but he made sure to keep his pace steady for the others. After a hundred meters he injected a piton into the rock wall and secured the rope to it. They had four thousand feet to climb in a day and half and Serala couldn't have been more miserable. But, she was spending time with people and hopeful that this would be the beginning of several friendships.:: *Serala:* Well, Lieutenant, I can't thank you enough for inviting me on this little excursion. When does the hard part begin? *Lambert:* Well. ::between regular paced breaths:: My pointed-ears friend. We are just beginning but I'm sure we will have plenty of opportun= ities ahead to indulge yourself *Serala:* Indulge myself? In case you haven't figured it out, sir, I'm not very fond of the cold. It's my Romulan physiology mixed with an upbringing in one of Earth's largest tropical rainforests. The cold doesn't set well. *oO* At least I can breath the thinner air better than him.* Oo* *Lambert:* Ohh! I didn't figure it out. ::looking around and smiling to himself:: Let's hope next shoreleave would be in the warmest place. ::laughing and losing the breath:: Excuse-me but this is had enoug= h for me. ::staring at Dermont:: How are you doing, Ensign? *Dermont:* response. *Lambert:* Are you already hungry? ::grinning:: *Dermont:* response. *Lambert:* ::coughing:: Lambert to Atlantis, please transport all our food to the top of Azure Peak, please. *Dermont:* response. *Lambert:* Oops!! Not hit the combadge either! ::smiling:: :: Serala had noticed some of the glares Dermont had given her but had not given it much thought. There were still plenty of people in the Federation who harbored resentments toward her people. She had learned that at a very young age. But she had noticed that the older man seemed... grumpy most of the time. Surprisingly, she could identify with that. She had to work very hard to not let her natural cynicism get the best of her... and her temper. So, despite his glares, Serala suddenly found herself starting to like the engineering officer. Still, she couldn't help but smirk at the turn of tables Dermont was now subject to.:: *oO* He had that coming, though.* Oo* *Raga:* Response *((Timeskip to another day))* :: Christopher was particular exhausted. Despite the low gravity and the help of Ensigns Raga and Serala in carrying the heaviest equipment, he was feeling the lack of proper atmosphere. The winds are stronger and constantly irritating his eyes and nose. For some reason, he felt dehydrated and are having to stop several times to drink water. :: *Lambert:* People! ::he nodded to Serala:: Break, please. ::he said almost without air:: *oO* Break? Hell, the exercise was helping me warm up and he wants to take a break?* Oo* :: Although she would never admit it, especially to herself, she was enjoying herself despite the cold. The exertion allowed her to fully utilize her natural strength and ability to breath in a thinner atmosphere, and was exercising parts of her body that even her rigorous martial arts training wasn't able to exercise.:: *Dermont:* Response *Lambert:* Here!! ::offering his bottle of water:: *Serala:* Water is probably a good idea, although we're surrounded by tons of it. *Raga:* Response *Lambert:* I'm very tired right now. A small headache is starting. *Serala:* That is most likely due to the thinner air up here, Lieutenant. You need to be careful and monitor it. I don't want have to call for an emergency transport for you. *oO* Just myself... for frostbite.* Oo* *Serala:* However, the sooner we get to the top, the sooner can go back down. Come on, we are almost there. *Dermont/Raga:* Responses Ensign Serala, Security Officer USS Atlantis NCC-76482 A239412S10 -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "= UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Atlantis" group. 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