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2018-01-10 18:44:52

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** *((Tiruelle I Moon - Northern Hemisphere))((Administration center))* * :: The drone was already hovering by his side when the Administrator Soba arrived. Teisha was already there for seven minutes waiting for him to finish some important meeting. From what she could read on his mind an important Caraadian Captain was stationed on the Moon. Captain Drintane or something. She would check later. :: :: She stood up and both shook hands:: Frakes: Greetings Administrator. ::putting her best smile:: In the name of Federation News Network I thank you for the invitation ::pausin= g while both were sitting:: and for the lift to your moon, of cours= e. Admin Soba: Ah, it is good to meet you miss Frakes. You're quite welcome and I would like to thank you for graciously accepting my offer. ::He settled into his chair.:: Frakes: I understand that you're busy with the Festival. ::tapping = some commands on the PADD on his wrist:: I=C2=B4m activating this device. ::pointing to the hover drone over her shoulder:: =C2=A0It will record our= interview. Is that alright with yours? Admin Soba: ::He glanced towards the drone, smiled and gave her a nod.:: Of course. Proceed at your leisure. :: That statement was just a protocol. She had to make clear what device he was using to record the interview. Those were the official rules to follow on journalism. What did not imply that she could not use other means, but that one would be the official? :: Frakes: So let's begin. ::she raised his right hand and show a countdown with his fingers:: One two three recording=E2=80= =A6 ::she made a pause to ease the editing process later:: My name is Teisha Frakes and I'm at Tiruelle I Moon in Larokon Province for the Annual Winter Festival. With me the Administrator Soba. ::the Drone cut to show the authority:: Admin Soba: It's a pleasure to greet you all. Frakes: Could you please tell us what's new for this year event? Admin Soba: Certainly! Now, I do not know how much you know of our beloved celebration, but one of the hallmarks is the vast ice palaces that we build each year. Each one is commissioned by a different artist from across all of the great Noble Houses. Hundreds to be precise that are selected by a special committee and by various nobles across Caraadian sovereign space. Those who win, are given their own architectural teams and engineers to build the lavish structures. ::He gave a brief pause and gestured out the window behind him.:: They are all vibrantly illuminated to the artist's specifications as you can see a few of the largest behind me. This year we have three thousand palaces across Tiruelle. ::There was no end to the pride the Caraadian administrator had for the festival that was arguably the most important for morale across their empire.:: Admin Soba: This year is also special as it is the first time since the inception of our Winter's Feast that we've allowed non-Caraadians to partake in the festivities. We extended an offer to you Starfleet to permit one of their starships to enjoy shore leave with us. As a way to hopefully broker a deeper understanding between our two peoples. :: So the rumors were true. For a moment she let her instincts of reporter to speak louder at her mind and she was already preparing a course of questions to confront the Administrator about the power outage. But, at a second thought, she realized that course of action could jeopardize a series of interviews she was planning to make. :: Frakes: Excuse-me for my lack of diplomacy but this could be seen as Starfleet taking a side. ::pause to allow some post-production:: What are your thoughts about that? Admin Soba: response ((A few minutes later)) :: The interview had already finished but Teisha was using that moment to get access to the maximum amount of information that she could. While they were talking the Administrator received a information that would allow Teisha to once again meet the officers of Andaris Task Force. :: Admin Soba: response Frakes: Oh. How interesting? ::checking her wrist PADD:: Palace Jet'ral. So I should meet you there then, Administrator. Admin Soba: response Frakes: oO An awards ceremony is always a great event for Starfleet Officers' morale. Oo Once again thank you very much. ::leaning a li= ttle forward:: Admin Soba: response Frakes: I will rest there then. ::turned around and walked away:: ((At night few minutes before the colony's power been restored))((V= IP Quarters - Administration Center)) :: The night had just arrived and Teisha was warned that the power was about to return soon. They seemed to have been working on the problem together with the Starfleet vessel and news were that everything was already fixed. Rumors already said that this was a Valcarian saboteur=E2=80= =99s work and he was already wandering around. :: :: At that moment there was nothing she could do and she decided to rest a little before going out for some investigations. But before he could get some sleep his personal computer chirped revealing an encrypted message had arrived through the secure channel. It most certainly would be her most precious informat on Intelligence HQs. She addressed him by the codename - MONSIGNOR. :: :: As she tapped the commands the message revealed itself as a phrase of mere four enigmatic words. :: Teisha: ::she read out loud:: Topsy-Looking-Glass-Turvy :: After have said those words the betazoid frozen and she stayed like that for quite some time. When he returned she had a devilish smile and eyes thirsty for killing. Even her way of speaking subtly changed for someone more rational than emotional. Someone used to death. :: Teisha: Monsignor! Long time since your last call! Monsignor: Agent Frakes! ::serious tone:: Report your condition! Teisha: Well! I am striving for surviving in this forgotten universe of yours. ::irritating tone:: Someday you will wake up with my knife at your throat, Monsignor. Monsignor: Don=C2=B4t treat me, agent or you never will return. Teisha: Let's see how long you will be able to keep this leash on my neck. Monsignor: Enough. ::screaming:: We have an urgent mission for you. Teisha: Ask your blacks horses to deliver ::smiling:: . w= ait... let me guess they're keep been killed, right? Monsignor: I said enough! ::he hit some button on his console and a brainwashed mechanism was activated:: Are you going to comply my orders? :: Teisha raised her left hand and landed it on the base of his skull. The pain was so intense that she almost fainted. :: Teisha: I am. ::he hurried to answer:: Stop that. Monsignor: ::turning off the device:: I need you to trim some edges. Sending you the targets right now. There will be a meeting with a Valcarian asset at the Flea Market at 2100 hours. Be there! Monsignor out! ((Somewhere near the Flea Market - High ground)) :: She was following the three fugitive prisoners and waiting for orders for quite some time now. The agent had put a tracker on them the moment they reached on the market, and from that moment she had been spying on everything they say and do. :: Frakes: Squid is down! I repeat. Squid is down! ::without taking his eyes from the rifle scope:: Permission to engage Octopus? Monsignor: Wait until the contact with the fisherman. Frakes: Understood. TBC PNPC Teisha FrakesFN= N Investigative Reporter& Undercover Assassin Deep Space 26 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~as played byLieutenant JG Christopher LambertSc= ience Officer | PhysicistUSS AtlantisD239306CL0 * -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "= UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Atlantis" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an e= mail to sb118-atlantis+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. Visit this group at https://groups.google.com/group/sb118-atlantis. For more options, visit https://groups.google.com/d/optout.