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Ensign Valin Dermont - Home Makeover, Starfleet Edition

2018-01-10 22:53:18

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((Engineering, Deck 11, USS Atlantis)) ::Dermont leaned against the railing around the warp core, his arms crossed over his chest, his face clearly neutral. He wasn't going to start scowling with the captain about to address the engineering staff. He was however, quite aware that he was still the only gold uniform with a pip in the room. It was a depressing thought, but he banished it with sheer willpower. Yelchin stood nervously to his left, an anxious grin plastered on his face. Other than an occasional few words for the running of the ship, he and the captain hadn't really spoken since the welcome aboard dinner. Luckily the Captain was a competent man, and enjoyed working under his command. Other than the whole sending him on an away mission fiasco, Dermont's time had been productive and rewarding. He knew the Bolian captain had once been an engineer, so that meant he had earned his command through hard work, busting his ass. The old ensign respected that, and had a great opinion of Bolian work ethics in general. They liked to work and so did Dermont. It didn't bother him a bit to be called back from leave for a special project. He had just about fully recovered from his mountain climbing "adventure" and could even start to feel his toes again.:: *Brell*: Good day, everyone and thank you for managing to get back aboard so promptly. I am pleased to report repairs on the local power grid were 100% successful and the Caraadian's wanted me to convey their utmos= t thanks to you for assisting them. ::Dermont nodded at the compliment. Engineering was currently crowded with just about every single engineer the ship had. There were still a couple overseeing final diagnostics of the Caraadian power facilty, and a few were feeling under the weather, but the rest were all here, curious as to what the captain had to share. The ensign came off the rail and stood straight, looking around him.:: *Dermont*: Aye, lads. You all busted tail. Well done. *Por'kus*: response *Brell*: I have called you all here today to announce an exciting project. ::He tapped on one of the side consoles and brought up an internal layout of deck thirteen as it was now. Then he tapped the refitted deck layout he had proposed to starfleet. Not much changed but each of the six science labs were obviously different on the refit schematic. Dermont joined the others in approaching so they could all get a better look of the new layout.:: Brell: We are refitting deck thirteen! *Dermont*: Big refit, sir. Some really wall-bustin'! *Por'kus*: response *Brell*: The Marine Briefing room, replaces lab 16. Marines training area replaces labs 17, and 18 and the special storage area beside them. This will be the area that will require the most work as the marines training area will consist of a dedicated gym and holo grid. *Dermont*: Are we installin' a fully interactive suite? Brell: The same kind of smaller hologrid as the security training one on deck four. *Dermont*: ::nodding:: Ah, ten four, sir. Tad bit easier, then. *Brell*: Labs 14, and 15, are to be replaced by the Chief Marine officer=E2= =80=99s office, and Marine armory/equipment lockers. As emergency transporter room 2 is next to these spaces I'd like to give Atlantis Marines quick deployment and rescue capabilities. The transporter room will connect directly to the space and afterwards it will be redubbed the Marine Transporter Room. ::The screen now showed the components that would need to be replicated and what they already had on hand, along with the side by side layout. Gutting the science labs would not be too difficult and the power requirements of the the hologrid would be offset by overall reduced needs of the deck as a whole. Dermont started mentally calculating all of the steps required in bringing these refits to pass. If would be a chore to begin with, as the area was not meant for such an overhaul and was in no way ready. It didn't have the access for the conduits or anything yet. The while power output wasn't an issue, getting the power to where it was needed would be challenging. He couldn't wait!:: *Brell*: Lastly Lab thirteen; will be refitted into a proper Intelligence suite. Here we adding secure communications and classified access workstations. The office will be left in for Lieutenant Danara to occupy but will also need secure workstation access. oO(Oh yes, but can it lock from the outside?)Oo ::Stowing his personal feelings for the moment, Dermont nodded at the Captain again. This was exactly the kind of diversion he needed right now. He ran a hand though his hair, pulling in back from his face. He gave a bearded grin.:: *Dermont*: This is it, Capt'n? Was hoping fer a bit of a challenge! *Por'kus*: response *Dermont*: ::He clapped his hands to get everyone's attention.:: Alright now! As soon as we're done here, if yer a team leader, I expect to see you in Holodeck one! We've got it fer the next several hours and we're gonna go over these plans up one side and down the other! Sleep when yer dead, I'll have a pot o' Joe waitin' for all of us. Captain, are you expecting to have this finished before leave is over? *Brell*: response. oO(Lotta work to do...)Oo *Dermont*: ::nodding again.:: Can do, sir! In that case, permission to speak freely, sir? *Brell*: response *Dermont*: ::he grinned to the Bolian captain:: If you've not forgotten how then, sir...might I invite you down to Holodeck one to roll up yer sleeves and get ready ta get dirty with the rest of the wrench jockeys? *Brell*: response =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D Ensign Valin Dermont Engineering USS Atlantis A239410VD0 -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "= UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Atlantis" group. 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