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2018-01-11 13:35:03

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** *((Tiruelle I Moon - Northern Hemisphere))((Flea Market))* * :: That market received hundreds of people every day, from all around the colony and the crew of starships and freighters. The place got famous because you could buy almost everything you wanted to with a low budget. It was a nice place for souvenirs as well. So, it was a kind of free zone, with almost no surveillance. Perfect for sneaking things in and out of the moon, black market stuff, drugs, and hire people. :: :: However, as soon as the three former inmates reached the Tea Hut, the place where they intended to book a ticket for freedom, Andros was hit by something and collapsed to the ground. A dry blow was all they could hear being so close. As the crowd nearby started to panic Wenn leaned down to discovered what had just happened. :: Hiss: Andros! What happened? Did you stumble on something? Are you hurt? ::he grabbed the man into his arms and turned his face up:: :: Soon they discovered that he was killed and his face had been disfigured. :: Hiss: Dammit! Someone killed him and know that we are together. We are &*#@$%! Romanos: Did you see something? ::lowering down to join Wenn:: Where this come from? Hiss: I don=C2=B4t know. ::feeling a tremendous amount of fear:: Run!!! :: And both former prisoners mingled with the crowd trying to save their lives. Things just got a little more complicated. :: ((A few minutes later))((Outskirts of Flea Market)) :: They had made. They were almost out of range for any sniper that wanted to reach them. Resting against a wall, protected by the darkness they were trying to catch their breaths. :: Romanos: Who do you believe is targeting us? Hiss: It could be anyone. ::breathing in:: Valcarians, Caraadians, that new Rebellion or Resistance anyone. Romanos: That doesn't :: The Ba'ku heard another dry blow and as he turned to look for hi= s friend he was already collapsed to the ground, face disfigured, without life. He instinctively knew that his life was about to end and his last thoughts went after his people. His mother and the immense amount of advice that she gave trying to stop him from leaving Ba'ku. He regr= etted did not have listened to her. :: :: He closed his eyes and soon after that the death sound came for him. Almost instantly he realized that he was now lying in a metallic and cold bed, attached to several types of equipment. The room was dark, green lights everywhere and several humanoids talking in Valcarian language were around him. :: Hiss: oO This is a Valcarian Hell Oo Valcarian: He is conscious! ::snapping his fingers:: It's time. Hiss: oO This is not happening again! Oo :: Suddenly he realized that he was back to the interrogation room, but something was oddly different. He got scared and could not believe what he was watching. He panicked, but there is no feeling of a heart pounding. In from of him, his body being manipulated with drugs and synapse-stimulator electrodes. :: Hiss: oO What am I doing to myself? Oo ((Quarters - Deck 07 - USS Atlantis)) :: Wenn had woke up earlier that day. His strength was renewed and his purpose as well. After two days of the incident that killed all your comrades, he had decided to enlisted once again to Starfleet. It was the safest place for him at that moment. At least, he would be allowed to continue to learn about Federation and its complex combination of different races. His knowledge would continue to expand. :: :: But something had changed inside him. His curiosity for Valcarians had suffered a major shift. For some unknown reason, he desired to know them better, to know their motives. As some counselors explained to him that was a normal reaction. After a major trauma, as those he had experienced at the Valcarians' hands, it was common to develop some= attachments for their captures, even some devotion, and love. :: :: He put his new first-class-crewman uniform and headed out. Destination - Captain's ready room. :: ((Captain's Ready Room - Deck 01)) :: Captain Brell was already waiting for him and as soon as he arrived on the Bridge he went to his appointment. :: Hiss: Excuse-me, Captain. ::smiling:: Brell: Response Hiss: Yes, sir. ::taking a seat:: I desire and I=C2=B4m ready for it now. Brell: Response Hiss: Yes, sir. This is accurate. I served as acting yeoman to Commander Armstrong Virgil on DS26 before the Starfleet's strategic withdrawa= l at stardate 239207. Brell: Response TBC PNPC Wenn HissCivilian= Accountant Deep Space 26 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~as played byLieutenant JG Christopher LambertSc= ience Officer | PhysicistUSS Atlantis*D239306CL0* * -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "= UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Atlantis" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an e= mail to sb118-atlantis+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. Visit this group at https://groups.google.com/group/sb118-atlantis. For more options, visit https://groups.google.com/d/optout.