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1st Lieutenant Kurt Logan - (Backsim) No lawyer but an eye for detail

2018-01-12 22:20:55

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((Beta Quadrant, Par'tha Expanse, House Larokon, Tigells system, Moon Tirue= lle, USS Atlantis, Deck 6, Chief Operations Officers Office)) ::Kurt had come to see the ships Second Officer not for that reason but for= his other title, Chief Operations Officer:: Logan: You've no doubt read the reports and the analysis of our Computer sy= stems. Since we've been here they've been bypassed and hacked through on mu= ltiple occasions. Fiorr: I have indeed. ::It was a common tactic to attacks the computer systems of your opponent, = but it did seam that they had had more than there fair share of successful = invasions against them recently:: Fiorr: Unfortunately there are always outsiders looking for a way in. Logan: There is one thing that I don't know if anyone has thought about or = has come up in any investigation. The Consortium has moved into the Expanse= and one of their top personnel is a man by the name of Dominic Grey and an= ex Starfleet Officer. And I'm wondering if they've sold some of their know= ledge to other parties Fiorr: Knowledge that could allow factions to enter our systems you mean? I= was not aware of this Logan: Well Sir. I understand that you are without question a Computer exp= ert and before you came to Fleet you dabbled as an investigator Fiorr: I dabbled? oO what is this man talking about? Oo Logan: Forgive me Sir but your family business is almost an institution on = Betazed and being the eldest son, a Bajoran I know who knows a Vulcan who k= nows a Talaxian who knows a Tellerite or did he know the Bajoran ? ::A brie= f pause followed:: Anyway that's not important but your name does kind of s= tand out. I thought that with your mix of skills you could look at it from = a different angle and see what could have been missed ::Kurt didn't know the full story or indeed much of any of the story other = than what a contact had told him, it truth it was the bare bones of it. To = be perfectly accurate though it was a drunk contact but regardless of that = and the countless stories of fairies who lived in the suns and knitted the = planets, something's he said were useful. The Commanders personnel file kno= w doubt held a more complete version of it but of that he didn't have acces= s:: Fiorr: My family history is indeed common knowledge. Few know the details, = however I don't know who your sources are but I was never = an investigator. Not in the classical way anyway. I do have friends in plac= es with uhmspecial tools so to speak. Foirr: Tell me lieutenant Am I in need of a lawyer or did= you come here for another reason? Logan:: Kurt couldn't help but laugh:: No Sir, there'd come for me long bef= ore they would come for you ::Especially given my record for demotions:: Fiorr: That is good to know. Even so you can ask what you must. Logan: I wondered if you would have a look into the Computer systems with y= our hacking and investigation heads on to see what you could find Fiorr: I can see where this is going, but keep in mind Starfleet has rules = of its own. We cannot close every backdoor in our systems. Some of them ar= e there for a reason. Logan: I understand sir, and I'm in no way saying anything against the Comp= uter department on board. But they've all been trained the same way by the = same people, and haven't 'worked' anywhere else. Fiorr: Response Logan: You have that elsewhere sir, there may not be anything to find ::Shr= ugging:: but then again there might be something ::And one something beats a star load of not looked:: Fiorr: Response Logan: I understand sir 1st Lieutenant Kurt Logan Marine Officer USS Atlantis, NCC-74682 E239203KL0 Sent from my iPhone -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "= UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Atlantis" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an e= mail to sb118-atlantis+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. Visit this group at https://groups.google.com/group/sb118-atlantis. For more options, visit https://groups.google.com/d/optout.