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2018-01-13 15:02:22

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* ((Tiruelle I Moon - Northern Hemisphere))((Azure Mountain Peak)) :: Christopher was particularly exhausted, despite the low gravity and the help of Ensigns Raga and Serala in carrying the heaviest equipment. He was feeling the lack of proper atmosphere. The winds are stronger and constantly irritating his eyes and nose. For some reason, he felt dehydrated and are having to stop several times to drink water. :: Lambert: People! ::he nodded to Serala:: Break, please. ::he said almost without air:: :: As the whole team stopped, Christopher felt to the icy floor and took out his bag. It was hard to breathe, his nose seemed to have frozen and he was thirsty as hell. :: Dermont: Bah, science officers! =C2=A0Soft hands cramp up when they get dirty...::limping with every step, struggling to not fall::...come on now, sir. =C2=A0I can carry you if ya need me to. =C2=A0::coughing fit.:: :: His mind laughed but his body didn=C2=B4t. Christopher definitely liked= the guy and he reminded him a lot of his father, minus the strange and funny way of talking. He truly wished that they could become friends. It is wise to have an old man around to avoid breaking things. :: Lambert: Here!! ::offering his bottle of water:: Serala: Water is probably a good idea, although we're surrounded by tons of it. Raga: True, but it's best not to resort to eating the snow and ice unless as a last resort. It can be tainted with various sedimentary and environmental compounds. ::He said, breathing a bit harshly.:: Let's rest here for a moment, this ledge has enough room for the three of you. :: The Al-Leyan was a meter or so above the ledge, his knees wedged between the rocks and in perfect control of things. He seemed not to be tired but Christopher could see him using some hypospray. :: Lambert: oO Oh! He is using a magical compound there! Oo Dermont: =C2=A0Oh yes, ensign...lots of water all over. =C2=A0Ya can go rig= ht ahead and lick the wall if ya'd be so inclined. :: The science officer wished from his heart to laugh but he was not able to. He was very exhausted. In a better situation, he would be able to understand the reason behind his thirst and headache, but his brain was not functioning properly. Anyway, it was being a good experience. He was knowing his limits and that was good. :: Lambert: I'm very tired right now. A small headache is starting. Serala: That is most likely due to the thinner air up here, Lieutenant. You need to be careful and monitor it. I don't want have to call for an emergency transport for you. Lambert: oO I guess you're right! Just have to keep my breath stead= y and move slowly as possible. Oo Serala: However, the sooner we get to the top, the sooner can go back down. Come on, we are almost there. Dermont: ::To Raga:: =C2=A0Alright, lad, not that I'm complainin', but how= accurate is her statement? =C2=A0We almost there? Raga: =C2=A0::Looking back down at him from over his shoulder, hanging from= his perch above.:: Quite actually. As I said Valin. We made good time. ::He gestured with an outstretched hand, finger pointing directly at them. There was little left of the mountain to tame, only 900 feet stood between them and their ultimate goal.:: Raga: Little under two hundred and seventy five meters to go. Let's take a fifteen and then start up again. We don't want to rest too long or it'll be harder to climb the last bit. We can rest as much as we want when we reach the peak. ::He smiled.:: :: Christopher just needed to rest a little and breathe properly. The peak was just few hundred of meters ahead and he will not give up so close. At least not before Dermont. :: ((An hour later)) :: That had been one of the most challenging physical tasks that Christopher ha endured in his lifetime. The thin atmosphere and low gravity got him low guard and he was almost defeated. With the help of the half-Romulan Ensign, who supported him almost the entire last meters they were about to arrive. :: :: Resting a little before the last leg of the journey he could see Ensign Raga doing something ahead of them. He seemed to have disconnected himself from the three below and preparing himself for something. :: Raga: Almost there! Everyone keep climbing straight up! :: And then the most amazing thing happened. It was the time for their guide's show. Raga made some kind of animal jump, something that remembered him about the Parkour child plays he did with his brothers. :: Lambert: WOW! ::smiling as a baby:: oO Now I understand what my students feel when I explained the quantum discrimination of a complex-scalar membrane quaternion. Oo :: And it was not enough. After that he made the jump, apparently using just his arms, that literally put him almost on the peak. He seemed to be at the top of his physical condition as well and making the most of the low gravity factor. :: Lambert: That is awesome! ::looking to the others: Are you all seeing that? Oo Dermont/Serala: responses Lambert: Come on guys, let's finish this! ::he suddenly forgot this tiredness:: :: With the help of Serala, he resumed the climbing determined to reach out Raga with his comrades. :: Raga: You all are going to love this view. Dermont/Serala: responses ((A few minutes later)) :: That vision was really astonished and definitely paid for all the effort off climbing there. With stars above and below, it was an unforgettable scene. The multitude of colors created a kind of a gigantic natural painting and a little off the center it was Atlantis. :: Lambert: We must make a holoimage folks. ::trying to stand up but his knees were aching:: I guess someone brought a holocam, right? Raga/Dermont/Serala: responses :: A hover-type vehicle was approaching very fast. From distance and with so much snow was near impossible to know who it was. :: Lambert: Are you expecting some company? Raga/Dermont/Serala: responses TBC Lieutenant JG Christopher Lambert Science Officer | Physicist USS Atlantis --------------------------------------------------- =E2=80=9CWhen you have eliminated all that is impossible, whatever remains must be the truth, no matter how improbable.=E2=80=9D =E2=80=93 Sherlock Holmes --------------------------------------------------- D239306CL0 * -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "= UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Atlantis" group. 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