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Ensign Kiliak - Recap Day Two

2018-11-05 13:05:22

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((ooc: Morning of shore leave, Day Two)) ((Kiliak's Quarters, Atlantis)) Kiliak: Personal Log supplemental, private. When I got back in last night, I was too exhausted to compose a proper log entry, I am pretty sure I would have fallen asleep in the middle of it... again. I may have had more than a couple microshots of Romulan Ale as well, I can neither confirm nor deny this... because I can't really remember the end of the night. But there is too much from yesterday worth noting to skip the log for it entirely. I'll try to get down what I can before I return to Engineering and get back to work with Dermont. Yeah. Chief Dermont. What can I say? He's a piece of work. I can't really get a good read on him as of yet, to be honest. At first, I totally wrote him off as another entitled human jerk believing himself to be the end-all-be-all engineering maestro who doesn't need anyone besides his tools. But then I see these little flashes in his face sometimes, little reveals, and Tarva and the rest of his crew in engineering speak about him with great respect. For the most part anyway. I'm doing my best to reserve judgement for now. I will say, however, in terms of professional and technical capability, he knows his trade well. I came across a double coupler relay done in an inverse exponential sequence yesterday and before I even asked someone, I knew it had to be his work. There's a trademark quality to his style, taking the pieces before him and building something more than the sum of their parts, something unexpected. There is a lot I can learn from him, regardless of his personality. Luckily for our team, due to a... fortunate circumstance, Perkins' staff was temporarily delayed which meant the engineers were able to attend the crew party last night. I ended up spending most of the event getting to know our captain and his co-husband Hars. Captain Brell seems almost the spitting image of the opposite of Chief Dermont - warm, friendly, and seemingly always ready to laugh. It's strange to me, because I understand the two of them, Brell and Dermont, are actually good friends. I wonder about that, and I also wonder how Brell might handle a true crisis on board. Sometimes when I see a softer personality like that, they end up unable to direct personell as needed in an emergency. But sometimes they can handle this duality of command, only stronger for it. As all our safety rests on his shoulders, I have to hope that Brell is the latter type, and I trust in Starfleet that his position was well-earned. And from what I saw during the end of the Korri rescue mission, he handled the situation quite well. The Korri mission! I can't hardly believe it, but I somehow earned the Captain's Commendation from my involvement on the bridge in resequencing the transporters. Certainly that will look good on my record - receiving my first commendation minutes after stepping aboard. Somehow I think it was pressure of the moment that deserves the credit, not me. I don't even know know what I said when I accepted the award, I'm sure I mumbled some kind of vague gratitude. I hope I didn't sound drunk. There were a lot of awards and promotions passed out - I was especially pleased to see the helm officer Maeli receive her first promotion. I had breakfast with her yesterday, well I tried to, anyways, before we were interrupted. She seems genuinely nice. Terrific voice, too. That Knight fellow, however, I don't know. He also seems nice, but it's different. Nice with an agenda. I can't help but not trust him. The rest of the many awards mostly went out to strangers, my hands were sore from applauding by the end. Dermont got something for being a great Chief, could be genuine, could just be politics, I'm not sure. We will also have a new second officer aboard, Mr. Raga, who I haven't had the chance to meet yet. I like his bird, though. Then there's Jhotta, the new science officer who also just stepped on. He made a couple of offhand comments during dinner... that I didn't receive too well. I decided to get back at him on the dance floor by first ordering us a couple Romulan Ales and then by teaching him the infamous Backward Highlands Two-Step that I learned on Campor III. So seemingly simple, yet it takes years to master. I almost died laughing when he crashed into the buffet table during the half-pirouette, nearly sending a lieutenant to sickbay. I suppose we are even now. I should also mention that.... oh, wait. Computer, display current time. Already?! Twenty minutes before my shift. By Dermont's standards, that means I'm almost late! I should go. Computer, replicate a Deka Tea, hot, and two warm randomized Andorian spice pastries. I'll have to eat them on the way. Oh right. And end log. 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