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Lieutenant Valin Dermont - More Bloody Awards

2018-11-06 04:54:00

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*((Poseidon's Lounge, Deck 2, USS Atlantis))* *((OOC: Day 1 of leave evening hours.))* ::Dermont and Toryn's conversation had continued on, moving back into lighter subjects, allowing the two some needed time to just catch up and be friends. Eventually, enough time had past that the Captain had decided the time had come for loud noises and he beat his fork upon his glass. The voices through the Lounge settled down and the Captain and First Office stood up before everyone.:: Brell: Thank you all for being here tonight. Sometimes it seems like just yesterday that I took this assignment. Others it is hard to imagine that I have served with you all for only a year. In our first year as crew together we have forged a lasting impression on the peoples of the Par=E2= =80=99tha Expanse. Attempting to end disputes, coming to aid others when called, and studying planets no Starfleet officer has set foot on before. This ship has a noble history and this crew is adding to its grandness. I thank you all for being the best group of officers a commanding officer could hope for. Give yourselves a round of applause. Raga: And the best Captain in the fleet! :: A short but intense applause followed and then the gloating CO resumed. :: Brell: Our last mission was one of fraught danger where we put ourselves in harms way to saves the lives of a Freeworlds member. Williams: As you know by now our job isn't always easy. And while w= e do what must be done sometimes we do more. It are these actions that deserve special recognition and therefore we are pleased to take a moment to thank some of you for doing more than just their duty. Brell: To LtCmdr Williams, Dr. Cattan, Lieutenants Serala, Raga, and Dermont I am pleased to present you Lifesaving ribbons. Williams: Please step forward to receive them. oO Um...what...all I did was fly a half-ass broken ship outta the Cloud. Oh, and pull a disruptor on Serala's mum. Oo ::Dermont stood up to received the commendation with a frown upon his face. Somehow he ended up between Serala and Toryn. He could feel the tension between the two and he wished they'd either kiss or punch or whatever it was they needed to do. If they didn't do it soon, it'd be up to him to do it to both of them. And he wasn't in the kissing mood.:: Brell: Commander Tel-ar, Ensigns Maeli and Kiliak without your efforts here on Atlantis we could have lost both of the Korri freighters caught in the cloud and our away teams to the cloud. I award each of you a Captain=E2=80= =99s Commendation. Williams: Congratulations to you all. I have to admit part of your mission log was pretty exciting to read. Brell: Leading a department is something that no one is truly prepared for until they hold it. The following officers have had to learn on the ground just how demanding it could be to be the Chief. Lieutenant Raga has led our Security and Tactical department with distinction. Lieutenant Dermont has brought his skill along with his own personal charm to leading Engineering. Sickbay is in many many just as if not more than so than the engine room and Doctor Cattan has her hands full with oversee the health of our crew and her dedicated medical staff. While the work of Lieutenant Danara and her team is not in open, it is and has been imperative to our efforts to try and stabilize the region. The Department Chief ribbon recognizes this service to our ship and it is my honor to present it to the four of you. oO Personal charm? Oo ::Dermont walked up again and received another award. He had a hard time keeping his knee straight as it had been a very long day and it really was quite aching. That last few step he steadied himself by holding onto Raga's shoulder. Hopefully, it would just look to those watching as it he were simply being chummy with a fellow Chief. He tried to give a happy smile as took the ribbon. He was unsure as to his success.:: Williams: Well done chiefs! Without you this ship and its crew would be just one of many. Now, thanks to all your hard work we are really making a name for ourselves. Not just for Starfleet but also for this area of space.= And that is not all. I have one last box. Captain, you have lead us th= rough a lot of storms last year. And although part of that had its reward when you got promoted to captain I thought you earned more then that. Therefore on behalf of Starfleet command, I present to you the Starship Commander Ribbon for all your hard work. 3 cheers for our Captain! Brell: I owe the success of the past year to you all. Thank you. :: Placing his hand over his upper abdomen. :: from the bottom of my heart. Raga: You're the one that keeps us all together Captain. Winds have blessed us all as a result. ::Back at his seat, Dermont banged his coffee thermos in response to Raga's words. The Captain was a damn good man.:: Brell: Ensign Maeli, though you have not been with us for long your skill at the helm and in starship operations has been impressive. I hereby promote to you to rank of Lieutenant junior grade. oO Fer some simple helm button mashin'? Give her a shuttle or a freighter...show us if she can *really* fly! Oo Williams: You might think it's a bit early perhaps, but you have sh= own us you are a quick study. A great example to everyone starting on Atlantis. Congratulations, Lieutenant. ::She grinned like a silly fool and despite himself Dermont smile a bit as well. It was infectious to see innocent happiness like that.:: Brell: Finally, Lieutenant Raga, if you would join us. Raga: Of course. Brell: Your service to this ship has gone above and beyond in your time here. It is pleasure to promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Commander with all the rights and privileges that go along with it. :: He placed the half pip on Raga's collar. :: ::He grin grew wider as his best friend was promoted yet again. The Al-Leyan was proving himself wrong time and time again. Dermont knew the lad continued to doubt himself, and yet the Captain kept piling on the responsibility. Each time, Raga shined above everyone else. He was a model officer.:: oO Except for table. Lad hates those things... Oo Raga: Thank you, sir. I'm honored. Brell: You have earned it, Congratulations Commander. Williams: And that is not all. Mr Raga given your hard work over the past few months you have proven to us you are a man who can experience others in doing their work. You lead by example and that is why I recommend you to become Atlantis Second Officer. Needles to say the captain agreed. So ladies and gentle, may I ask for a round of applause for Lt. Commander Raga= . ::Dermont jumped to his feet and cheered, clapping his hands as loud as he could. Second officer! He'd be XO somewhere in another two, Dermont bet to himself. Damn, that kid did it without even trying to be ambitious.:: Raga: Thank you, sir. Williams: And that concludes our ceremony for tonight. Some of you might want to head off soon. Porus, you definitely should since I know for a fact you have the early shift. :: Laughter followed and Porus raised a cup in Alex direction. :: Williams: Enjoy the rest of your evening. ::Toryn looked to Valin, brow raised.:: *Raga*: Why are you grinning like a targ who's caught a cat? ::He asked knowingly:: You know you're next, right? *Dermont*: Bah, only one of us is senior officer material. Ya know it ain't me lad. *Raga*: Whatever you say... *Chief*. ::He emphasized the title just because he knew it would irk his best friend:: *Dermont*: Ya wound me...and ye say we're friends. ::He wrapped the younger man in a hug. He tried not to frown as he released him, realizing Serala had arrived to give congratulations. He kept his mouth shut for what was an awkward fifteen seconds, before watching the woman head for the door. He gave a frustrated look at Toryn, but chose not to comment any further.:: ((short time skip)) ::The party was over and Dermont awoke with a groan. The lights had dimmed and the room was pretty much empty. Only Lushington and Zogi remained and the Ferengi was poking the engineer with an empty alcohol bottle. Dermont yawned as he lifted his head off the table. Apparently sleep had claimed him. He didn't even remember saying bye to Toryn or the Captain. And his daughter he disappeared as well..:: *Dermont*: Alright, I'm goin'...I goin'... ::Stuggling to his feet, he snatched his thermos and began making his way out. He had decided he had had enough rest. Deck eleven was waiting for him...:: =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D Lieutenant Valin Dermont Chief Engineer USS Atlantis A239410VD0 -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "= UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Atlantis" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an e= mail to sb118-atlantis+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. Visit this group at https://groups.google.com/group/sb118-atlantis. For more options, visit https://groups.google.com/d/optout.